Things to consider before buying a menstrual cup

pink menstrual cup

Menstruation is one of the things that women cannot skip through. Not unless is battling against a certain medical condition, but other than that, it is irreversible. Periods are branded as uncomfortable and somewhat a penance due to the factors that a woman needs to put up with, such as cramps, PMS, cost, and discomfort of tampons and sanitary pads….

5 great gifts for college grads

Students outside sitting on steps

Graduating from college is a rite of passage. Whether or not your loved one is ready for the next big adventure, graduation is the perfect opportunity to treat that special someone to a gift to celebrate and recognize all their hard work. As they look forward to the next chapter in their lives, get them a gift that ticks all…

How wine consumption helps you relax

enjoying a glass of red wine in the evening

Imagine this: you are on your way to your house from a long tiring day at work. Your bus was late, making you come to work late. At work, you realized you forgot a lot of things back at home since you are in a hurry, then your boss found out you were late resulting to him scolding you about…