Why would you install parquetry flooring

parquetry flooring

Parquetry flooring is a type of flooring where the floor is made of various types of small pieces of hardwood put together in order to form a particular pattern. The pieces are made of a huge variety of grains and different kind of woods. The formed pattern could be as much as it can encompass a whole room. Parquet can even form a pattern using tiles that are not big in dimension. In order to cover a room, identical parquet tiles are used. There are some definite reasons that will make you prefer parquetry flooring over the other types.

Looks that matter: Durability and Texture of Parquetry flooring

Available in different varieties

In the very first place, it is the appearance that you can consider when you decide upon flooring options. With parquetry flooring, the appearance would be appealing and sophisticated. The uniqueness found in the appearance of this kind of flooring will also lure you to install it in your home. The combination of different styles of wood will make it universally appealing and it will match with nearly all kinds of décor. Thus, you would have a huge variety of options to choose from.

Easy Cleaning

Having a flooring style also means that you have to clean it from time to time. With parquetry flooring, the clean-up job is very easy. You can easily clean the floor. Slipping the wipe right up would make your job done. You would additionally need a wet mop and a broom to make the cleaning task easier. Such flooring would rarely stain and the tension of such flooring absorbing unpleasant odours could also be completely done away with.

Highly Durable

Parquetry flooring is highly durable. Such flooring is not affected by wear and tear and is also scratch-resistant. When you put together parquetry flooring, you can expect the flooring to last for decades! Moreover, such flooring will also not require any resurfacing or remodeling.

It is Non-allergic and it does not get destroyed very easily

  • You can easily resurface parquetry flooring when the flooring is neglected and needs repair work. Looking like a jigsaw puzzle, such flooring is made out of solid pieces of wood. It is because of the thickness that refinishing and sanding would be required before the floor can be replaced fully.
  • Another major advantage with parquetry flooring is that it is non-allergenic. If you are prone to any allergy, then this kind of flooring would be the best option for you. Because of the smooth surface, these floors can never be damaged by dust or allergens hiding which would otherwise be seen in carpets and rugs. If that would have been the case, it would be difficult for you to ward off the various undesirable and uncouth guests who would have made your carpets their safe harbors.
  • In terms of stability, this kind of flooring is excellent. The middle layer is of very high quality and this helps to stabilize the covering layer, making it numb to pressure.
  • With parquetry flooring, you can easily block external noise. With greater mass comes greater vibration. With less vibration and less room noise comes more of peace and quiet attribute.
  • Parquetry flooring gives your interior a natural look. While it ensures a healthy living climate, it also regulates humidity. Since the cleaning and care process is simple, the flooring is very hygienic. The raw materials used in this flooring are carefully selected and they undergo various tests at the laboratories.

Parquetry flooring offers versatility. It offers are huge array of options with regard to the type of woods, the looks of the surface, the planks and anything that would be required for adding a new spark to your home and living conditions. Hope you catch all above mentioned reasons that why you install parquetry flooring.

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