Creative ways to save your travel memories

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Whether you travel locally or internationally, it is always a good idea to keep as many memories as possible! Getting away and enjoying the beauties of traveling can go by in a flash, and that is why it is vital to find new and creative ways to save those memories.


The best way to remember your trip is to write it down! It is easy to forget little details or moments of laughter, but if you write down what you do during your travels, you will not forget it. You do not need to go into lengthy paragraphs if you do not care to, merely a couple of lines of exciting and interesting things that happened during your travels!

Another good idea is to print your pictures and put them in your journal. Below the photo, you can put where you are, the date and who you are with! One day you will look back and be extremely happy that you took the time to put a journal together.

Disposable Camera

Sometimes we all can get a little too attached to our phones, even when we are traveling. Taking pictures is vital to saving your memories, so put down the phone and invest in a disposable camera. It allows you to be a bit freer from your phone while still capturing those precious moments. Be more open to taking pictures you wouldn’t usually think to take, whether you’re walking the streets of a new road in Rome, passing by a street artist in New Orleans, or casually looking at real estate in Toronto.

Not to mention, as soon as you get home, you can develop the film and have all of your pictures in your hands within a few days. When we take endless images on our phones, we cannot always appreciate the splendor of having printed pictures for keepsake.

Once you have collected so many pictures, you can also create a scrapbook dedicated to your disposable camera moments!

Keep Memorandums

At the time, you may not think little trinkets will mean anything. However, keeping items such as plane tickets, restaurant receipts, or a show booklet may spark some memory in the future. Besides, it is not as expensive to keep these things versus buying authentic souvenirs. If you wish to, some people keep little rocks or seashells from each place they travel!

Travel Box

In case you do not want to lose track of all the memories you collect, it is a good idea to create a travel box. It does not have to be anything fancy; a simple shoebox covered with stickers from where you traveled would be a great place to start! You can keep your journals, photos, and anything small that you have from your adventures.


Traveling is a precious thing and should be cherished and remembered for all your life. If you want to keep your fun memories alive, these are some great ways to start.

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