Creative photography ideas for your baby’s first year

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There has been this amazing article all over the Internet about a parent who is a professional photographer, who took some lovely and amazing photos of their baby. Those photos caused waves of cuteness in everyone who isn’t a parent and waves of ‘I should have thought of that!’ in every parent of a newborn baby. Luckily, there is still time to get creative and use one or all of these ideas for creative photography of your baby’s first year in this wonderful world.


There are many ways to make calendars out of baby photos and there are tons of them going around. You can use templates or you can be really creative and make a calendar on your own. Anyway, it will be very interesting to take a photo of your baby each month and make it the photo of the month. That will be the first and the most precious calendar in your lives.

Quirky Details

Everybody loves listening to the stories of their parents about what they were like in their childhood. You can use those little statements and memories about your child and find the way to put them on the photos. While some of the people use very cool ways to make baby posters online with the text already printed on the photo, others use ways to write those words and take photo of them together with the baby. You can use colorful paper, chalkboard and plastic letters and spell the stuff out with the baby in the photo.

Sleepy Time

Little angels are the cutest when they are asleep. Actually, they are the most peaceful then, they don’t need anything and they are almost still. This makes it the best time for taking photos. You can take photos with your baby’s favorite toys, week after week, so that it is obvious how fast your young one grows in relation to the toy. You can spray the chalkboard paint on a surface and draw all the fun stuff around your baby, making the photo fun and truly precious.

Growth Photos

These are really interesting, especially when they start from the photo of the mother’s belly and then the photo of the baby in her arms. There are so many different ways to make this growth diary in the form of photography series and they all have something in common: you need to make sure that the setting and all the objects in the photo are the same or very similar while only the baby is growing in size. That is what makes it fun and interesting. You can use a toy, the first pajamas, a crib, blankie or anything else that will show the prosperity.

Whatever you do, enjoy this digital age of photography that gives you the chance to mark every step of your baby and take tons of photos every day, choosing the ones you want to keep and deleting the ones that you don’t like.
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