Bad habits that speed up the aging

hands of an aging woman

Negative behavior means bad habits on which we have no control. These habits could be both physical and mental habits. Nail baiting, getting up late, watching too much TV, overspending etc are physically bad habits whereas mentally bad habits could be thinking negatively about others, staying superstitious, being pessimistic etc. However, bad habits both physical and mental ones, always tend…

Healthy lifestyle tips for students

Ring of friends outdoors

Starting college or university can be a time of mixed emotions. There are so many things to get to grips with from organizing your studies to making new friends. Ensuring that you get to classes on time, writing and submitting assignments, juggling extracurricular activities and work commitments while trying to manage on a student budget can often prove to be…

Things to consider before buying a menstrual cup

pink menstrual cup

Menstruation is one of the things that women cannot skip through. Not unless is battling against a certain medical condition, but other than that, it is irreversible. Periods are branded as uncomfortable and somewhat a penance due to the factors that a woman needs to put up with, such as cramps, PMS, cost, and discomfort of tampons and sanitary pads….