Can’t work? 5 options for the disabled worker

working on laptop

Being disabled and making a living with a traditional job have often been the recipe for disaster for disabled individuals around the world. If finding a job that fits your specific disability needs is not hard enough, getting an employer to believe you are the right candidate for the job can be just as difficult. Add the pressure of friends…

How to choose the best tyres for your vehicle

white sedan

Needless to say, tyres are a very important part of the vehicle. The wrong choice of the tyres can make many problems for your vehicle. Just try and grasp the difference between the summer and the winter tyres and the way they behave on the road. Correct tyres for your vehicle in the wrong weather can make all the difference….

5 ways technology shows that smaller is better

small chip

There’s always been the battle cry that ‘bigger is better!’ but there’s much to be said for the smaller side of life and progress as well. There are always going to be people who want bigger houses, bigger personalities, bigger events, bigger sound, and everything that falls in the more-more-more category, but a different group of individuals wants to make…