Bad habits that speed up the aging

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Negative behavior means bad habits on which we have no control. These habits could be both physical and mental habits. Nail baiting, getting up late, watching too much TV, overspending etc are physically bad habits whereas mentally bad habits could be thinking negatively about others, staying superstitious, being pessimistic etc. However, bad habits both physical and mental ones, always tend to take you towards destruction of health and lead you towards premature aging.

What is aging?

Premature aging means unnatural aging which in other words is to look old before time. Those people who get wrinkled skin, weak bones, thin and grey hairs, inactive or less energetic bodies are the ones showing some of the signs of premature aging. Due to such signs people seem to be elder by 10 or 15 years than their real age. Premature aging does not represent weakness but it represents ugliness or to be polite shabbiness. It tends you towards depression and could arouse feelings of being unaffectionate towards life.

How bad habits develop

Bad habits are usually developed due to bad company or ignorance. The reward comes in the form of satisfaction by performing that habit again and again and sometimes you keep doing it without any realization of you being in a bad habit.

Factors that affect aging

Following are few of the main factors that can actually lead you towards premature aging:

  1. Stress – Living a stressful life can lead to a premature aging. Stress can occur due to emotional distraction, social isolation, long term depression and anxiety. Stress does not only speed up aging but it also contributes to decreasing the human lifespan. Stress and depression in early stages of life, particularly in childhood and teenage could affect the personality drastically and can even leads towards suicide. Stress creates hollow and lonely feelings that destroy your skin. When someone remains in a constant state of stress, their bodies start to respond to the surrounding danger ultimately. They could be felt sad most of the time through the wrinkles which could be easily seen on their faces.
  2. Environmental Damage – Air and noise pollution can also affect our body and skin which leads towards premature aging. Dryness on the skin could occur if one tends to live in dusty and polluted areas, for longer period of time. These environmental effects can be dealt with proper care but we often neglect these effects and end up looking older than our real age.
  3. Exposure to Sunlight – Direct exposure towards the sunlight also damages our skin and leads towards aging quickly. It dries the skin and creates wrinkles but to not take care of our self is one of our bad habits that lead towards our early aging.
  4. Lifestyle Choices – Eating three times a day, having a grand breakfast, little snacks, early dinner, early in bed at night and early rising up in morning are the keys that make our life healthy and perfect. People who follow such a natural routine tend to live happy, healthy and longer in their life than others.
  5. Remain Happy – A person who lives around his friends or have a social interaction tends to live a healthy life. He feels less depression or stress towards even the major things happening in his life as the friends know the art of switching his moods towards happiness even in worst circumstances. Thus, remaining happy is the key to live a successful and healthy life.
  6. Less Sleep – Sleep deprivation or less sleep is one of the biggest causes of aging and also the most common bad habit in the current times. Restlessness, anxiety and fatigue increases and adds up if we do not get enough sleep. This tends towards the aging just like in a multiplying method.
  7. Sleeping At Day Time Instead Of Night – Sleeping at day time to complete your sleeping hours instead of at night, would lead to early aging as well. It is always better to be early birds instead of night owls. Waking all night up may leads to cancer, gastric issues, slowing brain functions etc. and thus affects health and leads towards premature aging.
  8. Less Intake Of Water – Water is the greatest soluble that helps in digestion and circulation of the blood. One should take at least 8 glasses of water daily in order to keep the body healthy. Water intake keeps the skin healthy and prevent from aging. It is the most natural remedy against wrinkles, rough skin, dryness, and much more.
  9. No Exercise – Exercise improves health, keeps the circulation of blood and helps in increasing skin glow. It keeps your body active and energetic that boosts up the blood in the veins and help in increasing healthy and beautiful skin. Exercising also helps you with your agility and you do not fall prey to your bone’s issues early in your life.
  10. Junk Food – Food that is available in the form of cans is processed or preserved food which can affect your health very badly in the long run. Intake of frozen food for longer period of time can damage your health. Similarly, intake of artificial juices, fizzy drinks, finger chips, fried chicken etc. is also harmful to your physical being. Healthy diet can increase and boost up energy and avoid aging. Veggies like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, salad etc. are very good for your health. Egg, liver, fish, dry fruits like almonds, pistachio etc. are also great for skin and they also prevent you from aging.
  11. Smoking – Smoking can destroy your liver and lungs which can lead to cancer. Smoking is injurious to health as it is like a slow poison and kills your lifespan majorly.
  12. Drinking Alcohol – Intake of alcohol can lead to the destruction of the skin and other organs of the body. It is also like smoking that is a slow poison however, it affects the skin quickly. Alcohol if is taken with care, can actually have remedial affects but if you make it a habit or get addicted than it can ham your health grandly.
  13. Addicted To Drugs – Cocaine, heroin, weed etc. affect your health very badly and should not be taken at any cost. It is an addiction that is taken to get rid from the reality of the life but ultimately ends up ending your life completely.
  14. Skin Cleaning – Clean skin and well moist skin increases the lifespan. It reduces wrinkles and helps in looking healthier and happy. But to get our skin cleaned we have the least time or worries and thus we never take care of it and end up looking aged.
  15. Caffeine Intake – Caffeine in tea and coffee can affect our skin by dehydrating it. Therefore, taking too much coffee can affect the skin badly and leads to early aging.
  16. Skipping breakfast – Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. It should be full of proteins that could boost up energy in our body, in order to spend an energetic day. People who skip breakfast tend to slow down their metabolism which leads to gastric issues, obesity and ultimately aging.

How to get rid of bad habits

There can be many easy hacks and tips to get rid of your bad habits. Following are few of the most easy and useful tips for your convenience:

1. The person should realize he is in bad habit

The bad habits should be noticed and well acknowledged by the person. He should at least feel that he is doing something wrong. This feeling could encourage him in leaving that bad habit. If a person does not feel that smoking is a bad habit than even if he is reminded thousand times, he will find different ways and excuses to adopt it and never leave it.

2. The person should take responsibility to leave the habit

Instead of asking others to remind him about his bad habit, he should take the responsibility himself, to get rid of it. As soon he will feel he is doing wrong, he will try to think on it or at least repent on it which will push him for not doing it again.

3. Change the environment

As soon as the person feels he is in a bad company or in a bad environment, he should leave it. Negativity in any kind can ultimately harm us and our health which leads to the aging.

4. Fine for offense

If getting up early is a center of attention and not being able to, is considered as a bad habit by the respondent then he should do certain things like setting the alarm, sleeping early and reminding others as well to wake him up early. However, after all the said efforts, if he is still unable to get up early every day, then he should fine himself like a punishment, by making a breakfast for all or take all for outing etc. This extra burden will give him one more motive to try harder.

5. Make tiny changes

Start going to bed early with a book and start reading, it will help you sleep sooner. Or try some soothing music that relaxes mind and body. Sometimes, heavy exercises and running could also make the body lethargic enough which helps in sleeping well at night. Thus, tiny changes could help in sleeping early and to get up early.

6. Relate with good things

Quitting smoking can leads to a healthy and happy life. Whenever someone tries to smoke in front of you, you must remind yourself about your quitting decision and the benefits of it. This way relating to others and learning from their mistakes can save you from damaging your own health.

7. Motivate by feeling succeeded

Reward yourself by feeling happy and get motivated even by making a small change. If someone tries to ignore the smoking area, it means one is trying to quit smoking and finally thinking that it’s a bad habit and should be avoided.

8. Do not discourage yourself by slips

Occasionally, when you try to change yourself, it takes time. You may get slip but you should not get discouraged. Instead, you should keep on trying with more vigor.

9. Keep yourself busy

Keeping busy in different hobbies can divert one’s mind and help in concentrating in other things. This helps a lot if you are trying to mend your bad habits.

10. Associate good habit with bad one

If the urge of smoking is disturbing you, then go out for a good walk. Spending on some needy or poor people instead on cigarettes could satisfy inner self and make you happy about avoiding a bad habit.


All bad habits start slowly and gradually and before we know, we have that habit, the habit has us. Therefore, little attention towards the problem is required by diverting attention and concentrating to other good habits.

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