Family travel guide to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

harrisburg pennsylvania

The capital of Pennsylvania gets often overlooked due to the favor families give to its neighbors: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However, this is a huge mistake.

Other than being a political center, Harrisburg is also a cultural hub, a historical focal, and an excellent spot of exploring the central area of the Keystone State.

Itself, in this city, you can visit many places along with your family. Be free to take your kids to the sweetest trip of Hershey Park and Hershey World, pay a visit to city island to enjoy the leisure of sports, and much more. This and there is a lot more which Harrisburg has to offer to its visitors.

Fun places to visit in Harrisburg for families are given below:

City Island

Expanded to one mile, the city island serves as a pleasing leisure area for both tourists and locals families. You can grab an American League Baseball match with your family or go to the closest fields to pick a game of any sport. Take the railroad and enjoy the ride at the carrousel. Or, you can play miniature golf just before you hit the waters on the riverboats: the gem of the Susquehanna”. Regardless of your interests, the city island has everything to recreate.

Hershey Park

Yes, the Hershey Park and the Hershey world: the two separate yet the most amazing places of Harrisburg. There are few people who think that the tickets for the Hershey park can get them to the Hershey world. Never be those ones! At the Hershey park, you can create your own Choco bars, have a Choco tour where you can do the Choco tasting, and much more!

Penn’s Cave

Pennsylvania’s only wildlife park and all-water cave! It offers a highly amazing and enchanting experience if you are out on a trip with your kids. It is isolated from the rest of the beaten ride and at a far drive again then all other spots mentioned here. However, this is the MUST SEE attraction. You can hit it on your way back home or on the way to the Hershey world if you are taking the route from the west of PA.

The State Museum

Paying a visit to the State Museum of PA is the highly amazing thing you can do on your family tour to the city. As it follows the history of Pennsylvania from the start of the dinosaur and earth period through to the modern period, presenting the exhibits regarding astronomy, native Americans, and the Civil War.

The museum provides a comprehensive expression of the state through time. However, you don’t need to be a native of state for enjoying all this. The most paramount feature which it exhibits is the large painting of the civil war made on one single canvas. Also, you must see the restored skeleton of the Marshall’s Creek and watch the show in the planetarium.

How can you reach to Harrisburg?

Here are some of the ways which you can adopt to reach to Harrisburg with your family:


The city lies on the route to the Amtrak Keystone, which offers an accessible connection to NYC and Philadelphia. The station of Amtrak is quite centrally situated, nearly a mile northwards of the central city, and you can easily walk through the town.


Those families who prefer to drive to Harrisburg all the way from NY or Philadelphia, the road to be taken is I76. The road I83 goes through Baltimore and Washington DC while the road I76 goes through the western Pittsburgh.


There is a bus network of the national level for Harrisburg, which stops right at the station of Amtrak while linking up the city with all main regional cities. If you want to make a short trip through the cities such as Lancaster or York, trail way services can also be used other than the local bus services offered by the Capital Area Transit.


The international airport of Harrisburg is the biggest entry point for the domestic family tours. It is located nearly 15 miles far from the center of the city. The cheapest way for the town is by bus, although many big-city hotels run shuttles too. So, check this facility from the accommodation provider you are availing.

Before you book your tickets for the city, make sure to go through the ESTATE air services. At their official site, you can check the check ESTA online routes that go to the city from the foreign regions. Other than this, there is an option of writing an application for booking the service of the visa waiver program if you want to travel to any state of America, including Pennsylvania. In the section of ESTA application questions, you can look for all the information you need.

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