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Bugera v22 Infinium

Bugera was founded by Behringer and since then, there have been so much surrounding this brand so far. For the very first time, there is a player on the market who made the promise of delivery quite affordable tube amps. This type of announcement was bound to raise alarm to the world where tube amps and affordable are not put together at all. Nevertheless, the reality was not all that good.

Bugera V22 review

Bugera first came out with a good price and as expected, most people were not left out. They took this opportunity and acquired themselves one of these amps. Things were actually looking quite good for Bugera from the first feedback with a multitude of positive reviews. Very few quality control issues were found and even the amp was working well. The tone was decent as well. The community didn’t accept this brand immediately and it took a while. The Bugera V22 Infinium combo also took time to be accepted as a viable alternative of the more expensive tube amps.

The little unit you receive will get you the value of your money and so far, it is a good investment of your overall audio quality. For all the guitarists who are working with a limited budget now have a very competitive alternative from this amazing amplifier. Below are its features and all you need to do is enjoy its performance. Basically, it involves what you should expect from it.

The features of Bugera V22

Although Bugera markets this product as boutique style amps, this has nothing to do with the sound of the amp but rather its vintage design. Have a look at the large combo which features a single 12″ speaker which is made by Bugera. It is powered by 312AX7 tubes in the preamp stage. The power stage has two EL84S. These combinations today are more or less the accepted standard.

All the combined valves have the ability to push 22 watts of power and this places this unit in the mid-range. When you look at the control cluster, you will notice there is a lot to be done. The amplifier has two different channels which consist of the dirty one and the clean one. The two can be switched by either pressing the small button on the control panel or by the use of the footswitch which comes with the amp. The pentode or triode switch features makes the V22 to be a great amp as well.

Build Quality

When it comes to Bugera V22 build quality, there is a lot to talk about. From what Bugera says, the V22 infinium combos are hand-made. However, this information is up for debate. Normally, the hand-made amps are built in the shape of tanks and it has hand soldered components for signal integrity purposes. These inside tubes of the amp are decent.

However, it is a good idea to swap them out for branded units so as to boost the overall performance of the amp in a significant way. The quality of the speaker is quite awesome. When you replace it with such things as celestial or similar, you will notice that the quality of the sound degrades. That is something that most people don’t expect it can happen.

The cab is solid and heavy and this makes it to be among the heaviest combos you will come across especially with the power in consideration. Since Bugera used the good ole particle board, it explains the reason for the extra weight. Remember this type of wood is just heavy on its own and so it even worsens when you add the rest of the components.

Are you asking yourself why weight is so important? Well, for your information, many would have loved to use the V22 for gigging and due to the weight factor that can prove to be difficult on a regular basis.

The performance of Bugera V22

From the make and features, it is now time to talk about its performance which is equally important. As mentioned earlier, there is the clean and dirty channel to play around with. When it comes to clean, then you can be guaranteed that the tone is clear, crispy and has got that punchy vibe to it. In other words, clean is simply decent or even more than decent. The single coils and ham buckers are just amazing.

The vintage tubes have that certain organic flavor to it which is actually reminiscent. If you want to tone shape using the existing controls, be warned that it’s a bit rustic although if you spend enough time dialing in what you want, it can a bit precise.

Now, when you switch to the dirty channel, you are introduced to a rather greasy overdrive. It may be easy to work with actually but be careful since it can be a bit muddy especially when compared to things like the AC15 by Vox. While there are people who may dislike this type of overdrive, there are some who will fall in love with it.

This depends on the individual in question. It is possible to push those tubes in that sweet spot, you just need to attenuate the amp and all will be just fine. In fact, Bugera V22 will definitely deliver in this regard. Although the integrated reverb is digital, it, however, feels organic for the use of the stage.

Pros and cons

The 22-watt combo is a great bang for the buck deal and should you need changes, there is a greater room for the upgrade whatsoever. It is through this amp that you get a solid foundation with that speaker which took many people by surprise. If you don’t mind the weight, then go ahead, it is quite a great choice for a gig unit.

There are some who feel that the build quality is not good but although it is not a ‘boutique style’ unit, it is no better or worse than the average mid-range combo.

The bottom line

Whichever way, the Bugera V22 Infinium is not a bad choice for players of blues or classic rocks and gigs once in a while. In fact, it is a perfect choice. There was a time when Bugera suffered from some quality control issues but that is history now. Bugera V22 Infinium is a great option for professionals looking for an affordable gig amp to the beginners with a set of tubes somewhere in the bedroom.

If you clearly understand this models design and what it has to offer, you won’t be disappointed at all. Alternatively, you can opt to replace the tubes after knowing it and being familiar with the type of tone it is capable of delivering.
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