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The construction industry offers new home buyers so many advanced options that today you can afford an entirely smart home without spending a fortune. Still, those high-tech options are yet to be adapted to the needs and budgets of average middle-class people. Anyway, even people with average incomes can afford some of those new options to increase their home security. Here are some smart and inexpensive options that can give your home a touch of modern security.

Keep the garage safe

You know how in movies burglars often break into houses through garage doors? Well, according to the data published by some research, a growing number of burglaries really start at the garage door. Knowing this fact, it is clear that this door is the first line of your anti-burglary protection. If you want to get notifications about any changes that occur at and around your garage door, you should connect them to the Internet and keep alert if such a thing happens.

No matter where you are, the smart door will notify you via the smartphone app that something is going on in that area. After that, you can call the emergency number or hurry up to see for yourself if there are any uninvited visitors in your garage.

Cover that soft back spot

The rear door is one of those details that make houses more popular and comfortable than apartments. However, while it does serve as a handy alternative way out/in, house entrance-wise, it is a real pain in the neck from a security point of view. In most homes the rear door is a blind spot, where intruders can get into your house without being noticed. This is why it deserves special attention.

First of all, at least one part of the rear door has to be made of glass, since there is a higher probability that you will hear the burglar breaking into the house through such back door. Moreover, the lights have to be switched on all the time in that area. If you want to control the light above the rear door from your smartphone, think about the smart bulbs.

No corner without surveillance

When it comes to modern home security features, surveillance cameras give you the best value for money. In comparison with some other modern tech features, those devices are not that expensive and the benefits they bring are really huge. They have to be installed in several critical places, where they will have the most practical use. The first place for them is definitely the front yard door. In case you don’t have it, put the camera on your porch.

Furthermore, the aforementioned rear door has to be equipped with some reliable and durable axis cameras, as well as the entire back part of your house, too. Finally, if you have a home office, make sure that this room is also under surveillance, since it could easily be the main target.

Although these modern security features can give your home multi-layered protection at a reasonable price, bear in mind that you have to update them regularly and follow trends on this market. Burglars and criminals quickly adopt new tech solutions and find a way to dodge them. This is why you have to stay in touch with new plugins and tech innovations, so as to make your home stay safe and sound.

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