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The big day is upon us and it is the time to organize this beautiful event. You’ve started from the beginning you defined a date and booked a place. Later you went in search of the perfect dress, wedding rings and decorations. Ticking one thing at a time you’ve reached the photographer. You are now wondering how to find the right guy for you. Here are a few tips to help you in this quest:

Define your style

Before you contact any of the photographers you need to know how to define and describe your own style. Search the internet to find images that fit your personality which suit you the best. Do you prefer spontaneous (documentary) photos or do you prefer something more formal with people posing on every photograph? Would you like to have them processed or unprocessed? Do you prefer the originals or some effects added?

Find your photographer

Now that you know what kind of photographs you want you can start looking for a photographer who will make your wishes into the best future memories. Today you can find a lot of photographers out there who work with celebrations such as a wedding and whatever you imagine they can make it happen.

Devote a little time and attention to this task. Browse the websites, check the ads or ask friends for recommendations. Search the internet because many photographers have their own websites or at least some sort of online gallery where you can view their portfolio. If not, let them send you their work by email or you can meet them in person. More photographs you look, you will gain more ideas and a better vision of his style and work. Don’t hesitate to contact them for additional information and questions related to photographing your wedding.

The personality of the photographer

A very important thing is to find a photographer that fits your wedding with his personality because you will spend the whole day with him. The photographer will be there for the most intimate moments and that is why it is important that you feel relaxed and safe in his presence with certainty that he will capture every good moment. He should capture all emotions and excitement, joy and beauty that this day holds.

Another important thing is to ask your photographer for some test shots. Arrange a meeting with your photographers at the places where you expect to have a photo session before or after the ceremony. And remember to have a plan B in case the weather is not as you expected.

If you like everything you’ve seen and heard, the only thing that remains is to define just one thing.

The price

When it gets to this sensitive topic please note the following – When the wedding cake has been cut and the wedding passes, the only thing that remains will be the memories, the wedding rings and photographs.

Ok, so you finally decided who’s going to be your photographer. But does he fit your budget?

If his price is still too high think about the things that are not the part of a deal. If you find a photographer with a decent offer like the photography and a photo album for the same price then you should definitely take the second offer. But the album filled with photos that you don’t like may be far more expensive that the first offer. So take your time and think carefully and try not to make a big compromise when the lifetime memories are at stake.

One thing is certain whatever path you choose, the most important thing is to trust your instincts and enjoy yourselves while making these big decisions.

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