5 fun ideas for autumn dates

autumn dating

Fall rapidly approaches, looked upon by many as their favorite time of the year. The often unbearable heat gives way to cooler, much more comfortable temperatures. Vistas all across the land turn from pedestrian green to an explosion of beautiful hues as leaves change color. And if you think about it, fall could be the best season of all to plan out and execute a most unique, fun and memorable date experience. So much you could do in what seems much too little time!

Guys, if you plan things right, you can do all 5 of the following activities this autumn with that special girl of yours. Really give them all your best shot! But if you find you just don’t have the time, at least try a few. You’ll make wonderful memories in anything you do, so start thinking about these events now, and make plans if you have to. A great date awaits!

Pick some pumpkins

Interestingly enough, this can be one great way to get to know each other while doing something very seasonal, and even romantic in its own way (after all, when was the last time either you or your date went out to the pumpkin patch itself to pick your own pumpkin right off the vine?)

You can really bond here by perhaps getting to talking about your past Halloween costumes and events; this could lead to sharing stories about other holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Fun stories about families and family holidays can help you to get to know each other much better pretty quickly. And unless stories have bad memories associated with them, they can be fun to talk about.

Head on out to a nearby pumpkin patch and each of you pick one out. Bring them back to your place for a carving party. No matter how the carvings turn out, it’ll be a lot of fun, and really cheap too!

Go on a hayride

Bundle up a bit if your nights are cool, grab a comfortable blanket, a thermos or two of hot chocolate or cider, and go for a moonlit hayride. Check around beforehand and see if there are any real hayrides nearby. That is, look for a farm or ranch that specifically does this as an event, with horse drawn power, and not tractor-pulled if possible.

Get in, snuggle up close under the blanket, sip on your hot beverages, and enjoy this slow, unique ride under the stars. The fall is a wonderful time for stargazing, which could really enhance the romantic element of the evening. You don’t have to talk a lot some times to get feeling closer to each other, after all. This should be a cheap date in terms of money, but it’ll be romantic and memorable, so it could very well be a win/win situation here.

Have a romantic hot tub evening

One way to stay warm in the colder fall temperatures is to spend an evening soaking in a hot tub together. Have music you both enjoy at the ready. Prepare some handheld snacks in advance (try fruit kabobs, which are easy to make, and look and taste wonderful).

Offer her a special drink (like pomegranate bubbly). Light a few candles, turn down the lights, and turn on the music, just loud enough to hear but not too loud to be a distraction from your own quiet, romantic utterings!

If you’re not already experienced in it, go online and learn how to give a nice back and neck massage. Once you’ve both settled into the warm, bubbling water, slide on over to her and give her your best, most tender massage. Even if it isn’t the best one she’s ever had, she should really appreciate the effort nonetheless. It’s a romantic gesture that just may be one of the most memorable parts of the evening.

Look into hot tub water care before the date to make sure that the chemicals and temperature are at safe levels. If you have a hot tub yourself, this is an altogether inexpensive date (unless you go overboard on the champagne!), and extremely intimate.

Go on a drive and tour the fall colors

Find out what weekend nearby your home will be peaking in fall colors, and a plan a time to go see them together. Make a picnic basket and go on a nice country ride when the fall colors are at their most brilliant. Stop somewhere along the way and enjoy the picnic lunch you meticulously prepared, enjoying each other’s company in the quiet solitude and beauty surrounding you. An inexpensive date that will bring you alone together for a few hours, and will turn out to be memorable in many ways.

Go on a hot air balloon ride

This can be a bit difficult for some people, as there aren’t balloons everywhere. But if it’s possible (even driving for a couple of hours), give it a try! It could truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially with a high flight overhead of the most beautiful, colorful countryside you’ll probably ever see.

Hold each other close, and take in the glorious panorama. Just keep your hands free enough at times to take several pictures, as these will be greeting card photo moments. This could be a bit more expensive, but when will you have another date like this again?

If you can do any of these events, then really try to make a point of doing so. Fall doesn’t last too long, so take advantage of the beautiful season for making some lasting memories together in preparation for the holidays.

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