5 great gifts for college grads

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Graduating from college is a rite of passage. Whether or not your loved one is ready for the next big adventure, graduation is the perfect opportunity to treat that special someone to a gift to celebrate and recognize all their hard work. As they look forward to the next chapter in their lives, get them a gift that ticks all the boxes that they’ll cherish for good. Below are five great gifts that any college grad would love to receive.

1. Diploma frame

What better way to commemorate the big day than to give your loved one a customized frame to display their diploma for years to come? With a variety of frame choices and personalization options, you can find a range of graduation frames online to suit any diploma. The receiver can happily display their diploma frame wherever they end up next. No matter how they display it, framing their diploma is a great way to commemorate the occasion.

2. A watch

A watch is a brilliant gift to give to somebody who has just graduated. Giving a gift of a watch is said to have a lot of symbolism, signifying a significant time in the receiver’s life. Eternalize the moment in time of graduation with your friend, child or significant other with a watch that the wearer will appreciate for years to come. It’ll serve as a reminder of their hard work and achievement. It can give them the confidence to take their next steps in life, be that a new job, or other life event.

3. Journal

If you’re unsure of what would make a great graduation gift, you can’t go wrong with a bespoke journal or notebook. You could decide on a diary, or a personalized notebook that is embossed or engraved. A journal is often given as a coming- of- age present. If the recipient has a passion for stationery, they’ll cherish your gift even more and will likely save it for a special occasion! Maybe the journal will be their savior at their job and help keep them organized. They may jot down ideas for their travels or formulate an upcoming plan once graduation is done and dusted. Browse online to find a notebook that’ll be sure to spark joy and the imagination.

4. Wallet/card holder

Business cards, bank cards and membership cards can be a nightmare to find in an old wallet or purse. Gift your college grad with a smart, bespoke wallet or card holder that signifies the momentous occasion and gets them organized for adulthood. Card holders can start from as little as $15, if not less, and you can even include the ultimate personal touch and get the card holder engraved with their initials. A perfect addition to an already useful and thoughtful gift! Remember, the better the quality of the wallet, the longer it will last.

5. A work/travel bag

Now, any college grad will be aware of how important first impressions can be. No matter if your college grad has a job lined up or will be applying to positions with the hope of an interview, help them feel ready and focused with a smart, functional workbag which is the answer to all their problems. Does it need room for a laptop? Is it waterproof? They may need a work bag straight away if they’ve been successful in securing an apprenticeship. Your loved one may want to put a career on hold while they explore the world, in which case, invest in a great bag for traveling, instead! Whatever adventure awaits, you can be sure to find a bag that ticks all the boxes.

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