About me

Hello there! I want to start these lines by saying thank you for the interest you show for my website. If you’re here, you probably found something interesting to read. If you’re checking out my About page, you’re probably wondering who’s behind all those articles and how did it all start.

Well, just like you, I was always a curious person. I enjoyed learning new things and adding more to my personal knowledge package, even if it was something I never came across before. I believe that there are so many things worth finding out about in this world, so I decided to try and discover as many as I can.

This blog emerged as a desire to have a place where I can share my thoughts, discoveries and opinions. I am a communicative, positive and social human being, so I love connecting with people even if it’s just in the virtual sphere. Of course, because I am a man, I do my best to share interesting and useful information. So yes, this is a website and blog for men, hoping that you can find something you’ll enjoy reading while getting the thrill of discovering a new piece of information.

At first, my blog was mainly about home improvement and lifestyle, as these two subjects occupy most of our time and interest. But, I thought that adding more sections to my blog will help me reach more people and give you a wider option of topics to choose from. Yes, I have to admit that I do experience ideas popping into my mind randomly and on various subjects, so having a higher number of sections on my blog allows me to be creative as I want and share my experiences as I get to live them. While research is indeed involved in the creation of my articles, I want you to know that I also write from my own personal experiences. I always enjoyed reading other’s opinions when it came to a particular subject, like a product, travel destination, gadget, and so on. It is more personal and you can imagine easier how it will actually be in real life, compared to the perfect marketing presentation you find on official websites, catalogs and brochures.

So, hoping that this blog will help me make even more friends than I have in my real life, I invite you to enjoy the articles I write with so much enthusiasm. Don’t hesitate to leave comments and share your personal opinions as well. I would love to know what you’re thinking about and how a particular topic unrolled in your own life. Sharing our experiences can help others make better choices, people who may choose to share their experiences with us as well. Let us create a community of modern men that are interested in finding the recipe toward the balance between personal and professional life, by enjoying a bit of everything and doing our best to perform well in every case.

After saying all these, I hope you have the feeling that you know me better and that reading these posts will feel like talking to a friend. Don’t hesitate to interact with me and the rest of the blog readers, so we can have fun in the process as well. Cheers and I hope to hear from you soon!


james watt