5 essentials for your first apartment

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Thinking back to when I moved into my first apartment, I had everything I thought I needed. I had a bed, I had my clothes, I had a television, and I had my personal belongings. This was all I required to successfully live on my own.

Turns out, the aforementioned items aren’t the only bare necessities to acquire when venturing into your first solo pad. To some, the following list will seem like a given. To others, though, a little help might be needed to making that jump into adulthood.

Sometimes the excitement of moving into your own place takes over your entire frame of thinking. If that’s the case, here’s a gentle reminder of five essentials you’ll want to have for your first apartment.


As it turns out, having a place to sit other than the floor is very important. Despite the fact that people spend a lot of time on a couch in front of the television, a couch is sometimes forgotten when getting those first apartment essentials.

A couch not only acts as a place to sit, but is quite an adequate bed as well. Even the smallest of couches normally sit more than one, allowing for friends/family to join you at the apartment without having to sit uncomfortably on the floor. Unless, of course, that’s your strategy for a lack of couch.

Not a couch person? No worries. In a pinch, a recliner will do just fine.


This is another item that might be taken for granted before getting that first apartment. Chances are, the place you are moving from, whether it be from your family home or the dorms, had a desk or table for you to work from. It’s an item you used every day, but was not thought of when moving out.

Put it on the list now. You will need a place to study, write, create the next big app, or even just map out that next big adventure. A desk, no matter how big or small, provides a place to focus and work.


Plates, silverware, glasses, you name it. If you’re lucky, some of this stuff might be passed down from your parents. Many times, though, all that you might have is the silverware you’ve “accidentally” taken from the cafeteria in college or a restaurant and the three “collector” cups you’ve purchased at fast food restaurants.

It’s true, you can just buy disposable plates, cups and silverware and save yourself the trouble of having a nightly dish pile to tackle, but this is not the best option for the environment. While you can (and should) recycle most of these items most recycling facilities don’t take items that are not free and clear of food waste, so you’ll have to wash them off anyways.

Dishware is important. If not for you, then for the environment, and for the friends and family that no doubt will one day be stopping by your place. Best to have plenty of glasses lined up, saving you the embarrassment of not being able to give your mom a glass of water.


The bed was the easy part. Like the dishware, you may have had a pair of sheets handed down to you, but if not, this is a common item to forget when moving into that first apartment. Even if you have a pair of sheets, it’s a good idea to get at least one backup pair. Life will be much easier come laundry time.

Towels are also essential, and trust me, you’ll need more than a few. Nothing is worse than stepping out of the shower in the morning and realizing your only towels were used to mop up that two liter of Mountain Dew that exploded in your kitchen the night before.

The last item on this list should be some good curtains. While chances are your first place will come with blinds, there is no cheaper way to make a room look decorated and inviting than to simply add some snazzy curtains. If your work schedule has you sleeping at odd hours of the day, blackout curtains in your bedroom are a must, as well.


Screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrenches? Not exactly on the list of “apartment needs” that you’ve created in your head. From hanging picture frames to tightening leaky shower head or faucets, these tools will definitely come in handy.

Take it from me, add these basic items to the “essential for your first apartment” list. Better to be prepared then to have to bang nails into the wall with the big end of the only knife you own.

Good luck!

Getting your first place is a big deal financially, mentally, and emotionally. The bills will start piling up and all sorts of new challenges and situations might occur that you’d never consider before you lived on your own. But you’re ready for this, you’ve got it in the bag, and making sure you are prepared with these essentials will definitely make life easier.

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