How to choose a good doorbell camera for your home

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Choosing the best video doorbell camera for you and your home can be a confusing task particularly due to the amount of cheaply made and security flawed products that have flooded the market. But you should consider buy and install one since this kind of product brings key advantages to the security of your home:

Never miss a package – All doorbell cameras allow you to see and speak directly with the delivery man. You can instruct the delivery person to leave it at the door (or in a less obvious location whilst you are not present). Some people have a smart device linked to their garage door or a small doggie door so that they can unlock it briefly allowing for safe keeping of the product.

Big boost in security – Outsmart the thieves! Considering the modus operandi of the common burglar is to pick an unoccupied home, burglars are known to first ring the front door buzzer to see if anyone is currently present. Not only will you now be able to be “present” for every single visitor (wanted or otherwise), but you also will have a video clipping of everyone coming up and checking your home defenses.

Graciously attend to your trusted friends & semi-trusted family – If you are out of home and your mother arrives unexpectedly, you can speak to her directly and tell her to wait or if you are more trusting than I, (and have integrated your front door integrated with a smart lock) you can open the door and allow her to get inside.

How to choose the best Video Doorbell Camera for your home

Not all video doorbells cameras were born equal, and each have their strong and weak points, so it is less a question of what is the best doorbell camera, and more of a question of what device best meets your needs. Below is as basic checklist for doorbell cameras which include the essential features and also the additional features:

  1. Includes the Essential Features: Your doorbell camera should include the following core features in order to be satisfy the basic requirements.
    • WiFi Enabled (Or some other similarly secure connection with the internet)
    • Night Vision (If not night vision then you will need a light with a motion sensor next to your camera)
    • High Definition Camera: The camera needs to have high definition or it loses a lot of its security benefits.
    • Two way audio: You should be able to speak to the visitor and they should be able to speak to you.
    • Smart Phone Application: You will need to able to respond to notifications from the doorbell camera. All of the best doorbell cameras utilize iOS and Android, some devices have the additional capability with working with Windows which could be useful whilst working on your PC at the office.

    Optional Additional Features:

    • Motion Sensor: Some cameras will only turn on when the doorbell is rung. They have lower battery usage, but you will lose a lot of the security advantages.
    • Wireless vs Wired doorbell cameras: My preference is for wired doorbell cameras.
    • On Demand Monitoring: This allows for you to activate the camera at any time and monitor continuously activities happening outside your front door.
    • Integrations with other products: One of the beautiful things about smart devices is their ability to integrate with other applications. Some applications have more advanced integrations then others, some just have a link to the other application so that is faster to switch between them. If you already have some smart devices installed at your home, make sure you check to see if they can integrated together.
    • If you would like the same level of convenience but communication occurs within the home, you should check out the home wireless intercom systems which are specifically useful for large homes.

  3. Security Testing is a Must! It is definitely worth paying a bit more for a recognized brand that has satisfied rigorous security testing and reviews. Smart video doorbells and in particular devices which are mounted outside the home (such as video doorbell cameras) naturally present a security risk as due to having a connection to the internet within the home (such as WiFi Ethernet & Bluetooth). Devices with inadequate and untested security could open your home to hackers and other nefarious individuals. Don´t skimp, pay the extra $50 and sleep easy knowing that your private information has been considered. A network firewall will ensure that no one can access your video doorbell.

  5. What are your biggest needs?
    • Security Problem: Do you live in a neighborhood with burglary problems? The smart devices with a better camera to capture shots of unwelcome visitors, advanced motion sensors and an integration with a smart lighting device would be the best option for you.
    • Lots of Packages: Do you receive a lot of packages whilst away from home? A doorbell camera with optimal response (no lag time), and integration with a smart lock could be the best doorbell camera for you.
    • Lots of friendly visitors: Do you have lots of friends and family constantly visiting you? You could consider purchasing a video doorbell and a smart door lock so that you can answer and open the door all from your smart phone.

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