Tell-tale signs your tree is dead

dead tree

Unless you are an expert at assessing trees, it is hard to tell whether or not a tree is dead. What tree company Edmond has to offer is that they will send a qualified arborist to evaluate your tree’s health. Keep in mind that your tree doesn’t die instantly. It is a slow process that is affected by many factors….

7 energy efficient tricks for saving on your heating bills this winter

living room winter time

Winter is coming and for many people, it means much more than lower temperatures: it also means a much higher electric bill during a period where time is often taken off work for the holidays. It’s not a winning proposition for anyone involved. If you’re looking to ensure that you can save some money during the cold season this year…

How to choose the perfect high security lock?

person holding a door handle

What could be your most valuable investment? When it comes to money, we often consider our home, cars, and businesses as the most valuable investments. There are other things which are more important than the above-mentioned valuable investments. That is our family and its security! When you invest your hard-earned money on security, you are protecting all the above-mentioned important…