Mayan Calendar and the Gregorian Leap Year

There has been a bogus forward circulating Facebook and Twitter about the Mayan Calendar. It claims that the Mayans were unaware of our Leap Year system, therefore the world should have already ended. The forward going around reads:

There have been about 514 Leap Years since Caesar created it in 45BC. Without the extra day every 4 years, today would be July 28, 2013.

Also, the Mayan calendar did not account for leap year…. so technically the world should have ended 7 months ago.

While I appreciate the ultimate goal of this forward, whoever wrote it is very misinformed. The current era (known to the Mayans as a baktun) does end on December 21, 2012. However, the world will not end; the calendar simply rolls over to the next baktun. It’s very similar to the Gregorian date of January 1, 2000.

And just like we celebrated the beginning of the new millennium, the Mayans would have celebrated the beginning of a new baktun. This was not something to fear.

Julius Caesar did modify the Roman calendar in 45BCE to include Leap Years. This new calendar was called the Julian calendar. As of the time of posting, today’s date on the Julian calendar is only February 23, 2012. This is because the Julian calendar adds a leap year every four years, meaning that each year is 365.25 days long.

In reality, one solar year is ~365.24219878 days. In order to correct Caesar’s mistake, it was changed in 1582 to a calendar year equal to 365.2425 days. This was done by skipping leap years that were divisible by 100 unless they are also divisible by 400. For instance, the following years would have been leap years under the Julian calendar, but are now skipped: 1500, 1700, 1800, 1900. Likewise, the following leap years were not skipped because they were also divisible by 400: 1600, 2000. This system, known as the Gregorian calendar, is what we use today.

The Mayan calendar is very inaccurate when calculating years. Not only did they not account for leap years, they were completely wrong about how many days were in a year. The Mayan “tun” is 360 days long, equivalent of 0.986 years.

However, the date of December 21, 2012, is not based on Mayan tuns. It is based on the total accumulation of days since the beginning of the Mayan calendar. It is commonly accepted that the first date on the Mayan calendar is August 11, 3113 BCE on the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, we must start on that date and count forward in time.

The Mayan baktun is the equivalent of 400 Mayan tuns (years). But remember, their years are only 360 days long. 400 x 360 = 144,000. Therefore, each Mayan baktun is a total of 144,000 days long.

As of the time of posting, the Mayan date is The first number represents the baktun, the second number katuns (20 Mayan years), the third number is tuns (Mayan years), the fourth is uinals (20 day “weeks”), and the final number is the day. I know that I’m making some history nut cringe at my over simplification of the Mayan calendar; I’m using “years” and “weeks” to make things easy to understand.

On December 21, 2012, the first number in the Mayan calendar will change from 12 to 13, making it The last time this happened was on September 18, 1618, when the current baktun started. As you have already imagined, the Mayan date on that day was Obviously, the world didn’t end.

But how do we know that will happen on December 21, 2012? First, we need to calculate the total amount of days required to reach the 13th baktun: 144,000 x 13 = 1,872,000 days.

If we start counting from August 11, 3113 BCE, we probably won’t get very far. I don’t know about you, but counting to almost 2 million isn’t something that I have time to do. Instead, use any date calculator to do the math. Sure enough, you’ll always arrive at the same date: December 21, 2012.

Update 4/26/2012: I would like to clarify a misconception about when the Mayan calendar began. Some date calculators convert everything before Oct 15, 1582 to the Julian calendar. This is because dates recorded in history during that time were recorded on the Julian system. I didn’t see any reason to convert it twice so I used August 11, 3113 BCE on the Gregorian calendar and counted forward. However, the Mayan calendar began September 6, 3114 BCE on the Julian calendar. If your calculator is using the Julian calendar for older dates, please keep this in mind. For more information, please read the original message that prompted this.

Update 5/20/2012: Some people still disagree with the date calculator and/or simply do not understand this article. I posted a comment below, showing all of the work required to count days on the Gregorian calendar, further proving that the calendar does end on Dec 21.

Update 6/25/2012: Some small mix ups with the year because certain Gregorian calendars use the year zero while others do not. Please see this comment from a very informed reader who explains it all.

The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar The Aztec Sun Stone. Commonly, but incorrectly, shown to represent the Mayan calendar


  1. Interesting!

    • Rocky Smith II says:

      i have a question, why is the date with out the leap year days set for the future instead of the past? since we we have had 514 leap years since its creation shouldnt you have to subtract those days to get the correct date?

      • today would that date. not thats what date it would end.

      • No. By removing the leap year (Feb 29th) days, we would currently be AHEAD that many days.

      • That is a good point but we started out calander at 0 AD the year that jesus was born this is also inaccuarte because if you belive the bible is correct then the timeline acually puts jesus’s birth at 4AD so out calander is 4 years behind it should be 2016 now.

        • I use CE and BCE because I do not believe in Jesus.

          • Cool story bro says:

            Thanks for sharing, Hansel.

            • If you do not already understand why the birth of the mythological figure, Jesus Christ, has zero impact upon the conversion from the Mayan Calendar to the modern Gregorian Calendar, then nothing I say is going to be enough to educate you.

              • You are a fuckin asshole. That is all

              • Missing Name says:

                I’m so sad that you cling only to what can be explained by science. What a hopeless way to live. Open your mind and heart to something other than what you can explain or prove through science. To try to belittle because of their faith is shameful, whether or not you share in those beliefs or not. I’ve said my peace and will not return to this site as it sickens me.

                • The point is that regardless if you believe in Jesus or not, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Mayan calendar.

                  • Craig Roberts says:

                    ‘The Gregorian calendar continued the previous year-numbering system (Anno Domini), which counts years from the traditional date of the nativity, originally calculated in the 6th century and in use in much of Europe by the High Middle Ages.’

                    ‘The Gregorian reform contained two parts: a reform of the Julian calendar as used prior to Pope Gregory’s time and a reform of the lunar cycle used by the Church, with the Julian calendar, to calculate the date of Easter.’

                    All scholars confirm this is the basis of the Gregorian calendar

                    ‘I didn’t see any reason to convert it twice so I used August 11, 3113 BCE on the Gregorian calendar and counted forward.’

                    This is James confirming his use of the Gregorian Calendar for his calculations on the Mayan Calendar.

                    The christian personality of Jesus’ birth, death or conception are the basis of the calendar you use, wether you believe in him or not, his traditional birth date, his supposed death date and his possible conception date have everything to do with the 2012 years used in your calculations.

                    • i do not know why you guys are fighting you cannot force anyone to believe any thing any way they say we do not know when Jesus was born so how could ther be BCE cause we do not know when he was born

                    • As an agnostic, I thank you Craig.

                    • Nice to read from some one who is educated yet can say it just a plain. Thank you!!!

      • No because they started including the leap year in 545bce when they changed to the Julian calendar

      • spot on mate

    • Teresa Raley says:

      As an astrologer I have viewed the chart for December 12, 2012, I find it very interesting.
      My grade school was catholic, we were taught from the Bible that the second world would be destroyed by FIRE, the first was destroyed by WATER, (Noah and the Ark).
      My finds on this date, December is the sign of Sagittarius the Element of FIRE, The December SUN is ruled by Fire and the MOON will be traveling through Fire also. The NEW MOON will be entering in the sign of Aries, the FIRE element and also represents A NEW BEGINNING and also the first day of WINTER will be entering in Aries the FIRE element. If the world is to be destroyed by FIRE according to the Bible this just may be the time for it to happen. If our PLANET isn’t destroyed by the lining of the FIRE PLANETS then it may be because of our constant fighting over the FUELS…
      Dr.Tmar Astrologer,

      • You are a fraud and a liar. I withheld your phone number from your post. This is not a place for you to advertise your nonsense.

        • And you’re any better? See when people have a speculation about anything that over draws what the person’s original thought might or may be.. Religious or non Religious. The person can never prove that person wrong so people like (James Watt) try to shun them out of the situation. There is more to this planet than just logic left brain thinking. take into account that the Mayans kept dates by Equinoxes. In modern Leap year accounting we use the system to keep up with Equinoxes. On the Mayan calendar it shows the equinox that will bring the end of days or the beginning of a new time. Who know’s (I’m not a Mayan.) But remaining close minded about a situation so far fetched that the average 3rd dimensional human being cannot even comprehend is stupid. If it happens, it happens. For goodness sake people. Wake up.

          • I make a claim and then back it up with a solution (evidence.) You make a claim and then back it up with nothing. Lack of evidence cannot ever be considered supporting evidence. Stating that because we cannot prove that your alternate reality doesn’t exist, then it is possible that it does exist, is nonsense. You cannot prove that I don’t have an invisible dragon in my garage, but your inability to disprove my theory doesn’t make the dragon anymore real.

            As for people who think they can use this blog to post their personal phone number or sell a book: yes, I am going to call you out for being a fraud. No one is going to use my blog to scam others.

            • chuck norris says:

              Can you prove to me that there was nothing, and all of a sudden “BIG BANG?” Were there any record keepers back then? Every idea about what really happened is all speculative. Now when you have 100% irrefutable evidence that your idea is right and anyone thinking differently is wrong, that’s when you should talk. Until then no proof of my God or any other god is needed. Get a life man….

          • The Mayan Long Count takes no account of equinoxes nor any other natural period. It’s simply a count of days in groups of 18 and 20. The fact that a solstice (not equinox – look it up) occurs at the end of a Long Count cycle is a coincidence. The last such cycle rolled over on 18th September 1618.

          • I'z Ignant! says:

            “But remaining close minded about a situation so far fetched that the average 3rd dimensional human being cannot even comprehend is stupid.”

            Laugh out loud… Dude get off your high horse, I think if you stopped with the ego trip you’d realize you’re probably not as smart as you think you are. On the flip side of that coin I also believe you would realize humanity is generally smarter than you give them credit for.

            Trick is how many care? What with actual problems and not just theoretical or abstract issues that one can solve from the comfort of their living room. Ain’t no rest for the wicked brahski.

        • Seriously? It’s not a place for someone to “advertise” their so-called nonsense, as you put it. But it’s apparently an adequate place for you to spout your atheistic views of the “mythological figure, Jesus Christ”. You are a hypocrite and a fool. Just because you choose not to worship doesn’t give you the right to attack those of us who do. We don’t blast you for your atheistic beliefs, if you don’t believe in God that’s your choice. Besides, it’s much safer for me to believe and be wrong than it is for you.

          • Regardless of your belief in Jesus, it is independent of the way our calendar works and is calculated today. If you would like to have a debate about religion, consider reading one of my other blogs and writing a comment there. I’m not getting into a religious debate on this article about the Mayans. Thanks.

          • For what it’s worth, David, this is an appropriate place for James to do and say whatever he wants. If he chooses to not let others do and say as they please, that’s his right. This is James’ website.

            That seems pretty simple and self explanatory to me..

          • Dalton Kincade says:

            “Besides, it’s much safer for me to believe and be wrong than it is for you.”
            Serioulsy ?? What a cop out! Get real.
            How much more proof do you need than this:


      • Earl Rojas says:

        Astrology is fake!!!! No real science whatsoever

      • If you’re going to use the bible in this, you must not forget that it says only God knows the date when it will end. Not Jesus, not man, no one but God. So that takes your argument out of the situation.

    • I came to the exact same conclusion, without any calculating

    • I believe days can be shortened elongnated and whatever. . .all your time means nothing to me

    • You have your math wrong!! if our calender added a day you would have to minus 1 of the mayan year!! We are not in 2013 we are in 2011 why would you add more to our calender when we are the 1nz who have added the 514 days in the 1st place!!!

    • what befuddles me is, how were they keping track of years in the bc/bce era? shouldn’t they have already been counting forward in years in the eurasian part of the world since they had no knowledge of the mayan calandar? i mean, how did they know for sure that it was 1411 b.c./b.c.e.? so, did their ages work as a countdown as well? or did their ages count upwards? i’m not trying to be beligerant here, just trying to better understand. although, if they counted down their age from 1000….if they died at like age 82, then it would be counted as 918 years of age. it’s just a fleeting thought there.

  2. Wonder why the Mayans didn’t have it setup for retrogression later on… Every year under the Gregorian system we lose approximately thirty hours of time which we have to make up for. The first way we make up for it is to add a leap day every four years. The second method is to shift the day numbers forward every year. So that say for instance October 31st, 2010 is a Sunday. So October 31st would fall on a Monday the next year 2011. It’s also interesting to note that October 28th is actually a Sunday for 2012, which I presume you skip two days ahead on leap years.

    • The Mayans actually figured out that their calendar was wrong and devised another calendar, called the Haab. However, in order to deal with the unaccounted days per year, they added a 5 day period known as “Wayeb”. The Wayeb is a period of darkness and uncertainty – they believed that the portals between the mortal realm and the underworld dissolved during this time, causing demons to roam the Earth. No idea what they did about the left over 0.24219878 days.

      • If someone is creating a calendar how can you say they are wrong they made it. It’s not like they stole it and then jacked it up. How do you know we aren’t wrong.

        • Calendars are made to follow astronomical events. (eg: day needs to match the full rotation of earth, year needs to match the earth’s rotation around sun) – If the numbers you come up with don’t match exactly with these events, then your calendar is not accurate.
          At the beginning our calendar was wrong too, but we fixed it with leap years, leap days and leap seconds

        • MidnightBlue says:

          Cali, the calendar isn’t supposed to be an arbitrary collection of days chosen at random by some author. It’s supposed to be a scientific measure of time. A year is defined by the time it takes the planet to revolve one full time around the sun, which we now know to be just over 365 days. Therefore, since the Mayan calendar said otherwise, it is scientifically wrong.

          The fact that the Mayans were so close without modern astronomical technology is incredible. But we can physically and mathematically measure our Earth’s orbit now. And there is no denying that the modern measure is the correct one.

          • Craig Roberts says:

            only because in 2012 the orbit is 365.2425 days
            in 0900AD the orbit was 365.265 days….

            as we get pulled closer to the Sun , this planet will warm up…..
            and our cycle will get shorter

            what do you think the ‘2nd coming’ refers to

        • agreed! If we where told a apple was a banana all our life that would be all we know.

      • angelitalatina says:

        You posted “The Mayans actually figured out that their calendar was wrong and devised another calendar, called the Haab.” I’m afraid this is an incorrect statement, The Maya calendar consists of several cycles or counts of different lengths.
        The 260-day count is known to scholars as the Tzolk’in. The Tzolk’in was combined with a 365-day vague solar year known as the Haab’ to form a synchronized cycle lasting for 52 Haab’, called the Calendar Round. Smaller cycles of 13 days (the trecena) and 20 days (the veintena) were important components of the Tzolk’in and Haab’ cycles, respectively. The tzolk’in calendar combines twenty day names with the thirteen numbers of the trecena cycle to produce 260 unique days. It is used to determine the time of religious and ceremonial events and for divination.
        The Haab’ was the Maya solar calendar made up of eighteen months of twenty days each plus a period of five days (“nameless days”) at the end of the year known as Wayeb’ , The Haab’ is equivalent to the wandering 365-day year of the ancient Egyptians.
        As you can see, the Mayans didn’t just wake up one day and say ” Oops”. The Tzolk’in calendar the was meant to keep time for religious and ceremonial purposes and the Haab’ was a solar calender and they were used in conjunction with each other. I would like to add, The Mayan calender does not ever imply that the end of the world is near, that concept was born of misinterpretation of the Mayan long count calendar, fueled by religious zealots and con artists who could make a decent dollar from someones fears of the end of times,

  3. The Mayans didn’t just say the calendar would start a new cycle. They had drawings of a dragon or something pouring water over a city. So it looks like they thought something was going to happen.

  4. Also I just seen a documentary the other day that said that there were ONLY 5 “baktuns” in the Mayan calendar. That the Mayans had a better understanding of astrology than any other group in history, and that they DO in fact foresee impending doom in 2012.

    • Only 5 baktuns? That means that the world world would have ended on February 28, 747 BCE when the clock rolled over to the 6th baktun. If the Mayans truly knew more than we did, how come they couldn’t even estimate the solar year correctly? Don’t be silly.

      • Actually, the Mayans did have the solar year estimate to 365.2422 days. And the atomic clock has a solar year as 365.2420 days, + or – .0005 days. And I think that the documentary John is talking about wasn’t saying there were only 5 baktuns, but that the Mayans believed that the fourth world would end and the fifth world begin.

        • Can you please explain how they represented it in their calendar? They were five and a quarter days off about the year. Furthermore, their updated calendar (which I mentioned in a previous comment on this thread) didn’t take into account the almost quarter of a day. I’m not saying that you are wrong, the Mayans were known to have multiple calendars and I may not know about all of them, but I’d like to see how you arrived at your conclusion.

          • I’ve been reading all of your posts and although I agree with most of it, it’s just bugging me that you keep saying how “inaccurate” the Mayans were. Corey is right. The Mayan calendar is actually more accurate than our atomic clock. That’s common knowledge in the science and anthropology communities…

            • Accurate to the solstice or accurate to the solar year? I am talking about accuracy in calculating solar years.

              • Craig Roberts says:

                Finally this is getting interesting again, James has asked ‘accurate to the solstice or to the solar year ?.
                Uhm, a solstice is the end (or mid point) of the solar year. This planet halts it’s 180d tilt on each solstice, sits in that position for 2.5 days, then begins it’s movement again, thru 180d to the next one, 180 days later. Hence, a solar year of 360 days plus 2×2.5days of stationary position. The first day of the solar year is 25/12 of each Gregorian year, 180 days later the earth reaches it’s mid point ie 21/6 (the winter solstice, the earth sits in place for 2.5 days, then begins it’s journey back to the end point 21/12 of each year, sit’s in place for 2.5 days and starts again. These dates are the solstices and solar years.

                I think it’s ironic that this blog is calculated on The Gregorian Calendar, when it does not even align to a solar year, for sure, the GC is 365 days in duration but the solar year year has already begun, 7 days prior to it’s rollover date, the ‘Sun’ was rebirthed ( or for the Christians, the ‘Son’ was born ), on 25/12 of each year. The Gregorian calendar also ends on a date that has no significance to the celestial cycles. A bit like all calculations of the Long Count calendar ending on a date that doesn’t really indicate the end of a great solar cycle.

                I ‘ve seen your comments James, and i understand that you really didn’t expect this blog to attract this much attention, but then, an apple falling from a tree or a bath made by the company ‘Euraka’ were never intended to sway history either. It’s only just the beginning of the Apocalypse,( and before you all start crying “chicken little’ , this is a Greek word meaning ‘lifting of the veil’ or revelation of truth.)..

                *places hard hat on head, awaits the brick bats*

                • After looking at some numbers plus what you wrote, I would agree that the larger time scales representing many many years do line up with the solstices. However, there is not a placeholder that represents a single year, like the way we have on our calendar, that accurately adds up. While the calendar does fall on the winter solstice this year, I do not see how any meaningful calendar date will be reached by the next two solstices. On next year’s winter solstice, the Mayan calendar will read That means it is 5 days off. Yes, this will eventually correct itself, but only in the same way a watch that loses 5 minutes every day end up being accurate again every 288 days (at which point, the equivalent of an entire day has been lost, or in the Mayan calendar’s sake, an entire year.)

                  • Craig Roberts says:

                    Just to clarify, The LC will be 5 days off the soltice according to how the GC calendar runs it’s cycles, and i would have to point out that the GC calendar is ‘out’ by 26 secs each solar year. This brings us back to our ‘disagreement’ start point of these comment threads.

                    I live on a coast. and i am very lucky to be able to watch the sun’s illusional movement from 1 end of the beach to the other and back again. It is not the Sun that is in fact moving, but this planet is tilting as it rotates and spins on it’s orbit around the sun.

                    I walk from 1 end of the beach to the other, at the waters edge, and at the same pace each day, some days it takes me 1 hr , others, it takes me 1hr10mins.

                    When i first moved here, low tide was calculated at -.12m on the lowest of tides, this is because when the tide charts were first introduced 250 years ago point “0” was low tide, but this planet has repositioned itself on a smaller orbit over that time or a greater tilt. Recently the tide charts have been redone to qualify low tide as ‘0’ m, to better reflect the tides movements.

                    *as a quick note, i live on a peninsula with 11m tides, which entail a surface movement of over 500m.*

                    You made a comment about astrology being redundant because it is out by months, which is correct, when aligning the rising of the sun in certain constelations, but the constelations haven’t moved since the asrology’s conception, this planet has.

                    This is not about astrology, this is about our current position, on an orbit, ‘x’ distance from the sun,
                    the closer we are , the shorter the orbit. This means our current understanding of the exact number of days, hours, mins & secs, depends upon our distance from the sun. I will not deny that the duration of our current orbit is any different to what is widely agreed upon, but this planet came out of an ice age approx 13k years ago, and now we are entering a ‘hot’ age.

                    Put the ‘carbon’ argument aside, and consider what would would happen if you placed a fire 20m from your current standing point, then walk 6 paces away, 1 every minute, ,then walk 12 paces toward the the fire ,1 every minute, essentially you’d get warmer and colder depending upon the direction you were travelling… … my point is

                    the closer to the sun you are , the shorter the distance to travel around it, less time required to make the cycle, and the closer you are…the warmer you are.

                    Now, put aside whatever doctrinally ideas people have about dates and meanings, the end of a cycle must be evidential to those marking it, aside from a day/date on a calendar.

                    We are both in agreement that nothing untoward is going to happen this 21/12 , in my case , i will attest to this date being Goodman/Martinez/Thompson’s date that just like all other scholars before them that came to no substantied event to be marked as proof of their calculations.

                    *replaces hard hat with helmet, dons body armor…awaits mortars

                    • No, I never said a date on the Gregorian calendar, I simply said the next solar cycle. It’s 5 days off. The calendars are not accurate when it comes to solar years, my findings still stand.

                      “All of the Mayan calendars are based on serial counting of days without means for synchronising the calendar to the Sun or Moon, although the Long Count and Haab calendars contain cycles of 360 and 365 days, respectively, which are roughly comparable to the solar year.”

                      This is the accepted academic understanding of the Mayan calendar which I have demonstrated multiple ways with math for you to understand. Please do not reply again unless you have a real mathematical rebuttal.

                  • Craig Roberts says:

                    oh, btw, next years solstice is still the 21/12 date on the GC calendar, which is why this calendar is in place, it ensures that 25/12 is the bebirth of the Sun, or “Son” for christians, each year.

                    • Craig Roberts says:

                      that comment should read…’the rebirth of the Sun’s solar cycle’ or “Son for christians, each year

                    • Craig Roberts says:

                      and i think your reply is outgstanding…….just because a cycle of progression equates to a solar year does not mean that it is a solar year……

                      there is only 1 constant that indicates the passing of a year. The sun ( or Son for christians) is the year’s progression. There is only 1 reason why 31/12 is the new year. The Roman empire did not want the sun’s rebirth to be on the the same day as the Son’s birth, So they moved the celebration….

                  • Craig Roberts says:

                    the date has now passed, we’ll just post it as another day that an acient culture got wrong, or
                    we’ll stop and consider that maybe elves like you are tailoring new clothes , to ensure that we stay blind until a water walker comes along and opens our eyes.

                    Do You Understand This ?

                    • The Mayans never said the world was going to end. The history channel got it wrong…

                    • Craig Roberts says:

                      yes, the history channel got it wrong, so did you ….
                      the LC calendar is not ‘mayan’ , and it did not come to the end of it’s cycle today….

                      please state why you included 365 days of a year that doesn’t exist

                    • I answered your question when you asked it one of the other dozen times.

                    • Craig Roberts says:

                      there are people across your continent who have read your blogs to assist themselves or give themselves a reason to not lie in a fetal position over the coming days….please tell them that you are a meso american scolar who has lived and breathed the life of an ancient indian and can confirm that what you think is correct….and not the belief of an IT programmer sitting in his chair making maths calculations

                    • Craig I’ve about had it with you spamming my article with your inane dribble, constantly insulting me. Repeating the same attacks over and over again even though I have already answered all of your questions. I’m blocking you from posting here further.

            • “The Mayan calendar is actually more accurate than our atomic clock.”
              Don’t be silly! I don’t know why people keep parroting this nonsense.

  5. Thank you James! I had an argument that needed settling when someone told me that the mayan end of the world had already come. very helpful.

    • Craig Roberts says:

      End of the World = End of the Roman Empire. Think ‘World” = fences and boundarys, outside the fence is not of the world. Then consider the Ms World pageant being very different to the Ms Universe pageant, The word for ‘Universe’ is catholic ……..the roman world empire , rebranded itself as the roman universe empire …..or Roman Catholic church,( church being a word derived from Kirk , meaning Mass of people, )

  6. Laurel :o} says:

    Great information! Thanks! :O)

  7. sweetevilredhead says:

    What a bunch of tripe. The can foresee the date of OUR “doom”? All I have to say is, if they can foresee OUR doom, why were they not able to see the Spaniards coming to destroy them and take some actions to defend themselves? They OBVIOUSLY are fallible.. And I just saw a Nat Geo special where CURRENT Mayan shamans all said (I think NG interviewed three) that the idea of this coming “doomsday’ was an entirely WESTERN interpretation. They said that this date only meant a CHANGE; a major change in their (and thus OUR) culture (since we’re all hinked out about this “DOOMSDAY” prophecy) . And God said himself, “NO man may know the day of My coming”.. Oh well, I still will buy Tilapia, and make my “Jehovah fish with rapture sauce and Rapturoni and Cheese”. At least we will have a good supper, while the world crashes and burns around us! HA!! I say again, it’s all based on Mayan MYTHOLOGY , and when I wake earlly on the morning of December 22, I’ll just get up and have my Columbian coffee, and probably NOT even realize that our world was destroyed the day before!!!

  8. the myans and neather can we see the end of the wrold we wold like to say we can know based off of stuff we find from a long time ago but the future is unpredictable no one can not even the myans this is all just somthing for writers to write about and make money on cause everone knows they would not be scared if it were not for tv shows and books being wrote.

  9. Mayans also predicted them still around in the 20th century…..Where are they? DEAD..!!

    • That-Writer-Kid says:

      Nah, they aren’t. Mayan culture still exists in pockets around Central America.

      • Please provide sources for this surviving Mayan culture

        • Sorry for being late to the party, but it depends what you mean by Mayan culture. The ‘old’ Mayan culture is probably dead, I doubt anyone worships a crocodile god and so on. But when I visited the Yucatan many people described themselves as Mayan – they had Mayan traditions, Mayan crafts, Mayan heritage, Mayan language. Where I come from, many people consider themselves ‘Celtic’ – they don’t celebrate Beltaine and go into battle naked, but they have Celtic traditions, Celtic crafts, Celtic heritage.
          If you still insist on a source I can cite Guatemalan tourist sites or you can try googling ‘Mayan culture’, its pretty easy to find.

  10. Actually suggesting this calculator is correct 1,872,000 days from August 11, 3113 BCE equals up to November 26, 2013 which is in respect the next 13th baktun. Theoretically speaking December 21, 2012 is only 1,871,660 days forthcoming of August 11, 3113. This information was provided via

    • Thank you for researching into my article. It’s always good to get second opinions. In this case, my article is still correct. On the page you provided, it says, “Leap year checking is correct for both Gregorian (after 15 Oct 1582) and Julian (before) dates, except for dates before 8 A.D. From 45 B.C. to 8 A.D. leap years followed a different rule, and the current version of this script does not account for that.”

      I did a pure Gregorian calendar calculation. In my article, it shows August 11, 3113 BCE on the GREGORIAN calendar as the start of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar began on September 6, 3114 BCE on the Julian Calendar, which is the calendar your website is using to do BCE calculations. That calendar is very well done, but it’s for researching historical dates recorded on the Julian calendar. I skipped using this because it was an extra step of leap year calculations.

      If you go to my original calendar calculator ( and type in either on the Mayan calendar or -3113 August 11 on the Gregorian Calendar, you will notice that the Julian calendar is -3114 September 6. If you now take the Julian date and apply it to the site you referenced ( and use 12/21/2012 as the end date, you will get exactly 1,872,000 days.

      Thank you again, I always appreciate when people verify my work.

      • So you used a calculator that outright says it does calculations incorrectly to verify that your calculations are correct by using an illogical and convoluted calculation method? “Except for dates before 8 A.D.” includes 3114 BC. Because that calculator does not account for leap years appropriately, its data and resultant conclusions regarding dates prior to that must be considered incorrect until the script is programmed to account for these differences.

        Further, there is no verifiable way to check the methodology of the ancient Mayans with regard to their calendar and potential personal bias on the part of those who wrote whatever remains of that system and the information contained therein. Conclusions based on false pretense and bad data are still incorrect, no matter how old they are, and accepting things as a matter of course is bad science and irresponsible.

        You’ve essentially said, “Hey, go put in December 21, 2012 and go check the Mayan Calendar Calculator on that page I linked — that proves I’m right!” but all that really does is prove that you’re linking back to your original source and saying that that source is correct (based on a different, self-described as “incorrect” calculator).

        If you’re really wanting to prove this, show the math, show the conversions; show your work. By saying, “Well, I don’t want to count out 1.87m+ days!” is lazy and, again, bad science. Support your work with scientific research; if you say, “Mayans calculated the calendar out to be 365.2422 days!” cite a trusted reference, especially since others have claimed 360 days. And that doesn’t even though the Leap Year argument, which has boiled down to, “Someone said that it doesn’t…but it does.” What is to stop them from coming and saying, “No it doesn’t.” Then all you have is the “Nuh uh!” vs “Yuh huh!” game.

        Don’t half-ass your science.

        • I see a lot of text, but no counter theory. It’s bad science to say that a theory is wrong without providing evidence why. For instance, where is YOUR work showing that I am incorrect? The comment about not wanting to count was just an attempt at humor. It comes out the same across any date calculator.

          Also, I will add, the calculator that shows incorrect dates is the one he used to “disprove” my article. I was using it to simply show him that if he puts in the correct start to the Mayan calendar, which is different on the Julian calendar than on the Gregorian calendar, he would also arrive at the same conclusion.

          • You keep bringing up “facts”, but what facts do YOU have? what can you personally call a fact? the only thing you know is whats fed to you on shows, books,and on the internet. I mean you could be right, who knows but, to deny the fact that you could be wrong is just ignorant and shows how close minded you are.

          • You have to be served with a counter-theory that you can attempt to pick apart in order to have an argument? What was being asked is simple. You aren’t providing any kind of calculations to support your argument, you’re only asserting that someone else wrote an accurate calculator.

            Asking you for a trusted citation on a number you use – is a very simple question, one you have failed to answer.

            I’m on your team, I expect the calender does end Dec 21st 2012, however – you need to support that claim with raw data – not a conclusion, otherwise you’re just telling us information we’ve already heard – not supporting an argument against this different analysis.

            Don’t be so fucking defensive if you want to support a position.

        • Further, I did cite multiple sources for the Mayan calendar beginning on August 11, 3113 BCE on the Gregorian calendar. I’m not sure why you have an ax to grind here, but you clearly haven’t read my entire article and checked all of my sources. I’m not here to baby feed you. The first source linked from the original article was Wikipedia, which states: “The correlation between the Long Count and Western calendars is calculated according to the one used by a majority of Maya researchers, known as the (modified) GMT or Goodman-Martinez-Thompson correlation. An alternate correlation sometimes used puts the starting date two days later. August 11, 3114 BCE is a date in the proleptic Gregorian calendar, which equates to September 6, 3114 BCE in the Julian calendar and −3113 in astronomical year numbering. See Correlations between Western calendars and the Long Count calendar section elsewhere in this article for details on correlations.”


          • tried the link. the results were 187131 days, still not a conclusive result, but the theory does have some merit.

            • Try harder

              • Everything looks great! There is only one thing that has made me laugh; Wikipedi. This is not a scholarly credible website. Anyone can put anything on this site and it shows as true. Please Don’t erase all the hard work you may have done by quoting a childs site. I’m sure there are many others that are reputable. Other then that everything checks out. Very informative.

                • Follow the sources on Wikipedia to verify what is written on Wikipedia. It takes an extra step but it allows me to cite multiple sources with a single link.

                • Re Wikipedia. (off topic)

                  Until lately I reviewed technical documents in chemistry & biochemistry in a section with several other members. We frequently found trade or trivial names for compounds or processes in these documents. We routinely consulted Wikipedia first. If the entry seemed unsatisfactory, we would consult the sources, Occasionally ,the names could not be found in Wikipedia or there might have been some ambiguity, then we would consult another database. Over a few years of this I do not recall Wikipedia being wrong. Sometimes there was no entry. This usually meant the thing was particularly obscure or very new. PubChem, PubMed, ChemSpider were also used and in a few cases we needed paid sites. For formal searches paid sites like STN were used, but Wikipedia was a very good initial source of synonyms.

                • i hate wikepidea anyone can change what it says like Christopher Columbus was born in 1956 and it is completely fake

      • One thing I would like to address. I’ve noticed on most of the blogs I’ve read about the Myan calendar, have people saying- And I quote ” It says in the Bible, No one knoweth the day nor hour”. That quote may be appropriate if the person writting the blog is taking a religious view on things. This blog is about the myan culture. Which is spiritual. It irritates me so bad when people make comments on things and have no idea what their even talking about.Personally, I view this blog as very helpful, And all of the information mentioned seams to me as plausable. People have a right to their opinion. But is it necessary to argue? Realistically, if the world is going to
        come to an end, it’s not gonna matter if its scientific, religious, spiritual, or by human cause, No ones gonna be able to do anything about it. As a parent, I worry about it. Yes. But I don’t let it consume my life.

  11. James, your absolutely right, I tried it myself!! Great job!!! :)

  12. The Mayans never spoke of the ‘end of the world’ but the the end of the ‘world age’. We will move into a new sign in the zodiac or what they called a ‘new age’. The Great Zodiac Ages which spans almost 26,000 years, it takes our planet’s equatorial plane(due to its axial wobble) to regress one full cycle along the solar plane(ecliptic). The Age of Pisces in which we live is one of the shortest ages, beginning in 26 AD and ending in 2012 on December 21st and we move into the age of Aquarius. The equator of the Milky Way galaxy (Galactic Equator) and the path of the Sun (the Ecliptic) will cross each other at exactly 11:11 am GMT on December 21, 2012 so the change does not just apply to earth. The Mayans also do take into account Leap years. You need to do your research James.

    • The mere fact that you started this conversation by speaking of the zodiac and astrological ages immediately tells me that you are not a scientist or person of logical thinking. First, the entire foundation of astrology was so poorly designed that it’s off by months.

      You’re completely wrong about your claim that the galactic equator will bring any change. Rather than reinvent the wheel, here’s a snippet from an article, “Earth won’t physically cross the plane of our Milky Way galaxy in 2012, but Earth will cross the galactic equator in 2012. That’s nothing special! As seen from the sun, Earth does this every year – twice.”

      There was a thread earlier where someone told me that the Mayans kept track of the leap years. They were nearly a week wrong on this calendar, but still very wrong on their other calendars. If the Mayans did understand leap years, please show me how they accounted for them in their calendar. Also, I don’t believe that you even read my article. The Mayan calendar does end on Dec 21, 2012. It just doesn’t mean anything.

      Looks like you need to do your research.

      • To bad myana methology
        Well myans certainly were not conforming to our ideas of times and dates, infact it was said that they were measuring the stars for something to happen. And we talking about our calender as if they were conforming to this.
        And another thing kukukaan the snake god who gave the 5 mayans insight n knowledge, also lead them to “death”, blood sacrifices to please gods, I mean mayans even believed that the world was created as in the book genisis of the bible. True years might not conform to our years, but this.mayan nt understanding leap years is rubbish, they accuratly built towers to view star constilations that btw is still used today so how could they still nt know about leap years?maybe they didn’t really care about the fact that in 3113 years there might be a new calender , I mean even chinese new year is different from the one I use, they were saying the alignment of the stars would start the end of the world.just as in many religions and beliefs end of the world doesn’t happen in one day at 12am

  13. Feel free to delete this comment, but you used “you’re” instead of “your” in your update.

    • Thanks. I wrote the update from my phone, I must have fat fingered it.

      • Frank Olney says:

        I’m no scientist but just through logical thinking.. I’d go with James. The world ending suddenly??… I mean seriously…. I missed those planes falling from the sky during “Y2K” and my pc didn’t crash..

        • LOL … Me too.

        • OK COME ON ! you guys give an OLD soldier a HEADACHE ! ,…………… I suppose I best keep paying my mortgage ! I was hoping the MAYANS knew Obama was coming to destroy the USA !
          but they missed HITLER also ! so i guess I best pay my bills and wait to see how much Damage Obama does to my beloved COUNTRY !

          • Dalton Kincade says:

            “so i guess I best pay my bills and wait to see how much Damage Obama does to my beloved COUNTRY !”
            You are part of the PROBLEM, not part of the SOLUTION !


          I know it’s a wikipedia page, but most of the dates listed have external citation. It’s for perspective, almost every generation gets absorbed in apocalyptic thought. The only reason 2012 has risen to such prominence is because of mass media and the internet.

          The world isn’t going to end in a ball of fire, the mayans aren’t coming down in UFO’s to blow the earth up. Any such apocalyptic end to the world scenario has an equal probably of happening on December 21st as it does any other day of the year. for the worried you’re more likely to get hit by lightning twice in the same position in rapid succession.

          However, great work on this article, I find the mayan calendar fascinating for reasons aside from doomsday jargon. This was well written and has the facts laid out.

    • ‘You’re’ was correct. ‘your’ would be used for something belonging.

  14. Part of the complexity is that the Mayans had several calendars (all running simultaneously).

    From what I’ve read, the civil calendar (the Haab) was a 365-day year (19 months of 20 days, plus a 5-day month filled with bad-woo).

    The 360-day calendar was more of a historical (or future) reference calendar.

    The Mayans lived long (especially for their time), but not so long that it would matter that spring came a month later hundreds of years ago and will come a month earlier hundreds of years in the future.

    As long as folks paid attention year-to-year, they could get the corn in when they should.

    • We actually talked about this earlier in the comments as well. While the Calendars ran simultaneously, they were each running independently. The Long Count calendar is not attached or restricted by any of the other calendars.

      • Jonathan says:

        I think Dave’s point was (and he can correct me if I’m wrong) that the Haab calendar was more correct in terms of how many days in a year (though still off by a few decimal points, I’m sure), and so this was used for day-to-day arrangements. The “Mayan calendar” that everyone’s getting excited about is fairly inaccurate if you want to use it day-by-day, but it didn’t really matter. This calendar was used for big earth-changing events, like calculating when the current baktun would end and the next era would begin, and so on. The individual days weren’t so important, when the calendar was concerned with charting out roughly 5000 years of human history. The fact that the calendars run independently of one another is actually another sign that they were used for different purposes, and so supports what I think Dave was saying. Even if he wasn’t saying it, I’m saying it.

        • So the calendar that they used for long time periods was mostly inaccurate over long time periods? While the calendar that would have been more accurate over long periods was only used for short periods? Do you see the problem here?

          • Jonathan says:

            Of course it’s problematic. However, that’s my opinion of what the different calendars were used for. It doesn’t make much sense to modern thinkers, but it doesn’t have to. Early civilizations believed the world was flat. That doesn’t make any sense to us, but it made perfect sense to them.

  15. The sky is falling, Chicken Little told me so.

  16. you will live till you die … so enjoy yourself on your way out!! there is NO Burger King in heaven the Mayans may be correct hoard if you wish, stocked storm cellar works for me…

  17. very cool thanks for the info, i enjoyed the mathematical parts. peace and i look forward to partying on dec 22

  18. The world should be filled with more people like you, James. Its nice to know there are still people in this world that have intellectual thought with clear and concise arguments that actually make sense. I enjoyed your rebuttals to the ignorant people. I honestly can’t wait until people wake up and realize the world isn’t over. The only change I foresee is a world with more common sense and a whole bunch of stupid people saying “Oh…maybe I shouldn’t believe everything I hear”

    Bravo James, Bravo

  19. What you say seems logical but there is an error to your thinking. Gregorian dating was completely independent of Mayan dating. Our minutes and seconds relate to our days and years.
    We can’t even assume that their year went exactly as ours did. One clear difference you will notice if you study the Mayan Calendar is that they give each year 360 days not 365 1/4 days
    So did Egyptians of the same time period. What could cause out year to change? Entropy? More days to get around the sun probably means stronger electromagnetic field causing greater distance between the sun and Earth. Extra mass could cause this, such as a flood caused by water being dumped on Earth from a passing object.
    But anyways. Mayans measured something they called a great year, which was a cycle of the fluctuating movement of our solar system around the Galactic center. They were quite advanced with sophisticated energy and water and sewage systems. Building with stone to survive the coming cataclysm. What they are predicting did not remain accurate as unforeseen changes did occur. We would have to chart the galaxy with perfect accuracy to re-establish the efficacy of their charting of a great and dark object they called Quetzalcoatl. Considering that they did not leave us with maps, it would be difficult to determine exactly what they were looking at. And since it could be anywhere within a sizeable bubble around us… the odds should be placed on simply charting every object that can be detected with visual, infrared, and radio detection methods. They might find it more effective to get a bigger mirror up there to bounce an intense beam on each object in close proximity.

    A few years back a college professor theorized about perturbations of the outer planets in our solar system, to suggest that our sun was a binary star partnered with a brown dwarf that burned out early. Perhaps it is driving the entropy effects the most. It could have lost some of it’s planets causing us to get some extra mass in our little system. Maybe that’s where Venus came from, and why Mars lost it’s atmosphere and water… and we got rained on for 40 days raising sea levels world wide and putting entire civilizations under water…

    • The Mayan’s knowledge of space was pale in comparison with what we know today. Humans couldn’t even calculate the exact distance to the moon until the 1970s.

      But we don’t need any of that in order to calculate the Mayan calendar. Between the start of the Mayan calendar and the end of the 12th baktun, there will be 1,872,000 days, stretching from August 11, 3113 BCE to December 21, 2012 CE. All we have to do is count that exact amount of days on the Gregorian calendar. This isn’t complicated. I’ve used date calculators above, but I’ve had a lot of complaints, so I’ve decided to painstakingly show my work in this reply.

      Current Era:
      2012 years x 365 days – 10 days (Dec 22-31, 2012) = 734,370 days

      Year Zero:
      1 year x 365 days = 365 days

      Before Common Era:
      3113 years x 365 days – 222 days (Jan 1-June 10, -3113) = 1,136,023 days

      Total Days (not including leap days): 734,370 + 365 + 1,136,023 = 1,870,758 days
      Total Years: 2012 + 1 + 3113 = 5,126

      In order to calculate the leap days, we take x/4-x/100+x/400 (where x is the total amount of years).
      Once we fill in the equation, it looks like this: 5126/4 – 5126/100 + 5126/400.
      The equation leaves us with some fractions, which we must discard. It is impossible for fraction of a leap day to have occurred on the calendar.

      Total leap days: 1281 – 51 + 12 = 1,242 days.

      Now, take the total days calculation above and add it to the total leap days:

      1,870,758 days + 1,242 leap days = 1,872,000 days.

      If you still can’t understand this, too bad.

      • AnnMarie says:

        Not a genious here… not a scientist… and I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at math, however, for some odd reason I get it???? Hmmm….. maybe all you overthinkers should stop over thinking this. Anywho… thanks James for keeping it simple for all of us everyday folk. And yes, I too will have a cup of coffee bright and early December 22! :-)

      • Ah, see, there’s your problem… there is no year zero in the Gregorian calendar, nor the Julian calendar.

      • Craig Roberts says:

        Finally, you’ve put your maths to the test, we can now see the basis for your ‘accurate’ calculations that this blog is based on.
        And your additions & subtractions seem to add up…..except…
        The Gregorian Calender has not been 2012 years of 365 days, there were days dropped in 1582 and again in 1751 to ensure this solar calendar aligned with the equinoxes, (although any form of ‘astro’ talk is not credible science here) and any days dropped can not be part of a 2012×365 calculation.

        It was also calculated backwards from 1582 to start as Year 1 in history, and dates prior to that were considered to run upwards from the Year 1BC. There was not a year ‘0’. ( Not even ‘sometimes’, that link indicates an ‘astronomical’ year, not a recorded calendar year) .
        It was also backdated to a date on ‘guesswork’, a birth year that has no corresponding proof of accuracy, It is highly unlikely that the guesswork of 1581CE years back to 1AD plus the 3113 years of BCE accurately align to enable us to say for sure the corresponding day in our calendar. If it works out that the end of the cycle suggested by the Mayan calendar comes to pass within the next 2 years then it will be our mistakes and not their accuracy that should be questioned.

        You , like most others , seem to be backing your theory of the connection between a Mayan calendar that moved steadily through the ages, marking days in cycles and a Western calendar that has been chopped , changed and backdated, and then applying the Mayan ‘rollover’ day to the last day of a solar cycle.

        The last time i spoke with the “Mayans” who constructed it , they implied that instead of trying to connect it to the last day of the solar cycle , it should be used to indicate the day prior to the first day of a new solar cycle, because those with an understanding of solar cycles have always been aware that there are 5 days difference between the end and beginning of each one….2.5 days at each solstice, hence the ancient calendars of 360 days plus 5 ‘dead’ ones.

        (…and yes….my ‘conversation’ was just humour, an illustration that if we continue to apply 21st thinking , knowledge , mentality to ancient ideas and understanding then we could literally ‘miss the boat’..)

        On a final pleasant note, for all the ‘doomsayers’ who read this…the phrase ‘the end of the world’ was used as a taunt against the Romans . The Romans considered all land within their boundary… ‘The World”…all land outside their boundaries was not of the ‘World’. That taunt, from people overpowered by the Roman World Empire, has been incorporated into a doctrine and taken completely out of context…..but that’s a discussion for another page

        • I think you’re getting mixed up with the Julian calendar.

          • Craig Roberts says:

            No James, those dates refer to the Gregorian calendar, you should know this. This Blog is about calculations based on the Gregorian Calendar, check those dates in Wiki , Encyclopedia Britannica or the Catholic Encyclopedia .
            For all readers of this Blog….Search….Pope Gregory , Julian Calendar , Gregorian Calendar , Dionysius Exiguus & Nasa’s Time/Date website
            Then read a Fairy Tale by HCA called ‘The Emporers New Clothes’ ….

            Decide for yourselves….

            James will state for the record that his calculations are correct and I agree his arithmatic is correct, but …check what his calculations are based on.

            If you don’t like the genisis of the Gregorian Calendar, then consider this 1 fact….

            ..there is no year ‘0’….

            Lay it to rest James. Provide proof that there is a Year ‘O’ in recorded history and your calculations will stand for something.

            • Because before the years in question where days were added, etc, we were on the Julian calendar.

              • Craig Roberts says:

                Now you are clutching at straws, read the articles, they all say The Gregorian Calendar was adopted in place of the Julian one, then days were dropped to bring it in line. In 1752 the British populace went to sleep on the 2nd Sept and awoke on the 14th Sept the next morning. Nowhere in any archive is it mentioned that days were added to the Julian calendar to make the switch, They all concur that days were added once the Gregorian calendar was in place. This entails a Gregorian calendar year of less than 365 days.

                Now, read up on Axiguus and add the days he dropped from the Julian calendar when he put his version into circulation. Then explain to your readers why you want your calculations to stand as correct.

                If you still want to maintain your 2012 x 365 calculation , that’s fine…..
                …but address the 365 days in Year ‘O’….that never existed……

                Every scholar of great repute from the 20th century has made the same painstakingly accurate calcalutions as you have, and you are to be commended on your arthimatic,


                The Gregorian Calendar, The Julian Calendar and the Astronomical version are all based on, or adjusted to, the calendar devised by Dionysius Exiguus.

                I gave you 2 ‘threads’ in my response that would have been easier to tackle, but you continue with your stubborn maintenance that there have been 2012 years of 365 days plus the leap year days since 1 CE.

                I’m not producing fairy tales, theology or myth as my grounds for rebuking your calcalutions, nor am I explaining the concept of what the Mayan calendar may mean by suggesting fanciful ideas. All i am saying is that there is far too much ‘grey’ area in using western calendars to align the Long Count Calendar to a day in it. As someone who has labelled himself a 21st Century thinker, you should take into account all the archival information about …

                Pope Gregory
                Dionysuis Exiguus
                The Gregorian Calendar
                The Julian Calendar

                In future make sure you know the ground upon which you make a stand…..

                There is no event or evidence that will confirm the widely held belief that 21 Dec 2012 is the day in our Western Calendar that matches the end of the Mayan Calendar. There is ample information available that would suggest your calculations are based on incorrect dating/counting of our days according to the calendar we use.

                You’d make a great elf, the suit you have tailored is fit for an Emporer…..

                • No those days were added to switch from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. The British populace went to sleep on the 2nd of September on the Julian calendar, but it was in fact the 13th of September on the Gregorian calendar.

                  I’m sorry that you are not understanding this, please do some more research and come back when you’ve figured out what I’m trying to say.

                  • Craig Roberts says:

                    Ok, have done a little more research. I used the calculator on the time/date website and i used an old fashioned hardcopy calendar to add up the days in the year 1752. Please remember both Julian and Gregorian calendars are 365 days long.

                    01 Jan 1752 to 02 Sept 1752 = 246 Days under Julian.
           the very next day is…
                    14 Sept 1752 to 31 Dec 1752 = 109 Days under Gregorian

                    this comes to 355 Days in the Year 1752

                    I’m really sorry that you are still not getting it, i know what you are ‘trying’ to say…..

                    …it’s just that ….it really didn’t add up.

                    • Because they are two separate calendars. You seem to think that because society switched from one calendar to the other, our calendar is missing dates. It is not. There are 365 days (or possibly 366, I do not know off by heart if it was a leap year), on each calendar for that entire year. The very next day, on the JULIAN calendar, was still September 3rd, 1752. And the next was September 4th, so and on and so forth.

                      If you want to see where those days on the Julian calendar went, look at a modern date calculator. Today (Dec 10, 2012) is November 27, 2012 on the Julian calendar. Now, if society switched calendars back to the Julian, there would appear to be duplicate days. But that doesn’t mean there are duplicate days on any one calendar. We would go to sleep tonight on the 10th and wake up on November 28th. Yet both calendars would still only have 366 days in the year (this was a leap year.)

                    • Also, your logic kind of reminds me of this

                  • Craig Roberts says:

                    Interesting, i think that’s an implied insult, (which is fair, no one likes being refered to as an elf, no matter how well suited to tailoring new clothes they may be)

                    Although, i must admit, I must have missed something.

                    I spent 1 min & 60secs rereading the comment to ensure i had understood the statement correctly, i then did the math myself , but first , i checked to ensure that 1 min does = 60 secs, i did this manually and checked a time/date website, then i looked to see if there was a contrary opinion to this widely held belief, so i’m confident that that part of the statement is correct 1 min does = 60 secs.

                    In doing the math, i found that 1 min + 20 secs only = 80 secs, so it’s not really a mind fuck, just someone else making a statement veiled as truth , where the result is based on numbers that don’t add up.

                    Nice try though.

                    • Did you really have to check the math for that statement? Did you really check it manually? How does one check 60 seconds manually? Using your fingers? My second grader new the statement was false the first time he read it, which took less than 1 minute and 60 seconds and without a re-read.

                    • It took less than one minute and 60 seconds or 2 minutes? If you understand that, how are you not understanding the math on the Gregorian calendar? I did a pure calendar conversion from the Gregorian calendar. I do not convert from the Gregorian to the Julian then to the Mayan calendar. Therefor, the days you are concerned about are not an issue.

                    • Ha! James I completely understand your logic! This was a sarcastic response to the comment by Craig Roberts.

                    • I’m sorry. When I check comments from mobile I always get mixed up

                  • Craig Roberts says:

                    Let me state clearly for the record

                    I haven’t questioned your math, in fact reread the comments and you’ll see i have commended the arthimatic.
                    I am well aware that your calculations are based on the Gregorian calendar, you’ve made that quite clear.
                    I have questioned the use of 2012 x 365 days, in your equation, based on a Calendar , that is proven to have been chopped , changed and backdated to an ‘unconfirmed’ start point as 1AD . I have not qouted links to back up my statements, but instead gave pointers to where interested parties could search for themselves & make up their own mind.
                    I have questioned the use of 1 x 365 for Year ‘0’ in your equation, as i haven’t been able to find information regarding a year ‘0’ as a 365 day period in history. The Astronomical calender just uses BC1 as year ‘0’ and so forth.
                    I am fully aware of the dates that were dropped from the Roman , Julian and Gregorian calender so that these would line up regularly on certain days. This drop of dates is not to be confused with a loss of physical 24 hr periods. And we both know , this has been done to average out periods of time because 365 days is not accurate to the actual solar cycle. The focus on this part of the comment thread has taken the replies away from answering the 2012 + 1 year questions i have posed.

                    I have questioned the 2012 years & the 1 year, because the accepted GMT (1 2 & 3) dates for the start of the Long Count Calendar , to BC3113, which you use in your calculations ( the most widely accepted ) are also based on backtracking along these calendars.

                    Your math is sound, the calendars are in place for a reason, but the statement that the Long Count Calendar is set to rollover on 21 Dec 2012 is based on calculations done using a Calendar that has been proven to have been devised arbitarily upon self interest, myth and fables. Reread the comment thread for information as to where to look for this.

                    There is no guarantee that 2012 + 1 + 3113 periods of 365 days have actually passed for anyone to pin down this coming solstice as the date for the end of the Long Count.

                    I don’t think i can make it any clearer than this….

                    There is a window of opportunity for the LCC to rollover on 22-25 Dec for the next 2 years, only time will tell.

                    • “Your math is sound, the calendars are in place for a reason, but the statement that the Long Count Calendar is set to rollover on 21 Dec 2012 is based on calculations done using a Calendar that has been proven to have been devised arbitarily upon self interest, myth and fables. Reread the comment thread for information as to where to look for this.”

                      None of this matters. All that matters is that we know how the calendar works – and we do.

                      “There is no guarantee that 2012 + 1 + 3113 periods of 365 days have actually passed for anyone to pin down this coming solstice as the date for the end of the Long Count.
                      There is a window of opportunity for the LCC to rollover on 22-25 Dec for the next 2 years, only time will tell.”

                      Nope. Try this. The GMT correlation for the start of the Long Count is often expressed as day 584,283 in the Julian Day Count. Add 13 Baktuns (13 x 144,000 = 1,872,000) to this day count and we have JD number 2,456,283, which you can easily confirm as being 21st December 2012.

      • Craig Roberts says:

        This is so cool, James has based everthing on a maths calculation ,
        He has stated very clearly that the calculation is based on the Gregorian calendar.
        The Gregorian calendar does NOT include a year ‘0’,…which means his maths is out by 365 days.
        He will try and say that the Gregorian calendar includes year ‘0’ …sometimes….
        This is the Astronomical calendar….which equates year ‘0’ to 1 BC
        I have provided links that would give any researcher a cause to question the use of 2012 years in his calculation.. But he still maintains his maths is correct.
        He will say that anyone who questions his ‘belief[‘ is not following his calculations..
        Refer to a bloke called Albert Einstein with regard to James’ Watt’s version of mathmatics.

        I’m sorry James , but you are missing 365 days from your calculation, you are also wanting to correlate your maths upon a calendar that is prolective and then tied to a calendar that is also prolective. .

        The wheel of progression that westerners refer to as a ‘mayan’ calendar is based on a sequence of days. The end of that sequence is the end of a great solar year. That end was put down and placed in the care of a Meso American people., and it ends at the end of a 12500 */- year cycle.

        The ‘Smithsion’ Instiute has dipictions of mammoths, with food still in their mouths, that date to 13k years ago, They froze instantly ……this is fact,

        There is an understanding that this planet moves thru 12.5k year cycles….colder at 1 end, warmer at the other.

        State your ground. As an ‘armchair’ investigator of a civilisation outside your understanding , your belief is correct. As all westerners think, what they believe, is correct.

        You believe that Jesus didn’t exist, which is where we defer,

        i know he didn’t exist.

        If you knew why he didn’t/ couldn’t exist , you would also know why your calculations are incorrect

        In the end . state clearly,why you have included 365 days of Year ‘0’ in your calculations, when all reseach states that there is no Year ‘0’.

        • Look at the year I started my calculation from. In the article, I used 3114 BCE on the standard Gregorian calendar and in the calculation where I used the year zero, I used 3113 BCE on the ISO standard Gregorian calendar. There’s your missing year.

  20. My problem with the math is, if there has been 514 leap years from march 2012 , how does someone calculate ( without leap year) it would be July 28/2013. If you take away the 514 leap years , it will account for 514 days we have to deduct from our calendar, not add to it

  21. Emmett Hayes says:

    I believe you 100%. I just want to know, How are you so smart about all this? Who taught you this? I’m just curious, because you’ve changed everything so fast and now I’m happier to be alive everyday knowing I’ll live on for more years to come in my life.

  22. It doesn’t matter – we all are “here”, and there will not be an “end to the world”. James is superior when it comes to all his calculations/comments! People need to focus on their “actions”. For every action, there is a re-action – make your actions count for the good. We are all in this together – be kinder to yourselves and our four legged creatures…… it will all make a difference in the long run.

  23. Congratulations on tackling this ‘Mayans didn’t use leap years’ nonsense which seems to have been spread around virtually every discussion on this subject like a contagious disease. I suppose I should no longer be surprised that this sort of thing happens but it’s depressing to see the lack of critical thinking by which people believe that more than a century of scholarly study into the date correlation should be thrown out of the window because some bright spark on Facebook suddenly thinks he knows more about calendars than the aforementioned scholars.
    However, there seems to be some confusion over the actual Long Count start date. It is Julian Day 584,283 which is:
    11th August 3114 BCE in the Gregorian calendar
    6th September 3114 BCE in the Julian calendar
    6th September -3113 in the astronomical calendar.
    As I’m sure you know, the astronomical calendar inculdes a year 0, whilst the Julian/Gregorian calendars don’t, which accounts for the year difference. Your Wikipedia quote is correct but you revert to August/September 3113 BCE in much of your explanation, but this is a year out. Even in your painstaking calculation, you start by refererring to BCE/CE years but throw in a year zero which shouldn’t be there. Presumably it’s because the Fourmilab calculator wrongly assumes that the Gregorian calendar has a year zero.
    Anyway, this minor quibble aside, it’s good work and also well done in seeing off the astrological and galactic alignment nonsense. The ecliptic and the galactic equator are great circles in the sky, thus they intersect permanently, not on one particular day. Some of these people really don’t have a clue.

    • Thanks for the excellent comment. You’re right about year zero. I need to review my article and write some explanations. I also need to contact Fourmilab and find out if that is the case. I’d like to be as accurate as possible. Thanks again.

  24. Maybe They Didnt expect to live long enough to make the calender longer

    • obviously….. the mayan calender is millions of years long. When they were writing it and calculating it they knew they weren’t going to be alive for all of it…. I mean their lifetime expectancy was only like 50 years or less back then. So them not being alive doesn’t really have to do with anything. The point is; their calender doesn’t even on this date, it starts over. Just like our calender does on on Jan 1st.

  25. Gleason says:

    – 222 days (Jan 1-June 10, -3113)
    I don’t understand this. why is not jan1 – August 10?? instead of June 10???

  26. Gleason says:

    Is it 8/11/3113 bce Gregorian calendar or 8/11/3114 bce? I am lost. David commented is 8/11/3113 bce, I think it is 8/11/3114. So, your zero year will be replaced by 3114 since there is 1 year diff between 3113 and 3114.

    • There was a mixup because Wikipedia’s date doesn’t use a year zero but the date calculator I used does. Therefor, some of my article references the earlier date while the other half references the later date. Sorry about the confusion.

      • James, you need to get a girlfriend, you are spending way too much of your life on this nonsense. Does anyone really care, do you see people in a panic. If anyone really thought the world was gonna be doomed in less than 2 months it would be total chaos, worldwide.

  27. Soo, is the world going to end or not? So many opionions. James Watt, How did you figure all this out! Very neat.

  28. James, I have never visited your blog before but I’ll be returning. The worlds need more people such a yourself.

    Also, why are some of these people talking about waking up bright and early on Dec 22? It’s going to be a Saturday; I’ll be sleeping in.

    P.s. why is there a smiley face in the bottom left corner of your blog?

  29. Hi James, I think you would love a book by scientist Gregg Braden called “Fractal Time”. It draws together the Mayan calendar, Egyptian Astrology, modern Astronomy, core ice samples and his own cycle theory which all point to this same date. The Mayan symbol for the next era is “Movement”. (Previous 5000 year eras have been wind, fire, ice (ice age) and water (floods when Noah’s Ark was around). Gregg believes – and hopes – the movement is of consciousness. There seem to be plenty of sources pointing this likelihood as well, including my own teacher.

    • I don’t believe in any type of spirituality.

      • Was this answer in response to kitegirlcoach’s comment recommending a book? She mentions nothing of spirituality only consciousness. A heightened awareness is not spiritual . . . Necessarily . . .

        • How is her post not spiritual? Astrology? Astrology is not science. Floods around the time of Noah’s Ark? What evidence do we have that Noah’s Ark existed? The scientific evidence tells us that there was never a global flood and that the Earth is almost 5 billion years old.

          • Wonder boy says:

            She said astronomy not astrology. It is science. She was trying to be pleasant and you were an ass. Your a sharp guy, but before you trounce on someone for sharing something your not interested in, it’s just as easy to dismiss something politely without being a douche.

          • No scientific evidence of a global flood? Maybe not a ‘flood’ that covers ALL the Earth in water. but there is plenty of evidence of major flooding around the whole world via melting ice and rising seawater.

          • There is actually alot of evidence all over the world showing there was a great flood at one time, such as the great pyramids and the other wonders of the world. Built by a mysterious society with no proof of existence yet on the sphinx and pyramids there is an unbelievable amount of water damage that stops at a certain level that could only have been caused by a constant level of rushing water. Which would also fit into the mystery aspect of the wonders because, after a flood and so many years what would be the only thing standing but huge stone structures such as the pyramids.(this all assuming my theory that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids is correct)

            • The Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids? How do you account for the overwhelming evidence that they did? Also, the Pyramids are actually evidence against the great flood as they are so low to sea level, they would have been completely obliterated by the water pressure created by thousands of feet deep water.

    • Gregg Braden is not a scientist by any normal definition of the word. Pseudoscientist would be closer.

  30. Chelsea says:

    Everyone is freaking out because the Mayan calendar ended this year, and since the winter was very strange this year and things have happened this year that have never happened before, it makes people freak out even more. If all this stuff would have happened last year, no one would have even thought anything about it. Zombies are supposedly coming and its the end of the world. I guess we will all find out in December now won’t we? I wish people would just stop freaking out about it, this was soooo long ago when they made the calendar and they thought they knew everything back then.

  31. TOM JOES says:

    So james, your obviously very smart, but just to get a basic slap in the face response from you, are you saying the world is going to end or not this year? I got confused with all the fancy talk.

    • The world is not going to end because a calendar expires. It will end in a couple billion years when the sun expands or much sooner due to some unforseen astronomical event. But probably nothing during our lifetimes.

      • Some people have recently gotten me crazy about this, especially since I’ve had an “emergency” phobia since 9/11 and my father’s passing (which happens to have its anniversary today.) Thank you so much for this article, it has really helped to set my mind at ease, which is saying a lot since the anxiety I have felt over this has had me shivering in the fetal position at one point! Ridiculous, I know! I’m not normally one to fall for this kind of silliness, but it has taken over my entire mind for the past week and I’ve been trying everything to get some grounding in facts instead of superstition. I believe in certain spiritual things, so with this it has been extra hard to differentiate between what I should be listening to and what is complete nonsense. Stupid corporate media making every “bad” thing that happens in the world into the end of it in order to get viewers has got to stop. No wonder so many of us have constant anxiety; this was the worst I’ve ever had in my life.

        Anyway, sorry for the lengthy and a little off topic reply, but I just felt the need to say thank you for your clear, sound writing and rational approach that has helped me more than anything I’ve tried so far. Facts are our friends, not sensationalism. :)

  32. Listen guys… If National Geographic or the History channel doesn’t say it, then I am not going to believe it!!! Boom!

  33. Reblogged this on unifiedserenity and commented:
    This is a very interesting article, I recommend the comments as well on his page.

  34. Great work. I reblogged it!

  35. Amielee says:

    Your article is fascinating… And while Wikipedia is a great start for research, it unfortunately is not a credible source based solely upon he way In which information is added to the site… I’m in no way trying to discount your research or article. I’m only trying to ensure that people don’t rely too heavily on Wikipedia as only source of information. ALWAYS rechecked information found on this site. If you’re wondering about my credentials, I have a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences… So basically, I know about research and go ding credible sources. :-)

  36. I like kitegirlcoach’s post the most!! as for James Watt,..your good at what you do so if your not at all spiritual I still respect your work you’ve done for this blog and respect your believes as a human being. I personally have been sensing an awakening going on in the world these days and do believe that the Date that the Mayans set as a restart date or the end of one age or the beginning of another—is an accurate date NOT for the end of the world but more than likley the end of the world as we perceive it. I’ve been looking into this subject for quite sometime now and it has been passed down through the years and what is to happen is being misunderstood. Do not fear the end of the world but rather embrace the new and coming change that I believe will lead all of us to a higher state of consciousness. I mean whats the use of worrying about the End of the world when nobody But the most High knows the outcome. NAMASTE

  37. James,..I do have a question for you about the pic that you have up towards the top of The Aztec Sun Stone. Commonly, but incorrectly, shown to represent the Mayan calendar.If that’s not the Mayan Calendar what does it look like and why have they been using the Aztec calender everywhere when speaking of the Mayan date? I’ve always known it wasn’t the Mayan calendar because as a child I would spend my summers down in Mexico with my family I’ve got back there and went to some town where I purchased the Aztec calendar shown above and always wondered about this…and what do you think of the Nibiru Constellation ,theory..ex….The Sumerian tablets that speak of the10th planet that supposedly has an elliptical orbit but still belongs to our solar system.

    • Well I would ask if this table was able to correctly describe and identify the rest of our planets in our solar system first. I’m not sure if it claims a 10th planet or if you accidentally misrepresented it, but there are only 8 planets. So, my next question would be… what is the 9th planet?

    • Sorry I’m kind of late on this post, but I just found your article. Great article, I love it! I would like to point out something about the Aztec “Calendar” shown. Although it does have a calendar on it, it was actually a large sacrificial table. A common mistake I see is when the tongue is replaced with a a tongue in the picture- the real one has a dagger for the tongue. The stone was rejected close to completion because of a large flaw found in the stone. It’s been a couple of years since I saw the stone in person, but I believe that it was right before they carved out the drainage system (for the blood). Just an FYI.

  38. I believe in that the mayans were talking about a new era and for these reasons. There are 5 harmonic universes each containing 3 dimensions. it took around 26,556 years to complete going through the first harmonic universe and now the magnetic repulsion zone is opening allowing us to cross through. We right now are using only 3 strands of our DNA but as we enter the second harmonic universe more of our brain will be of use to us as our brain gives off a more advanced set of frequencies to adjust to the new dimensions survival needs , there are approx. 144,000 people who were who are already able to use the strands of the second HU, and they are known as indigo children.i agree with the though of different dimensions because when your pineal gland is fully active it can have amazing effects such as strong feelings from spirits and possibly vision of spirts as well. some people are born with the gland active already and thats why it may seem weird and unbelievable to people because many do not experience this effect it can be opening by meditation and or listening to frequencies through a sound file.IMO if spirits exist then heaven and hell exists and if heaven and hell exists then so do supernatural beings and abilities and as we progess through the next HU we will slowly become more advanced as a race.This is what i believe the mayans meant by new era anything can happen weather 2012 is real its certainly has me excited :D

    • Your comment is complete nonsense. I don’t even know where to begin. There is zero evidence to support anything that you just said. Either you are trolling or legitimately consider your fabricated funny story to be somehow applicable to my article.

      • DivineSin says:

        Complete nonsense..? Zero evidence..? Now it seems to me that you are trolling, because you clearly haven’t taken the time to look before commenting. Don’t bother trying to say there is no evidence because human evolution and DNA activation is proven with lots of information and interviews with scientists, and yes I realize he might have gone a little off topic or berserk, so to sum it up,the new era is with a more advanced human race. Props to your article for a very precise and accurate set of information, but you should try looking into everything and not just one thing, you might enjoy what you can find.

        • There is much evidence on this Theory, and James youre starting to sound more like a religious fanatic than a scientist, about 70% if your responses is putting people down.. look Mr.Scientist our entire existence is a frequency that our senses perceive through “decoding”, nothing you see is “Real” per say, everything emits a vibrational frequency … there are sounds we cannot hear with our human ears and humans can only perceive a certain amount of light and color, let me guess youre goung to ask for evidence, look it up, do your reseatch on our holographic reality, Temporal Mechanics, Quantum Physics and put the pieces together, our DNA has 12 strands with only 2 or 3 active and they seem to respond to resonance that is emitted of anything in”existence” , and they too can alter our reality if our internal frequency is raised, then lower vibrations cannot be perceived any longer therefore they are no longer apart of your spectrum of reality, and the higher your resonance the more you can perceive because you “resonate” with it now.. get it? The evidence of this are the 7 harmonic points in our body called thechakras, the earth outputs vibrational “pulses” known as cycles, research the Earth and the Fibbonacci theory… when you realize that “reality” as we know Is simply an infinant amount of frequencys, then concepts like Time Travel and Anti Gravitational Tech and Medical Advancements and Psychic abilities are no longer subjects of Fiction but complete and acheivable realities.. Quantum Mechanics is Science, thats what we work on, dont call yourself a scientist because you used addition and subtraction to figure out some calender.. dont call yourself a man of science if you shun out any kind of ideas, like I said before, you seem like someone who gets on the defensive if someone opposes you or says something you dont agree with or understand.. much like a Religious Fanatic, trust me when I say the Scientific community does not need gloaters or insulting individuals. You are not ready for Advanced Science, your mind is too closed…

          • I only respond politely to legitimate questions about the article and/or people who want to confirm/question my math.

            I do not have any time for pseudo-spirituality. I became hostile after many such individuals tried using my blog as a soapbox to sell their fear mongering books. It’s a scam. I am sorry that you have fallen for it.

            If you have nothing scientific to add to the conversation, prepare to be insulted for the dolt that you are.

            • You have a point, this wasnt yhe place to express this. Yet, Pseudo science is fantasy science, Quantum Physics is not pseudo science. And I sincerely doubt that someone working on anti gravitational tech could be considered a “dolt” .. and you said yourself this is Math, not Science, so stop asking people to “talk science only” .. when this, my ignorant friend, us NOT science. You contradict yourself so much. And express yourself like someone who dropped out of community college

            • “FALLEN FOR IT”… you have no idea how your world works do you? You havent the slightest clue how you even exist and yet you have the nerve to sit there and mock me .. I believe what I believe because of the STUDIES I have undergone, and the theories I have painfully memorized.. and it is my job to tell the world how to adjust to vibrational changes, and yes, this Science becomes Spirituality, a spirituality governed by facts and theories, not some hocus pocus ‘lets do it cus it sounds cool’ crap . . but talking to your type is futile, go back to your football games and president Obama hahaha. go ahead, I dare you to call yourself a scientist again …

              • Firmitas-Atis Phoenix could you please stop referencing quantum mechanics to DNA and 12 strand theory. Firstly, do you have a Ph.D? In physics? Science for that matter? Do you even have a degree in science? Because I do have Ph.D in science. Neuroscience actually, with an undergrad in theoretical physics and I’m a little embarrassed when you mix up a field I’ve actually studied academically in with things things like “12 strand DNA theory”. In cells containing a nucleus, DNA is divided into linear molecules called chromosomes. In particular, human somatic cells contain 46 chromosomes (22 pairs of somatic chromosomes + 2 sex chromosomes), each double stranded. I’m not sure where you found this 12 strand DNA information from, and I apologize if you interpret this as me being rude (I’m really not trying to be) but there are thousands more strands then 12 in every single one of our cells. I checked with PubMed ( there does not seem to be any gene encoding for what you claim. As well I would sincerely appreciate you provide me with a link to where the scientific study done where DNA was subjected to different vibrational frequencies. What do you mean by resonate? How did this these 2 pr 3 strands resonate? Which chromosome are these strands located on? What happens to them in comparison to the rest? How was this proven or verified? What lab equipment was used? What lab was it done in? What researchers were involved? When was the study done? I’m actually very curious. Once again I don’t mean to sound rude, but as scientist (my everyday day job) we cannot just believe these things until there is lab work to support it. I just want to know who claims that 2 or 3 strands of DNA resonate differently.

                Lastly, you may be allowed to sit there and tell this James fellow that he is not a scientist, but you cannot say that to me. Please stop spreading misinformation about quantum mechanics. You can believe whatever you want about earths vibrations and special body parts etc, that’s fine. However, quantum mechanics and DNA have nothing to do with your studies. Unless you possess a Ph.D in academia, you really have no right to comment on academic content such as genetics or physics. If it were not for people like myself and the many scientist before me, you have have no knowledge of vibrational waves, DNA, or physics.

                Also where is your lab located? I’m very curious to know more about your anti-gravitational research? Is is published work? What training did you acquire to qualify yourself to study such theoretical work? I feel like a man such as myself who gets paid a good salary for doing science everyday would have heard of your work.

                • Thanks for coming to my defense. I’m not a scientist, I just enjoy science. This article blew up with exposure this year, I wasn’t really prepared for it. Had I known it would get hundreds of thousands of views, I would have cited multiple academic sources and been all around more professional. What I was simply doing is trying to get others to use common sense. So, when I get these spiritual people or nihilists on here who start raving about all the things we can’t understand about the universe yet, I get fairly annoyed. The article wasn’t written to disprove spirituality or astrology, but to simply show how our leap year system is independent of the mayan calendar.

                • Wow. First, congrats on your bogus degree that actually means nothing. Everyone in the scientific world knows that the only people who really wasted their time getting a PHD in something like “quantum physics” is lacking social skills and probably has never been laid because you can’t carry on a conversation with an actual human being. Really, of all the things you could have chosen you chose a subject that means absolutely nothing. What have you done? Have you disproved any theories of relativity? Have you created or proved any new laws of spatial mechanics? I doubt that you have because people who do these things, don’t have time to degrade other people on a ridiculous Mayan calendar website. You chose a subject where there is rarely any factual evidence to support but rather a ton of accepted theories by others who chose to pursue the same line of work as you and abandon any notion of a meaningful career/life. congrats again. Having said that, you do not need a degree, a Phd, or a doctorate in science to be knowledgable about said topic. I would love for you to bring your argument of needing to be in academia to be knowledgable about science to Mr. Faraday and his bunson burner. Wasn’t it an uneducated muscician who discovered Uranus? Have you ever seen “Good Will Hunting”?? Yeah, that dude definitely shoved it right up all of the academia’s ass…oh and yes that was based on a true story of an Indian teenager. you can thank this uneducated 13 year old and his formulas for all of your organic chemistry crystallography labs, etc. What about the seashell hunter who discovered dinosaurs? Or what about an uneducated monk named Gregor Mendel? Perhaps you have heard of his work, or perhaps read about it, or perhaps studied it…. Compared to all of these “non-academia”, uneducated individuals, what exactly the fuck have you done that is noteworthy sir??. I can tell from your all-too-basic description of genetics in your all-too-rude reply that you barely know the surface of what genomics is, much less where it is heading. I can also tell that you that Im a rhodes scholar at Emory Medical School, I studied molecular genetics and microsatellites for 3 years at Oxford ; and unlike you, I used my brain to pursue a field that will actually be useful to society. In case I got off-track let me reiterate–> YOU DONT NEED A PHD IN QUANTUM PHYSICS TO DISCUSS QUANTUM PHYSICS…asshole

                  To the author, I appreciate your work here; I don’t buy any of it, but I do appreciate it. For the record, feel free not to discredit yourself by calling someone’s God and/or the principle figure in their religion an imaginary figure; atleast until you can show anything, any rational explanation of creation/and how this wonderful universe was formed without a hint of “faith” in your explanation. I’ve learned through the years to never discredit or attempt to discredit someone else’s idea until you yourself can show 100% factual evidence to the contrary, or 100% evidence to support your said idea. have a good day.

      • DivineSin says:

        James just because you deleted my comment i would like to point out your an idiot. You must have searched it up afterwords and realized you were wrong and deleted my comment because if it was there you would have looked like a damn fool, have fun with your blog fuckin moron

        • Excuse me? I work and have a life outside of monitoring my blog. As it was your first post, it was held in moderation until I could approve it. This cuts down on spam and flaming. As such, this will be your last post.

      • Come on James, lighten up. For a free thinker you are surprisingly lacking in compassion for other opinions. :-)

        • If you have a view, especially a view outside of the accepted norm, you better post evidence. Don’t simply state that there are magical ages, etc. This is not a spirituality blog or Astrology blog.

      • Dalton Kincade says:

        LOL! … Noooo kidding, lol. Total bs, possibly drug induced!

    • I’m a bit late on this but if ever there were a competition to cram as much new-age guff as possible into a single paragraph, Alex would be the winner.

      • Dear David ~ with all due respect – WHAT!?

        • 5 harmonic universes? Magnetic repulsion zone? Using 3 strands of our DNA? Brain gives off advanced frequencies? Indigo children? Dear, oh dear!
          Surely you don’t believe that one single scrap of that hotch potch of nonsense could possibly have any basis in reality, do you?

          • Not really …..

            • Says the man with no Education on why or how he is even able to Exist on a Physical plane .. the comments on this blog annoy me, so many ignorant people thinking they are right by disagreeing… atleast James put effort into his research, while the other 90% of you hear a new theory, look around your living room and reply ” well, where is it, I dont see it” .. and thats it.. its wrong, the truth may not set you free but it would blow your fucking mind.. this is why people like us stay away from the rest of society, ignorance is infectious..

              • Some of the comments on this blog annoy me also, particularly when they come from people pushing new-age crackpottery which has nothing to do with the subject.

  39. Great article & many interesting replies.
    Personally I love joking that the world ends December 21. If my jokes start conversation I also point out how many times throughout history the world is supposed to end. The most well known are millennium turns. To keep the conversation interesting I also point out that the Navajo believe that this year marks the time of moving to their 6th world and that the Prophecy of the Popes lists Benedict XVI as the last pope. All of this is subject to interpretation by the reader. Add in a couple more highlights such as apocalypse does not mean the end of the world and that the galactic alignment has been taking place for years & that we are are already past the center of the 22 year span that it takes. It all makes for interesting conversation. My final comment in these conversations is what James mentioned near the beginning of his article. The calendar rolls over and begins again. The current western calendar only has 14 possible rotations. Does the world end every 14years? It is all fun & interesting.

    Question for James. Do you have any articles about the seasons? My thoughts differentiate natural seasons with political seasons. The simplest example is June 21. Calendars mark this as the first day of summer. But is it really? June 21 is the summer solstice (sun standing), the longest period of sunlight. Does it make more sense that this is the first day of summer or the middle of summer?

    • Randyl, I like and agree with your approach. While the math and science is important, I to, have some fun with this calendar ending and bible numbers. Last year on the “rapture ” day (was that May 21st), I created several displays of clothing, where people had raptured right out of them: a jogger on the sidewalk leaving behind his shoes, socks, shorts, jockstrap, shirt, ipod, and my dog; someone smoking a cigar on his porch, and park my truck like it wreck in a ditch after the driver was raptured, his shirt was hanging out the window. All those pictures made the local and national news.

      Anyway, thanks for posting your comparison of the 14 rotations of the western calandar. Regardless of the fun, these numbers are interesting and part of all our histories, so it is good to know and/or study them. ld

  40. FrozenEmber says:

    Leap years were made to stop the seasons from falling out of sync with the calendar,But in Central America the Maya only really had “one” season which was Summer. So why would they really care for the seasons falling out of sync enough to create leap years? The Maya calender was not inaccurate in my opinion and if it is so be it.For anyone to be taking their astronomy skills lightly and saying they are wrong for something that was added to the calender by Ugo Boncompagni (Gregory XIII) in the later years,to me is ignorant.

  41. Ryan James says:

    So James, are you predicting anything of significance actually:) happening dec. 21st 2012?

  42. Ryan James says:

    By who exactly & when? You still didn’t answer my question thou

    • I’m not making a prediction, I’m simply stating that after this end of days prediction fails, a new one will pop up

      • melanie vaufhn says:

        How about this…quit worrying about it. Hold your loved ones close everytime you are afforded the opportunity, get right with whatever deity you pray to if you do and just be the best person you can if you don’t, and enjoy whatever finite amount of time you are granted on this planet. The world ends for all of us sooner than we would like, so enjoy whatever time you have left, and leave behind you a legacy of happiness, hope and love. That’s the best any of us can do, whether the world ends in six months or six million years. James, I applaud you for your eloquently penned article, and your research seems exceedingly solid. Hope the person curled up in the fetal position can move on from the fear that is obviously overwhelming them, and take time to enjoy what they have, rather than worrying about what is unlikely to happen for aeons…seems like such a waste of a life to me. Thanks again for the insight, James. May your days be full and happy…no mayter

        • melanie vaufhn says:

          Let me try that again…

          No matter how many of them are left.

          I apologize; I’m typing this on my phone, and the correct keys seem to have gotten away from me.

  43. This is so outstanding. I loved reading it! I think this place
    will become my new favorite site!

  44. Excellent, thanks. I heard they had more than one calendar, maybe 3 in total, and that their number system was based on 13 or 18? If you had a little time to add some background about these items, because they must affect the math in some way; I would find it useful, as I post your page to FB at times, so others can (and me) can benefit from your research and knowledge. Thanks.

  45. I don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s just sad that people are committing suicide and plus I been researching a lot now and NASA saying its not going to happend but idk it they lieing.. It’s sad that NASA lies idk I like your article it’s very cool and i just want to know if NASA is telling the truth? James can u help me out here??

  46. I have read this article for reassurance 2x now. I just want to read “Dr. Sleep” in 2013. Thank you for writing an article that is capable of giving me hope for such.

  47. They didn’t see the spaniards coming because it was something no one could predict. Noone can predict what another person will do. They could and did however predict how our solar system functioned as well as a good portion of the galaxy. The smarter we get, the more we can prove just how correct the mayans were. We are just starting to catch up to their knowledge now. Our atomic clock as someone else pointed out goes one point past the decimal less than the Mayans making it less accurate, but scientists are certain that when the math does surface it will only further prove how correct they really were. The mayans figured out that the world has done this 4 times before. Which scientists are now starting to believe was also true. Everything solectial works in cycles which can be predicted, so to say that they should of known about the spanierds is rediculous.

    • Since the Maya believed the world was flat and supported on the back of a giant crocodile, I would question whether they had any concept of a solar system or galaxy at all, never mind the capability to predict how they function.
      Where is your data that our atomic clock is one decimal less accurate than the calculation of the Maya? Please present the figures which support this claim and their source. What does it even mean anyway? Does it mean that they knew the length of the day more accurately than we do, as we compare Earth’s rotation with microsecond accuracy to a reference frame defined by distant quasars? Somehow I don’t think so.

    • I forgot to mention the obvious logical flaw in your claim about our atomic clock being one decimal less accurate than the Mayan capability. How is it possible to determine by how much something is MORE accurate if it goes beyond the accuracy limitations of your own measurements?
      There is far too much rubbish about the Maya indiscriminately copied from place to place and this is just another example.

  48. And sorry I need to clarify something, I’m not saying the Mayans predicted the end of the world, I’m saying they mathematicly predicted solectial and astronomical cycles. Same as we have days, months, years, millenniums, they had numerical cycles as well. This numerical cycle has ended and a new one begins. Same as we take down our calendar every year. They have found another mayan wall that spans about 7000 years which is well passed 2012. They even have a cycle that is equivalent to 56 million years.

  49. James, has the Mayans calendar ever had a prediction on it come true with a date as specific as 12-21-12? Just wondering!

    • They didn’t make any predictions besides the fact that their calendar rolls over. By our standard, every ~365 days we predict another year to complete. This is much the same kind of prediction.

  50. Just one question, James? When did the new millennium start? In your blog, it looks like your saying that it started Jan.1, 2000. I hope that is not what you mean.

    • Depends. One some gregorian calendars there isn’t a year zero. On others, there are. Depends on if you are using the ISO standard, Astronomical calendar, etc…

  51. CDT 1st LT P says:

    Why does it matter if the world ends? for all you no you could get killed in your sleep or die in a car accident on your way to work. As my JROTC instructor and other ppl say ” No plan can withstand contact with the enemy”

  52. CDT 1st LT P says:

    only the past is set in stone since it already happened

  53. brandon ward says:

    The long count Calender wasn’t a Calender to mesure time.but rather cycles …

  54. This is interesting…. I’ve seen the FB/Twitter thing about the Leap Year and felt it was a bit iffy. But my only question is – why does the Mayan calendar only count through 12 baktuns? Why stop there? Interested to hear you perspective on that.

    • Perhaps the reason that the Maya had any particular interest in the end of the 13th bak’tun is that it ends on the same day as their 260 day ritual calendar, and it’s the first time in 1,872,000 days that this happens. Obviously their 360 day calendar also ends on the same day too. TRIPLE WHAMMY = PARTY TIME.
      Survival of some Mayan culture –

      • 21st December 2012 or Long Count date is 4 Ahau 3 Kankin in the other calendars, the former being the date in the 260 day sacred calendar and the latter in the 365 day civilian calendar. So they are both mid-calendar dates of no real significance.

    • How far out did you expect the poor bastard who had to chisel all that shit to go Raven? Maybe one day, at the Mayan calendar factory, Bolontiku (the foreman) came to see how many baktuns out ol’ Hunapu had chiseled out. Of which Hunapu stated, “I made it to 12 baktuns boss”. This made Bolontiku very happy and he gave Hunapu a few years off. They would often be seen at the local bars joking about how western culture would misinterpret their work as if they were fortune tellers and how they would even create television series’ for all to laugh at such as “Doomsday Preppers”. Unfortunately for Hunapu, Bolontiku was the only one of the two with any knowledge of how to run a business and became very ill a couple years later. Hunapu struggled to keep the business open and upon Bolontiku’s death developed a drug problem. In order to scrape by and still support his drug addiction, Hunapu became a tattoo artist. Thus 12 baktuns…

      Sorry, James. I have no sources or scientific evidence to prove this to be so…

  55. Cheese is delicious ^_^


    Idiots are already massing, though I’m not certain how related the incident in the link is to the currently internet-inflamed end of the world obsession that people have. This is going to sound harsh, but maybe there will be an age of enlightenment because morons will leap off cliffs together on the the 20th of December.
    Maybe you could do the world a service by reposting this in Spanish (and Portuguese?)
    I appreciate the article James, thanks.

  57. Carey Adams says:

    Fantastic work James and I for one will post a link to it everywhere if you don’t mind. I find it really sad that people get so caught up in these myths that they hurt themselves or other people and its great that you have gone to such lengths to put an end to the hype.

  58. “I see a lot of text, but no counter theory. It’s bad science to say that a theory is wrong without providing evidence why. For instance, where is YOUR work showing that I am incorrect? The comment about not wanting to count was just an attempt at humor. It comes out the same across any date calculator.” You stated this to someone prior to your providing the math and the only source you have provided to this is Wikipedia to which you have already discounted. And why use the Mayan calendar as they were “spiritual” people which you do not believe in? This is the problem I see with all of your postings and all of your incredibly rude comments to others who even mention the word spirituality. Why use a spiritually based calendar from a race of people who were incredibly spiritual, and lambast everyone else for it? Why even pay attention to a calendar with a spiritual basis? Approach this completely scientifically, without using any data with a spiritual basis, and provide an explanation as to why there even needs to be an explanation if not for the spirituality behind it. Yes this makes sense, read it again.

    • Their calendar isn’t spiritual.

      • Fuck yea its Spiritual … trust me Spirituality and Science cross paths more than you think ;)

        • No, it’s math.

          • Spirituality and science are 2 completely different things. I may not be able to back up with proof on everything I say, but come on now. Use common sense. They may cross pathh, but obviously not always in good way

            • My proof of that. Is right in front of you. There are people on this blog who have many different views. Science, and spiritual. Some even religious views. But everyone is losing sight of the point of this mans blog. He’s not necessarily asking your opinions, he is putting out there his knowledge of the facts on the Mayan calendar. Obviously he’s going to be defensive when people are dragging his facts through mud. If you don’t like what’s said, find a different blog to criticise. And maybe come to terms with the fact that maybe your jealous of how smart someone else is, apposed to yourself. Lets try to act like adults huh? This is a matter involving men, woman, children, pets, And every other living species on our plant. And at some point and time people are gonna have to suck it up grow a pair and realize life is short, so live it up research and gain some wisdom. No crime in knowing something useful right? Which is what this blog seams to be about. Analysis of an ancient cultures spiritual findings. Weather it in fact means the end of the world as we know it, or the beginning to a new era, Stop wasting your time fighting about who’s smarter in math, science, and cultures ect. And maybe share wisdom instead of proving so and so wrong :) I’m only 22 and feel smarter now than before I came upon this blog a few days ago. I want to personally thank James Watt for sharing his analysis on this subject :) Its very informational and factual.

    • “Why use a spiritually based calendar from a race of people who were incredibly spiritual, and lambast everyone else for it?”
      The Mayan calendar as well as their history and culture is being misrepresented by frauds and profiteers for scaremongering and financial gain. These are the people who should be lambasted and if some of their apologists (or dupes) turn up here, they should expect the same treatment.

  59. Nobe oddie says:

    U guys are idiots! The mayan callendar has mothing to do with our calendarand leap year! Its a lunar calendar and it goes by the position of the moon and planets! The date is 12 21 2012, it is what science has proven as the day our solar system and planet pass the galacticle equinox! Our solar system oscilates up and down as it spins around and we are passing the median… Leap year calculations are completly irrelavent! U are completly taking it out if context if u think they forgot about leap year! Lol ignorance

  60. End result.. None of you have the answer…. Only GOD knows when, where, How and Why??

  61. i like all of the religious and spiritual comments, just for they way james so effortlessly cuts them down. Also thank you for clearing up the date, i also read it was false on facebook and believed it, boy was i fooled.

  62. Poopy McDoof says:

    LOL. :D i am mrs! NESBIT!

  63. Has any one calculated this to include the change over from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian which effectively got rid of 9 days in the 15th century?

  64. This is the very first time I have looked at a Blog – stumbled across it after my teenage son said the Mayan calander could not be accurate ( because of course as we know Teenagers know everything !) and that I would still be able to celebrate my birthday on the 21.12.12. – subject to surviving the interim of course. What a fascinating read and truly reassuring that the human race is currently alive and kicking – if occasionally misinformed, depressed, rude or perhaps just a little deranged .
    Thank you Mr Watt et al….

  65. There is only oneperson who knows when the world will end and that is the person who created it. No one really knows when this will happen or how.

  66. Thank You James…Mathematics are key in any calculation which was and will always be used any civilization past to present… You cannot argue numbers they are as infinite as GOD… I too used the same caculations to come up with your conclusion to prove our modern timeline does not correspond with most ancient civilizations calendars… Finally someone with common sense has posted fact.

  67. Uhhh it still would’ve happened months ago cause their calendar would’ve said December 21… Haha. Duh.

  68. I love how this discussion has continued over the duration of the year leading up to the date in question.. I doubt its guna happen.. although if it does.. am not that arsed if the world ends and everyone dies.. It’l not be much fun on my own =)

  69. The Mayan calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian calendar that’s used today. A good explanation about the breakdown of Mayan claendar sycles can be found at

  70. Well, People I don’t believe the world will be over due to the Mayan calendar.. And Biblically we won’t know when the end is. We are to know the signs which there have been plenty of. But there are so many things still to happen. It will never be THE END of the world just the end of the world as we know it. Everyone keeps talking about planets hitting us and earthquakes that will take us out on that date. It may be the end of U.S. before it’s the end of the world. Until the 911 Most people had never thought of the fact we could be taken out from the inside. I am sure there are plenty of things left to happen before the so called end of the world. I sure wouldn’t worry about it people.

  71. your an idiot. the myan long calendar is not 360 days long and they are actually more accurate than the atomic clock that says our year is 365.2420 but they are not sure of the fourth decimal and could be off by five. the Mayans have one year as 365.2422 days so ur dumb and wrong u have no evidence at just theory and bull shit.

    • Did you even read my article?

    • I can only assume you Michele are the idiot considering you used 1 period in that entire paragraph. No to mention your lack of grammatical comprehension. I doubt, you even possess the capacity to understand this article considering you can’t figure out the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Any calculations you have done simply claim that you “own an idiot” judging by your first sentence.

      Also, please explain how the mayan were more accurate than an atomic clock. This is just factually inaccurate. You cannot be more accurate than an atomic clock, without another radio sensitive device to measure your accuracy. From my understanding the mayan’s did not possess this technology. Try and understand what you’re talking about before talking please.

      But you know what? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since you’re probably talking about a different calendar (myan) that we have never heard of. I think the rest of us are talking about the Mayan culture. Come join when you’re a little more informed.

  72. We live under powers beyond our control; both physically and metaphysically. Yet, we adore these doomsday prophecies that predict our own demise. I am utterly fascinated with this phenomena. IF the world is going to end we cannot change it. However, i am not a believer in such prophecy regardless of how it is skewed mathematically involving leap year, year zero, multiple Mayan calendars, etc, etc. Multiple cultures have predicted the end of the world. Christians still foretell of a judgement day, Muslims and their jihad, Mayans and doomsday and so on and so forth. I am FAR more interested in the people who buy into this sh*t and the reasons why. And do you know why? The answer is very simple. Every race and every culture from the dawn of mankind, and when I say ‘dawn’ I mean the birth of so-called rational thought, has been obsessed with our own demise. Once you realize that you do in-fact exist, you will then begin to fear the the fact that one day you may not exist any longer. We are a self-obsessed race; the human race. The victims of our own wants and thoughts. We cannot escape the fear of our own mortality. It creates hate, anger, fear and ultimately religion. Just another guise to prove our own self-merit. Like Descartes said “I think, therefore I am.” And, that my friends is the true fear. We can make up anything we want based on our own thoughts and so-called ‘intelligence. ‘ BUT it is still a construct of our own thoughts, fears, experiences, and reality which we construct ourselves.

  73. If the Mayans were so smart, why are they all dead?

  74. I was in the Yucatan in July. They very much still speak the Mayan language and celebrate their culture. We were fortunate enough to even witness a tribal dance and reenactment of a virginal sacrifice. At the end of the performance, one of the performers gave a little speech about how their culture is fading and that this is why they chose to go around performing, so that they could keep it alive. Obviously they don’t still do ritual human/animal sacrifices, but the Mayan culture and people are stil very much alive.

  75. The photo is of an Aztec calendar, not Mayan.

    • Did you read the words below the calendar?

      • James. Love the article and your lifes perspective. Its fun to debate with God people but you cant win.

        • Thank you, James for the post…..Only suggestion be not so close minded to the ANCIENT SCIENCE. Astronomy &Astrology were “originally one science. Astronomy the celestial. bodies. Astrology the effect these celestial bodies has on the Earth, the planets, animals, minerals and Man. During hurricane Sandy I remember how the full moon played a huge role in the effect of the storm..that is science, James. Everythingg is related and connected. As above so Below…. Once again thanks foru the post……OH IS IT POSSIBLE THAT SINCE THEY/MAYANS USED DIFFERENT CALENDARS
          THAT THE ONE IN QUESTION WAS TRACKING/CALCULATING THE RETURN OF A ROGUE PLANET, AND THEY JUST WANTED TO KNOW WHEN WOULD IT RETURN AGAIN (to pass by, or whatever) ????? Of course this is far fetch like life outside of earth, the gov’t, Haat

          • As far fetch as the gov’t, Haarp. and staged natural disasters

            • I have to but in and ask…far fetched as haarp huh…when you can actually go and see the huge thing..its far fetched..hundreds of thousands of fish and dolphins wash up on an India shore…burnt…and you say its far fetched?

          • Ancient science, when cross-examined and peer-reviewed falls apart. Hence, it isn’t the same as science, because science is essentially lesser and lesser degrees of uncertainty resolved through cross-examination and experimentation.

            • This is an important concept – science builds and grows on the foundation of those who came before. Changes occur with new realms of observation and experience.

        • Dalton Kincade says:

          re “You can’t win”
          Yes you can:
          Anyone believing in ‘god’ after reading that is simply in denial!

  76. This thread is f**king funny, and thoroughly entertaining. The world will have ended while you brainiacs and pseudo-intellectuals haggle over the fine print. Keep it up … I’m bookmarking this page!

  77. Personally, I think all of this is all a bunch of Evolutionists trying to freak people out. It’s ridiculous. The world was supposed to end when 2012 started, and guess what? We’re still here. The Mayans don’t know any more than we currently do, so only a fool would listen to them. According to the Bible, no one knows the day or the hour the Lord will return (for all of the Christian/Catholic comments out there), and that would mean, according to the Bible, that December 21, 2012, which is thought to be true by so many people, would all be a lie. No one knows the day or the hour, so it wouldn’t be a day we’d all be expecting. Now, I’ve wasted enough time with this garbage, thank you very much. I’m not being rude, just blunt.

    • Can you please post a list of evolutionists who believe the world will be ending? Evolutionary biologists have come to their conclusions based on evidence. There is absolutely no credible evidence for this end of the world nonsense. The people who believe the world are going to end are very much spiritual and religious.

  78. I don’t know you James, but you seem like an intelligent person. What I don’t understand is why you even entertain some of the asinine comments on this article. I mean, if we look standard bell curve of human intelligence, one half of the population (of tested individuals) is below the 50th percentile. By my logic, I would reckon that the average intelligence of the bottom half of the population is significantly “dumber” than the the other half. So realistically speaking, every 1 in 2 people commenting is going to be sufficiently unequipped to comprehend any of this article in an objective and scientifically competent way. It simply will not process correctly for some, or process for others at all. Personally, I wouldn’t even bother. It’s infuriating to even try. Like teaching integral calculus to dog. Not gonna happen.

    I’m not a historian. But I am a scientist, and until one of the “astrologers” here come up with a scientifically supported comment, this article it will continue to be considered valid (considering it literally just consists of counting). Sorry, that is how science works. People are entitled to their opinion, but they are NOT entitled to fact. And there are no opinions in this article from what I read. Funny how people try and counter argue this way. Science has no opinion, it is an objective process that does not have to answer to any of this silly astrology nonsense.

    Keep up the good work James.

    • For someone who is supposed to be so smart and all, you sound pretty full sh*t. I agree that lots of the comments posted here (and yes i actually read every one) may be off (or way off) in one form or another. However, to categorize people as dumb or to male yourself stand-out as some type of inteligent or smart person actually, i feel, makes you look more like the people you describe. If you are soooo smart, don’t make any spelling mistakes and post comments that show some sign of an open mind towards all people. Just because you got yourself a degree in something does not qualify you as “not-dumb”, there is plenty of evidence in everyday life to prove that; degrees do not define inteligence or “smarts”.

      As for James W., great work, was a nice read, but I’m naturraly paranoid. This may have only made things worse! LOL!

      • Oh and yes i know there was a mistake in there (or a few), small phone key board and innability to scroll comment window don’t help.

    • Anyone knows the real judgement day was August 29, 1997 and we were saved by time travel.

    • I find it quite intriguing that you say science has no opinion..and i have to agree. But in this case…the Math and Science do apparently have an opinion..that spirituality dosn’t exists..or rather..shouldn’t exists when talking about science..when in fact most of what spawned our scientific efforts in ancient times…was indeed Spirituality..and So on and So forth…today .. we have people trying to ignore the spiritual side of the science..and cast out any kind of spiritual talk even when scientifically based..So now my question is..Can you trust someones science who is biased..close minded..and unscientific..?

  79. This appears to be creating a great deal of heat, but not much light. Of course the date 21 (or just possibly 23) December 2012 is correct, it is the result of painstaking calculations by Goodman, Martinez and Thompson early in the 20th century and confirmed since the more complete understanding of Mayan writing since about 1950. The leap year thing appears to be based on some idea that the Maya long count had to resemble our system in some way, when it is a count of days, rather than years. It is an argument from deep ignorance.

    I’m not an authority on human psychology, but I and others have been battling this hoax on Yahoo! Answers for the best part of six years. It is true that Y! A is infested with juvenile trolls and juveniles generally and has been voted as second only to YouTube as a repository of nonsense.

    What I notice in some of the askers who seem to be genuine, is that they have been primed by fraudulent web sites, YouTube clips and drivel on Facebook etc with lies and superstition. Confronting them with the facts about the non-existent Mayan prophecy of doom, the non-existence of Nibiru / planet X, planetary alignments. and danger from solar flares just seems to confuse them. They will absorb the fact that the Maya made no prophecy and that there are no stray planets, alignments, comets or whatever, but hours or days later will be back with some other junk dredged up from who knows where supposed to prove some disaster on the day. Over the past few days the photonic belt fraud from 1950 Germany has been getting a run, since of course even the superstitious have realised that the original stray planets have not appeared.

    Some years ago one of the Y! A contributors, after extensive real research came up with a list of the main frauds and others promoting this, Patrick Geryl, Alexander Retrov (an assumed name) and perhaps twenty others and has gone through their claims, dismissing them one by one. This has appeared on which he has paid for himself. For his trouble, he has been verbally abused by the ignorant and threatened with legal action by one or more of the promoters of the fraud.

    • Just imagine how much money the con artists have to lose if people stop believing these nonsense predictions?

      • says:

        OK, I’ve been monitoring these comments for months, and have said nothing. But, I can hold back no longer.  PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELVES!  James is right!  There will be no “end of the world” things happening …. instead, put your energies into trying to become better human beings, and treating each other better.  Instead of focusing on this “non event” , try and think of better ways to use your supposedly vast knowledge …. I know, what a concept, huh?

        • A concept that was spawned from our own will to succeed and move on..look at the Truth Movement,..alot of witch came from mayan talk…weather or not the world ends is not for us to discuss , but what will happen if it does not is very much for debate….Possibly a “SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT” where we stand up agaisnt false information..the media…corporatism..false democracy..a change in the world..the end of the world as we know it…but not “Doomsday” crap…a change for the better.. BUT Spirituality isn’t allowed here..

  80. actually, the mayan calendar isnt far off from ours. its only off by .002 percent.

  81. check out the work of Maurice Cotterell on this 2012 mayan stuff

  82. crazysquid95 says:

    The problem with the Mayan relics is that we are only finding trace amounts because the Spanish Conquerors destroyed more Mayan writing’s and stone scribed artifacts. The Mayans had an extensive library that would have countless answers to all the questions we have, but they were burned and the stone carvings, along with whatever kind of calendars were obliterated. We can not base the intellectual knowledge of a whole civilized race of people just by a few pretty stones. maybe it ends Dec. 21st because they ran out of space on the stone. Also, someone posed a problem to me, Is the world going to end on the 21st for some and the 22nd for others? International Date Line. What is the 21st in one part of the world is the 22nd in another. A one day reprieve?

    • I would assume it is suppose to end when the geographical area of the Mayan civilization reaches the 21st. However, the world isn’t going to end…

      • crazysquid95 says:

        Scientists, back before Modern Archeology, assumed what Dinosaurs looked like from a couple of fragments of bone. They were wrong. I am saying that we do not no if that particular stone calender was only one of one. Perhaps it was meant to ‘Continued on other stone’. May hap the Conquistadors destroyed the ‘Part II’ stone before the Mayans fleeing from them had a chance to either hide it or take off with it. Predictions are just that. A Hypothesis. An Educated guess based on minimal evidence.

        • Well, Credence may have been shed on the “Continued on other stone” Theory. The only thing that has changed is all the bank accounts for series writers about the Mayan Calendar countdown on the History Chanel. If we have learned one thing from the Mayans, that is that ripping out the heart and taking a big old gnaw out of it relly turned them on.

      • Id like to ask from a long time stresser with the year 0 do all the calculations add up to the same day i try not to beleive but always find it hard to forget 12 years since childhood hearing this story can mess with a persons head

  83. I cant wait until we all die on the 21st so I can come back here and prove you wrong James.

  84. Would like to know if you took into account the addition of January and February in your calculations as these months were not in the old Roman calendar until around 715bc?

    • I used a pure Gregorian conversion and did not need to do any meddling with the Julian calendar

      • Rachel Smelser says:

        Hi James, I appreciate all of the study you have done concerning this article. I’m not wanting to argue about anything…just wanting to know if you know of any catastrophic things that have happened at the end of the 26,000 or 13,000 cycles. I am very worried about all of this!

        • Obviously nothing catastrophic enough to destroy humanity, eh? If anything did happen on those days, it would be coincidence. Honestly, I’ve never cross referenced each cycle with an encyclopedia to see what happened on those days, so I do not have an answer for you.

  85. You said that one solar year is ~365.24219878 days.
    Do you mean apparent or mean solar day?
    And how long (in seconds) is a day?
    Is it 1/86,400 of a mean solar day? That was only true in 1820.
    Maybe by “second” you mean the fraction 1/31,556,925.9747 of the tropical year for 1900 January 0 at 12 hours ephemeris time, or maybe the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom?

    Which second, day, and year did the Mayans use? Did they take into account that we’re losing about 1.4 milliseconds per day per century?

    You say that each Mayan baktun is a total of 144,000 days long.
    OMG, that’s one for each of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that will be resurrected to heaven. There must that both the Mayans and the JW are the true religion, right? Wait a minute…

  86. You forgot that there were 445 days in 46 B.C. with Ceasars calendar, and 355 days in 1583 from Gregorian calendar. Not too mention you can’t use a calendar that didnt exist, before it existed. They still knew how to count days before the Gregorian calendar. you have to match calendars, and the roman calendar had 304 days in it. This is botched. By someone who is obviously not as critical a thinker as he judges himself.

  87. So would that make Jan 3, 2013 = Of not what day on our calendar equals

  88. Makes me laugh,if the mayans could predict the future how come they died out.Didn’t see that one coming did you mayan twat


  89. Just a general note, love the explaination, love your dealing with people that seem to be obsessed with having an irrational jesus based discussion on a scientific post, and love your updating of facts as you get informed of them. Just a note to prevent someone kicking off about me calling some people on here irrational – I am christian, you are still being moronic.

  90. Im pretty sure the mayan’s accounted for the leap years… in many ways their calander is more precise then the gregorian we use. the aztec didn’t account for leap years but were well aware of it… call me crazy but i just took a class on mesoamerica last semester… these were some things that were pointed out.

  91. the world acts the way the tides acts but on a greater scale , the worlds creeps closer to the moon which brought the ice age and now it is heading closer to the sun which is heating the planet up it will head back to the moon and cool down dont know when and how hot it will get here but thats the way it is something to do with magnetic force , who said that the ice age wiped out the dinosaurs because it never maybe wiped out a majority of them but some still exsist to this day in the form of chickens , alligators etc , but whos to say and not to say that we will get hit with a asteroid that could happen no 1 can predict a date for it to happen but can only predict it will happen , so there no point everyone worrying about this because anyone could walk out onto the road and get hit with a bus the end

  92. So does this mean that we will die on the 21st and the world will end ??

  93. Casey Stockton says:

    bro, you need to accept Jesus instead of turning it all away….sure science “explains” a lot of things that occur in life, but if the afterlife and Christianity was proven to be true then noone would have a choice to make, therefore the test of life would be void and cheat-able. Yes you were born and told many things that turned you to science, or perhaps you may have once believed, but I am here to tell you that having Jesus has changed my life for the better. If someone loves you that much then why reject it? just a thought man, God Bless

    • Religion wasn’t the thing for me, but I’m glad it is working for you. We all have different paths in life.

      • I have enjoyed reading everything that has been presented here.

        First I will respond to the religious aspect… From everything that I have read religion wise, all that one must believe in is the existence of a creator. It is all that is expected by the masons as well as with many other beliefs. Jesus, while an avatar for the creator in the Christian belief and others, is not the focus of faith. I am a devout follower of science, not scientology or christian science, just science as it pertains to weights and measures of our environment. The scientific method states that if something can not be definitively disproven then there is the possibility that it exist. By that logic I will state that I believe that a creator does exist or can exist because I can not prove it wrong.

        So far as the end of the world is concerned I will note that there soon will be a new king in England, Obama has been re-elected, we have a relatively new pope, and several other things just seem to be lining up quite clearly to us. Whether or not the Mayan/ Aztec calendar is correct is irrelavent. If the date is so burned into our minds as a time of change it will either do so because it was intended or because if enough people believe in something it can cause it to happen anyway. Let us say for example that 50% or the world believes that 12/21/2012 is going to be the end of the world, then if those 50% of all people go nuts and start chaos tomorow we could very easily be prone to the same end.

        Call it a “black friday” theory if you wish in that even if a store on black friday doesn’t change their prices at all, people will still rush the store and buy more than usual because there is an implied belief of savings. Every religion has had many end of world scenarios and people, for the lack of a better phrase, want the world to come to and end or go through a period of change.

        Perhaps the only thing that will come out of 12/21/2012 will be the fact that we will go through a period of relief when nothing happens. This relief in itself could theorhetically be the change we are going to experience. For the sake of argument though I will still stock up on duct tape and water in case I am completely incorrect.

        Good luck.

        • Did you post this twice under two different names?

          • Yes and no. I origionally attempted to post it using my name, but my auto-login feature on my browser went hay-wire and forced me to login to my wordpress account. Needless to say I didn’t attempt to post it twice; however, it may have seemed that way from your end. Thanks for the heads up, I will shut off lastpass before blogging from here on out.

      • Casey Stockton says:

        do you mind if i ask why friend?

    • Johnathon C. Johnson says:

      I have enjoyed reading everything that has been presented here.

      First I will respond to the religious aspect… From everything that I have read religion wise, all that one must believe in is the existence of a creator. It is all that is expected by the masons as well as with many other beliefs. Jesus, while an avatar for the creator in the Christian belief and others, is not the focus of faith. I am a devout follower of science, not scientology or christian science, just science as it pertains to weights and measures of our environment. The scientific method states that if something can not be definitively disproven then there is the possibility that it exist. By that logic I will state that I believe that a creator does exist or can exist because I can not prove it wrong.

      So far as the end of the world is concerned I will note that there soon will be a new king in England, Obama has been re-elected, we have a relatively new pope, and several other things just seem to be lining up quite clearly to us. Whether or not the Mayan/ Aztec calendar is correct is irrelavent. If the date is so burned into our minds as a time of change it will either do so because it was intended or because if enough people believe in something it can cause it to happen anyway. Let us say for example that 50% or the world believes that 12/21/2012 is going to be the end of the world, then if those 50% of all people go nuts and start chaos tomorow we could very easily be prone to the same end.

      Call it a “black friday” theory if you wish in that even if a store on black friday doesn’t change their prices at all, people will still rush the store and buy more than usual because there is an implied belief of savings. Every religion has had many end of world scenarios and people, for the lack of a better phrase, want the world to come to and end or go through a period of change.

      Perhaps the only thing that will come out of 12/21/2012 will be the fact that we will go through a period of relief when nothing happens. This relief in itself could theorhetically be the change we are going to experience. For the sake of argument though I will still stock up on duct tape and water in case I am completely incorrect.

      Good luck.

    • crazysquid95 says:

      Seems that the Mayans were a race of people that did not care much for the Christian Creator.

  94. Well Dec 21st is nearly upon us, finally we’ll get to the bottom of all of this and see what happens… One thing for sure is the world WILL NOT END, as it has been said in the comments before, this is a western interpretation.

  95. crystal macias says:

    Does the Mayan calender include the number 14 15 16 17 and so on once the thirteenth baktun ends, or are you just assuming it rolls over to the next baktun.

  96. the person with blue glasses can not see the same as the person with yellow glasses,and the person with tinted glasses Thinks they are both coloured blind.Its a funny old world..!

  97. Thank you for your informative article. I have been fascinated by the Mayans and this subject for years. I believed that leap year story until I found your website. How lucky I feel!

  98. I think my favorite part of this article is how much time and effort the author took the point out the various inaccuracies in the Mayan calendar, but then paired it up with a picture of an AZTEC one.

    • which it is correctly identified as had you spent 3 seconds to read

      • I feel bad for you, having to deal with everyone’s “expertise”. What i think is important is the amazing fact that ancients such as the Mayans or Incas were able to accurately measure time, in surprising accuracy, measurable to what can be done with today’s technology. Lifetimes were devoted to observing astronomical events such as the transit of venus to achieve higher understanding.
        The Mayans would consult with the heavens for spiritual guidance and consultation. I actually saw some documentary in which one Mayan ritual of bloodletting, the penis would be cut, the blood soaked into some paper material and burned. The resulting smoke, rising into the night sky was believed to act as a medium for communicating with the supernatural.

        Anyway, I know u don’t need my scattered history lesson about the Mayans. My point being, their belief system regarding time was cyclical, to which each new cycle symbolized a rebirth or the cleansing of all bad. interpretation to the completion of Mayan’s long count calendar is obviously varied. I personally don’t believe the world is going to end anytime soon. Radical scenarios such as a black hole in the center of the galaxy aligning perfectly with earth, solar maximums, or collision prophecies don’t keep me up. I highly doubt anything tangible will occur, each cycle was intended to symbolize the ending of one period in time and the subsequent new beginning.

        I side with the spiritual reset/rebirth or re-cleansing theory, saying that the long count calender does not point to the end of time but rather to crudely put it, an odometer rolling over. This does not need to be cataclysmic in nature, just the beginning of something new. However, when one adds in a few convincing self fulfilling prophesies (some are quite convincing i do admit) its very easy to begin to see “evidence” of a catastrophic end of days event that can be disproved almost completely and conclusively. (NASA actually has a site that explains and disproves many of the popular theories, entitled Beyond 2012, why the world wont end. Here’s the link:

        anyway that’s my little addition. again im no expert, above is just my opinions drawn from various resources i’ve come across in school and for personal interest. (I majored in world history so it enjoy this stuff but would not want to be graded on accuracy)

  99. This is an interesting post certainly does a lot to clear my mind as both a God-fearing man and a numbers-mad realist. Your choice of religion (or the lack thereof) is something I respect. Those who insult you based on your non-belief would do well to realise this post is nothing to do with religion, but numbers. Those who are truly worried about an apocalypse wouldn’t bother looking at numbers as that has nothing to do with an event triggered by God.

  100. I don’t believe for one second that you can predict the end of the world! I live in Iceland and we can’t even predict weather or volcanic eruption with any accuracy! We have about 20 – 25 earthquakes per day and all of them are unpredictable! It is truly amazing what our ancestors could do and calculate and achieve in their day and age. I still look at some of their art and inventions and I am speechless. How ever, the man has always had the urge and the need to explain his existence and the need to see order in what seams to be chaos. The calander is probably a work of a people who needed to structure their life and make routine in the endless cycle of life. And maybe they got it right according to some atomic clock or maybe they got it wrong according to our calander, I don’t think it really matters! I think they were pretty much always thinking about droughts, harvest, Forrest fires, and sacrificing people for their water god!

    But anyway. Merry Xmas

  101. the church has ruined everything. minipulating money hungry control freak bastards got everyone believing in what ever they say

  102. Arabic lunar calender much more precise.

  103. Well its December 21st 1:58am EST. Looks like the Mayan end of the world is a bust! Going have to wait for the next end of the world date to be announced by somebody. ;-)

  104. Well guys and gals….I am sorry for all the pain it causes…but the new Mayllenium has started and it started early in Australia and has now ended up in Europe as well…As soon as it hits the Mayan temple ruins in Central America, things are final….You WILL be doomed to live the rest of your lives and you will have to pay taxes. Or….it is like in Lost and we are all already dead, waiting for a Shepperd to bring us to the light…..

    Most importantly, it is great to read all the information here and the comments. Being a Daoist, I also believe in the circle of existence instead of…ends. It is interesting to see that many people who tend to fail understanding of a topic, feel they should still say something, even if it is besides the topic: ‘You are stupid’, ‘Don’t hurt feelings of Christians’, ‘Is so!’, ‘Is not!’. Here is a person that has taken the time to make ‘layman’ words of a complicated matter, so many can understand what is the real importance of the Mayan calendar, and what happens? More than HALF of the replies are ‘you hurt my feelings’ (EVEN when James explains that all he does is telling his view (or believe, if you are not sure) on dates, nothing to do with stories and other information (whether or not the date was started at the birth of this Jesus person, or at some other moment in time).

    I have been sceptical about it for a long time, I have even tried to calculate it myself, but I am no math wizard. Heck, I ran into the transcalculation issues every time I used a calculator (I’m lazy too), so I gave up mostly, but knew it was a major thing other than the end of the world. Thanks to James I am now sure I could have figured it out eventually, but don’t have to anymore. Good article….almost high-school level usable.

  105. Hey.
    With all due respect, this is just rubbish or is it?. Research shows that the Mayan calendar is based on star charting and not measuring crescent and full moon as well as day and night.

    It will therefore be clear (for one that is sharp enough to understand) that our calendar will not reveal anything other than calendars departs each other. Our calendar is not very accurate and that’s why we have to adjust clocks and having uneven lengths of days and months :)

    If you have proof that I’m wrong, I gladly accept corrections.

    • This is something that is commonly spouted by individuals who haven’t actually researched the situation throughout these comments which I have proved wrong time and time again. Go read more of the comments. The Mayan calendar is a serialized calendar and is therefor not accurate to the solar year, lunar cycle, or anything else.

      • The Maya clustered lunar months into sixes, making lunar “semesters” lasting 177 or 178 days. The variation accounts for the calendar’s whole-number approximation of a messy decimal number, in much the same way that the modern calendar uses 366-day leap years to keep the months in sync with Earth’s orbit around the sun. The researchers suggest that the Xultun table marks a series of lunar semesters over some 13 years. Saturno and his colleagues from B.U., the University of Texas at Austin and Colgate University report their findings in the May 11 issue of Science.

        Another table contains four much larger numbers whose meaning is less clear. But all four numbers are divisible by 18,980, the number of days that makes up what is known as the Calendar Round, a combined cycle of the solar year and the Mayan ritual year. “It turns out these numbers are really important anniversaries,” Saturno says. “They’re essentially numbers that represent multiples of Maya calendrical periods.”


        • This has all been answered throughout the comments already.

          “All of the Mayan calendars are based on serial counting of days without means for synchronising the calendar to the Sun or Moon, although the Long Count and Haab calendars contain cycles of 360 and 365 days, respectively, which are roughly comparable to the solar year. ” = Scientifically accepted understanding of the calendar.

          Please consult the other comments on this thread as I have already answered this question at great lengths.

  106. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable familiarity on the topic of unpredicted

  107. Charlie Eyeballs says:

    Two guys in a bar playing pool, one says to the other, “What would you do if the world was going to end in 15 mins. He replyed,” I’d keep playing pool.”

  108. doomsday was yesterday says:

    lol everyone survived the Mayan apocalypse

  109. Does anybody know what the Mayans need Alautun (over 63 million solar years) for? Why did they need to have it named?

  110. drumming bird says:

    I find it strange how people seem to know so much about nothing at all. Does all this useless information really matter? Way too much time wasted trying to know things that can’t ever be known. I suggest an ayahuasca experience for all of you.

  111. February has 28 days, but why is December 32 not leap day?

  112. For you to understand the mayan calendar and how good they were you have to realize that the earth ‘s movement around the sun is not just elipitical think more of a vortex.
    At another level if you can see that sun is also rotating around the earth you get a “toroid” that expands and contracts maybe a wobbly wheel with a varying cross section would be the closest thing.

  113. Things will be as things will be with this planet that our species and others will. There is nothing written, nor nothing foretold that can change that. The only thing us puny organisms in the endless realm of space can hope for is that if, and only if, the “World Ends”, that we. as a sentient higher being goes as painlessly as possible. We are only organisms habituating this big ball of dirt, just as all the other species of animals and plants before us. So, either it does or it does not end on the 21st, but really, does anyone anywhere truly want to know the exact time of their demise? I know I don’t.

  114. can some one please answer my question ??? please?

  115. so basically you are just sayin that when the baktun flips over it will just be the calender starting off allover again so its like a new start except that today IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD thank you for clearing that up

  116. Do you mean the question as to why didn’t the Maya just stop making the calendar because they got tired of it? There isn’t any actual calendar, just references to various dates in it. There wasn’t some guy chipping half a million future dates on a piece of rock.

  117. Do you mean the question as to why didn’t the Maya just stop making the calendar because they got tired of it? There isn’t any actual calendar, just references to various dates in it. There wasn’t some guy chipping half a million future dates on a piece of rock.

  118. Sorry, I’m trying to reply to Anne, but the page doesn’t seem to want to necessarily nest replies under the comment they’re replying to.


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