5 reasons you should travel the high seas

cruise ship in harbor

On the surface, it might appear that evolution and nature designed human beings to be land dwellers, but when you think a little deeper, you realize humans are also designed to go much further than just land. After all, people have been traveling by water since the stone ages. Every civilization that ever existed was somehow led to water travel….

6 things you should know before visiting Norway

norway mountain city

If you are planning a trip to Norway, then it makes sense to do a little research about the country before you get there. Here are some key facts about Norway that will set you up to enjoy your time there as much as possible, whether you are a seasoned traveller in Scandinavia or a newcomer to the region. Norwegians…

5 crucial things to consider before traveling to Beijing

traditional chinese palace

China is a country that tourists and business travelers have flocked to for decades. Their economy is robust, and the business sector always has something happening. If you find yourself traveling to Beijing, there are going to be some necessary precautions to take before arriving. You may have already heard about China‚Äôs strict internet regulations. But the internet is not…