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To know how to make a man bun, you need to understand exactly what a man bun is. To know what it is is not as easy as you may perceive. In fact, this is one versatile hairstyle that incorporates different elements. However, to say what it includes is not hard because it is basically hair tied at the top of the head and not freely hanging as it would in the case of a ponytail.

Man bun styles skyrocketed in popularity from 2013 and since then, it has continued to be worn by most people including celebrities. Other names used to describe this form of hairstyle include bro bun, hipster bun, mun or dude bun.

The man bun is one of the simplest hairstyles and the only requirement for it is that you must have a long hair especially if you want a full bun. If you want a semi bun, then you will need a certain length to enable you to tie your man bun. For example, if you want to tie the hair on the top of your head only, then you will be required to have at least 6 inches of hair length on the top of your head. As compared to a ponytail, the bun enables you to group the hair together into a ball shape without dangling and keep it to the scalp level.

Differentiating a man bun and a top knot

These two hairstyles may look similar but there are key differences and only a trained eye is able to differentiate. To start with, a top knot is formed on top of the head and it is tied to create a knotted look. Since the sides are either shaved with a high skin fade or an undercut, you won’t need much hair to tie a top knot. This makes it easier to achieve a top knot. The man bun, on the other hand, hangs lower and pulls hair from the top, bottom and sides. It actually requires that you have long hair on all the sides.

How to tie a man bun

To put a good man bun, you will need to plan where you want to form it. Most bun hairstyles are normally done at the crown of the head or near the top backside. To achieve this, begin by brushing all your hair into your other hand. Make sure you get any stray hairs to the top, side and back. That is because if you fail to collect all your hairs and leave some of it loose, you will end up with an unkempt and messy hair look.

Use the other free hand to grab a hair band and pass it through your hair twice. To ensure you grab all your hair nicely, hold the band close to the knot and then pass your hair through it. To double up your hair, stop at the midway on the second pass. For a tighter style, just pass the hair to the second time and stop halfway at the third go and with that knot, you have a man bun.

To have a desirable and confident look, you can take up some experimentation and see what place at the back of your head is the most suitable for your man bun. The best man bun spot for most people is at or slightly lower than the crown.

Although it is not a must, you can use many hair products as you want especially the styling products to enhance your man bun look. There are different hairstyling waxes that can give your bun different texture or hairstyling creams that can give different levels of shine to your bun. Just get the products that work best for your hair.

How to maintain a man bun

Now that you already know how to do a man bun on your hair, it is important you learn how to maintain it to avoid a shaggy look. Remember ling hairs are prone to looking greasy very quickly, to avoid this, it is important that you shampoo your hair often to have your long locks looking healthy. If you are maintaining your beards as well, you will definitely need to take care of your facial hair and some good beard oil will serve the purpose.

For those people with a dry scalp, a dry shampoo twice a week and normal shampoo once a week will be good. This is because when you use a dry shampoo, your scalp will retain its natural oils and keep your hair shiny and lustrous. If you have an oily scalp, then you will need to shampoo your hair every day to ensure you don’t experience any hair care problems. Also, a humble conditioner for smooth hair is quite essential. If you don’t want to experience an early onset of male pattern baldness, avoid tying your hair too tight when making your man bun.

The beginning of a man bun

Although it was started in 2013, it started to fully trend in 2014. Its popularity is contributed to hipster culture and the American and British male celebrities’ use of man bun. These celebrities include Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, Harry Styles, Jason Momoa, David Beckham, Nick Cannon and Zayn Malik.

It was started in the New York, Brooklyn to be precise. The trend later spread to the US cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle. The man bun hairstyles didn’t stop there and it started to spread across Europe and cities like London, Berlin, Copenhagen and Vienna fully warmed up to this new hairstyle. In fact, by 2015, the man bun has become common in the western world cities. Furthermore, Asian cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Mumbai have not been left behind.

The historical perspective on man bun

It is good to be careful in matters regarding the man bun trend and the use of bun hairstyles by men. This is because men have been using bun hairstyles for centuries. In the Roman Empire and the Vikings, those lucky to have enough long hairs were using the bun hairstyles. Over the centuries, the bun hairstyle has been adopted by most long-haired men since it offered neat and convenient hairstyles and a good option when one didn’t want to leave his hair dangling.

When you compare the recent man bun trend and the one that has been there over the centuries, you will note that the bun hairstyle was worn low and not high on the vertex as it is now. A lot of people argue that Japanese Samurai wore a man bun but that is debatable. From the different photographs and woodcuts of the actual Japanese samurai varied hairstyles portrays him in bun-like shape hairstyles and other hairstyles as well.

Does the man bun have a meaning?

Man bun is seen as a transgression from the short hairstyle brought by Mad Men. It is figured out as something daring in this time and age when it is not easy to buck the status quo. More so, this form of hairstyle is seen as a series of gender redefinitions because traditionally, it can be seen as a female hairstyle. Man bun symbolizes a trend of men’s fashion that is pushing the boundaries of the traditional masculinity. Nobody can predict when man bun fade but as long as it exists, it is definitely beautiful.

The celebrities take on man bun

It may be debatable, but one thing for sure, celebrity influence has a take on the trending of mun bun. The e early man bun journalism has often pointed out to celebrities having a man bun who may have influenced man bun popularity. Notable evangelists who have had a man bun include Joakim Noah, Chris Hemsworth, Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Leonardo Dicaprio and Orlando Bloom. Let’s not forget the Ken doll.

In a matter of fact, it would be hard to trace the exact lines of influence. When a popular man’s hairstyle appears on a timeline, many normal people may follow the suit. When Joakim Noah wore it, most people admired it.

Even many black people have modified the man bun to fit into their type of hair using braids or dreadlocks and it is seen to be similar to the other man bun hairstyle. The curly-headed man buns are also common. Although one may be required to have slightly longer hair, this means that all men are welcome to have a man bun. With the current cool haircuts available, wearing a man bun is possible without much struggle.

The popularity of the man bun

The man bun has become quite popular over the years. One of the reasons is due to its popularity with male celebrities who wants to add an edge to their image. There are celebrities who have used this form of hairstyle to gain more attention to themselves. This has led to the adoption of the man bun to celebrities and it is mostly seen among the group aged between 16 to 35 years.

The other reason why men wear a man bun is due to its convenience especially if you have long hair. This is a good way to keep the hair secured instead of leaving it dangling which can easily be seen as unkempt hair. Don’t forget it is also easy to style; you just need seconds to come up with a neat man bun.

From the hipsters’ perspective, they started mun bun to differentiate themselves from their brethren who wore slicked back undercuts and contour haircuts. It is seen as a good way to differentiate you from everyone else. These are just some of the reasons why most men have chosen a mun bun to be their current hairstyles.
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