6 pieces of advice for long trip rentals

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Are you planning an exciting road trip around the United States? Preparation of such a long trip can be very exciting but sometimes can be also a bit stressful. Many things need to be taken care of to ensure that you and your friends or family will enjoy the trip to its maximum and no surprises will come into your way. The first of the most important decisions you have probably already done is whether you will drive your own car or a rental car?It is a great choice to enjoy a stress-free holiday while driving a car you maybe have always dreamt of driving. Do you wonder what are the most important things when going on such a big trip? If you want to be prepared for anything and enjoy the traveling to its maximum, follow these 5 advices you need for long rentals:

Book in advance

Renting a car is very much similar to booking hotels and buying flights. The sooner the always better. Why is that?

  • You have enough time to do a research on rental companies
  • The prices are usually better if you book a long time in advance
  • You can choose from a wider range of cars as they likely won’t be booked yet
  • It gives you a certainty that you have a transportation
  • When having a car, you can start planning your trip fullest

Personal documents

Having all important personal documents on you during the road trip can be a big help in unexpected situations. You can never know when they will be needed. Sometimes the most unexpected and absurd situations happen, but having these documents is also useful when it comes to hotel bookings. Make sure you have these documents since you are the driver, but it is always good if everyone who travels with you has them too.

  • ID card
  • Driving-license
  • Passport


It is better not to have a large amount of cash on you. If you really need it, always make sure to split the cash into more places where you keep it. It is not good to have all your money in one wallet.

Also, it is better to have more than one credit or debit card in case something happens, and you lose your card. The same applies to this as with the money. Do not keep all your credit/debit cards at the same place.

Food and drinks

Although your road trip is probably thoroughly planned, be always ready for unexpected circumstances. Make sure you have enough water whenever you drive long distances as well as some snacks. Road trips throughout the United States can bring you to isolated places where no stores are available nor even another car passes. Be, therefore, prepared with enough food and water for all your group.

Although this does not fall into food category, make also sure you have first aid that contain plasters, painkillers and other necessary things to help when one does not feel good or hurt themselves.


When speaking about having enough food and water supplies, the same applies to fuel. Although you won’t probably need it, it is always better to have a gallon in your truck in case something unexpected happens and you don’t meet any gas station. This might seem very unlikely, but distances are sometimes underestimated and the gas stations in the US roads have large gaps between them. Having a gallon is a good preparation for the worsts that will not come but will make you feel secure that if it is needed, you have it.

Pick-up and drop-off

Consider where you will pick up your rental car and where you will drop-off the car. Will it be the same location or a different one? Being nowadays able to drop-off a rental car at different locations give you the whole opportunity to plan your road trip with as much freedom as you can imagine. Roads can lead you to different directions, plan therefore wisely.

Also, keep on your mind that you need to return your car on a specific date, as agreed with the company. Road trips sometimes take more than they are planned. Ensure you will return the car on the time to avoid any fees.

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