How to choose the best tyres for your vehicle

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Needless to say, tyres are a very important part of the vehicle. The wrong choice of the tyres can make many problems for your vehicle. Just try and grasp the difference between the summer and the winter tyres and the way they behave on the road. Correct tyres for your vehicle in the wrong weather can make all the difference. Then think about the difference it makes when you have completely wrong tyres for the type of vehicle that you have. This is a simple guide on how to choose the best and the most useful tyres for your own car and drive safely and smoothly.


First thing first, you need to make sure that the size of your tyre fits your wheels. Before you buy new ones, make sure that you know the size of your old ones so that you can buy the same. The size of the tyres is marked on them. The label says something like 195/ 65 R15 91H. All these markings have their meaning and they can help you with the choice of the tyres. The section width of the tyre is noted by the first number. In this case 195. In this example, number 65 is actually 65% and it denotes which percentage of section width (195) makes the height of the tyre sidewall. Further, R is short for Radial construction and the number after it, in this case 15 signifies the inner rim of the tyre in inches. 91 is the load capacity of tyre. The last letter of the mark, in this case H signifies the maximum speed at the full load. Possible symbols are Q, R, S, T, V, H, VR, W, Y and ZR and all of them signify some of the speeds.


The basic classification is winter tyres, summer tyres and all season tyres. The main difference is in the depth of the pattern that is on the tyre and its weight. Summer tyres have less markings and they are shallower. They make your vehicle slide more easily on the road and it is easier to hit the breaks with them on. However, when the ice and the frost attack the roads, you need bigger patterns that have stronger grip on the road and prevent the sliding. That is what the winter tyres are for. And there are the all season tyres that tend to take the best from both of the worlds.

Besides these, the novelty are the run flat tyres that you can use even when they are punctured, nitrogen tyres that are inflated with the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen which makes the tyre deflate more slowly and eco tyres that reduce the fuel consumption.

Tyre Tread

This is actually the way the tyre is holding the grip on the road and you need to make sure that it is enough in order for your drive to be safe. You need new tyres if you can place the penny in the tread and still see the top of Lincoln’s head. In most cases, the state and the law say how deep the tread can be. Once you choose the tyre for yourself, you need to make sure that you keep the tread good for as long as you can. Tread is influenced by the pressure of inflation, bad tyre alignment, and usage in the proper weather condition. Using winter tyres during summer months will hurt the tread.

Price and Brand

Once all the above conditions are met and established, before you buy tyres, you need to make sure that you have looked into the prices and the brands. Although, it might be tempting to pay less for tyres, it is essential that you have a high quality tyre. It means your safety and your comfort. Therefore, always buy from the renowned manufacturer and make sure you have the guarantee.

The right choice of tyres makes your drive safer and more comfortable. However, it also makes it far more fuel efficient and in that way eco-friendly and budget friendly. All these need to be taken into consideration. However, once you buy the tyres, don’t forget that spare one.

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