Coping with a hyperactive child

hyperactive child

When dealing with hyperactive kids, many parents become frustrated and struggle to cope. This is nothing to be ashamed of, caring for kids is hard enough without having hyperactivity thrown into the mix.

Whether you child has ADD or ADHD or is just hyperactive, dealing with their behaviour can be challenging. Especially, when you also have other children to look after.

To help you cope with your hyperactive child, I have put together the following tips. Hopefully, these should help.

Set clear rules

Hyperactive children need clear rules in place, as this helps them to understand what behaviour is acceptable. Create a list of clear rules and boundaries, as well as the consequences of breaking them. This list shouldn’t only apply to your hyperactive child, but also to the whole family.

When you introduce a new rule, sit down with your hyperactive child and read each rule out to them. Using eye-contact, ask your child to repeat every rule back to you, that way you know that they have understood what you have said.

Stick to a routine

All children benefit from having a routine in place, especially kids who are hyperactive. To ensure that your child adjusts well to the new routine, it is important that you are clear and consistent about the rules.

For example, if your child’s bedtime is 7.30pm and your child is aware of this, then they will fall into the routine and go to bed at the correct time. But if you are not consistent and allow your child to go to bed an hour later, they won’t get into a routine and will find it harder to adjust.

Fill free time with activities

Instead of just allowing your child to do whatever they want during free time, structure that time accordingly. Hyperactive children benefit from structure and tend to behave better because of it.

In free time, go for a walk to the park, read a book with your child or help them search the internet for new items for their collection of tank models or retro coins. Find ways to engage your child and have fun with them – hobbies are an excellent way to do this.

Encourage your child to be active

Hyperactive children are full of energy, which can make focusing on anything from school work to eating dinner, difficult. Many parents of hyperactive kids choose to give them lots of exercise time to try and help them burn off extra energy.

To allow your child to burn off any extra steam, install a basketball hoop in the garden, invest in a football goal or get your child a swing ball to play with. While it is important not to let your child become exhausted, exercise is an excellent way to help your child burn some energy.

Limit television and computer time

It is important to limit your hyperactive child’s television and computer time, as this can stimulate them and increase their energy levels.

Keep television and computer time to a minimum and ensure that they have no access to either before bedtime. Otherwise, your child may not sleep.

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