6 things you should know before visiting Norway

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If you are planning a trip to Norway, then it makes sense to do a little research about the country before you get there.

Here are some key facts about Norway that will set you up to enjoy your time there as much as possible, whether you are a seasoned traveller in Scandinavia or a newcomer to the region.

Norwegians are incredibly happy

The reassuring news for anyone visiting Norway is that the local population is the happiest of any nation, according to the World Happiness Report.

This is not some arbitrary conclusion, but one that’s based on cold hard figures such as GDP, as well as survey submissions from thousands of citizens. As such you can be confident that you are more likely to have a safe, enjoyable experience on a trip to Norway than almost anywhere else.

Weather conditions can catch you by surprise

Norway is known for its cold winters, but it is also susceptible to sudden changes in conditions during the warmer months of the year. For this reason, you need to plan your packing carefully and be sure to include warm and waterproof garments even if you are visiting in the spring or summer.

Of course, if you do find that the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can always hunker down in the hotel and play games on Casumo casino while waiting for it to blow over.

Eating at restaurants is comparatively costly

While it may be the world’s happiest country, it is not a place where you can keep a smile on your face for long once the bill arrives at a restaurant. In fact, some reports have found that eating out in Norway is 25 percent more expensive than doing so in New York City.

Because of this you either need to adjust your budget to accommodate unavoidably extravagant dining costs, or choose to buy food to prepare yourself while you are there.

Wildlife is rarely a threat

You might think that the more isolated parts of Norway would be teeming with creatures that pose a threat to human visitors, but the good news is that this is not the case.

The mainland has no large predators to worry about, and while it is definitely worth trying not to get into an encounter with reindeer or elk, in most cases the wildlife will stay well away from people who enter their habitat. Only if you venture far north of Norway into the Arctic Circle in search of polar bears will the chance of your safety being compromised creep up.

In summer the sun never sets

Because it is so far north, Norway’s seasons are impacted more prominently by the tilting of the Earth’s axis over the course of the year, and it is not just the weather that varies because of this. The most famous effect occurs in the summer where the sun will stay up for 24 hours a day, never dipping below the horizon.

This is an amazing and slightly disconcerting thing for visitors to experience, but it also means that when winter arrives, darkness can reign for similarly long periods. Keep this in mind when you book your trip to Norway.

You can roam and camp unhindered

While plenty of countries have fairly restrictive laws governing land ownership and use, Norway is one of the few places where people have the right to make use of the land however they wish. This means it is easy to set up a tent and sleep the night in the wilderness without worrying about earning the ire of anyone.

With expansive national parks that have no entry fees or limits on roaming, Norway is ideal for outdoor adventures. So long as you clean up after yourself and do not harm the nation’s natural assets, you will be welcome anywhere.

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