Can’t work? 5 options for the disabled worker

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Being disabled and making a living with a traditional job have often been the recipe for disaster for disabled individuals around the world. If finding a job that fits your specific disability needs is not hard enough, getting an employer to believe you are the right candidate for the job can be just as difficult. Add the pressure of friends and family expecting you to pull off the impossible and it becomes evident that the traditional approach to working is really not the right way to go about generating a meaningful income for the average disabled individual. If one needs proof of this, just look at the unemployment rate of those who are classified disabled. The following are options that may prove to be reasonable alternatives to the employment problems the disabled face every day.

Freelance Writer

Many disabled people turn to writing as a hobby, but did you ever consider turning that hobby into a career? Every day magazines, journals and publishing companies need new material for their clients. If you can put words to paper, despite being disabled, then a career as a freelance writer may prove to be both rewarding and profitable. In addition, this type of job will help to overcome many of the transportation problems numerous disabled people face that would otherwise hinder their ability to work.


Since it doesn’t require heavy lifting or great mobility to edit other people’s work, editing is another disability-related employment opportunity that can generate a decent amount of income. While this may require a little marketing on the part of the disabled person trying to get their foot into the industry, it is an in-demand service that can serve a wide variety of clients.

Affiliate Marketing

Thousands of companies are desperate for help marketing their products online. If you can learn to write compelling ad copy and generate massive online traffic to ads, from the comfort of your home, then a home-based affiliate marketing business may prove to be a lucrative venture for a disabled person needing to secure an income for themselves. Since you can join as many affiliate programs as you want, this can generate multiple streams of income at the same time.

Day Trader

If you are good with numbers and charts, like watching financial news broadcasts and have an eye for how the market is moving, then a career as a day trader might be just the alternative to a traditional job you always wanted. While this type of alternative approach to earning money can be risky, some investors learn how to turn risk into high dollar profits. The markets do not care if you are disabled either. What matters is how well you understand market trends for the particular investment platform you use to generate income.

A Partnership

When no one else will hire you and you suspect your disability is the cause, it might be time to start thinking outside the box and consider owning the ladder instead. Sometimes the best way to become the owner of your own business is by finding a suitable partner with which to open a business. A partnership can work for many reasons, but mostly because the partner you pair up with can excel where your disability introduces limitations.

Together, you and your business partner could take the right business idea all the way. That would certainly be profitable and provide you with a decent income for years to come. It is important to remember that when engaging in a work venture as a disabled person, you should always check with a qualified legal firm specialized on social security disability law to understand how starting a business will impact your disability benefits.

Being disabled may prove to make life challenging, but it doesn’t have to make generating a regular income impossible. Being willing to think outside the traditional path to income is where some of the best opportunities for disabled people are found. Learning to gain a little business sense, to help you grab these opportunities when they emerge, doesn’t hurt either.

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