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So you’ve decided you’re jetting off to the Bahamas? Lucky you! These picture perfect islands offer a multitude of different things for different types of holiday makers. For those who prefer total relaxation and pampering, there are plenty of plush resorts that will cater to those needs. For the adventurers, the Bahamas offer the perfect place to explore and reconnect with nature – a dream destination for the young traveller. This guide will give you some insider information on the highlights of these beautiful islands.

Where Should I Stay?

When planning a trip, a good place to start is where you’ll be staying! There are plenty of useful guides on where to stay in the Bahamas, so it’s easy to find reputable advice. Depending on your price range you may choose to pick a glamorous resort or you might want to try a more budget friendly option. For those who are hoping to see the islands on a tighter budget, it can be a good idea to look for a hostel. Hostel World has a vast collection of hostels which are rated by travellers, so you can trust their advice. Some hostels offer a generous breakfast as part of the deal, so it’s worth bearing in mind that spending an extra few dollars there could save you money in the long run.

For those who are after a no-expense-spared, truly exclusive holiday, you couldn’t be searching in a better place. The Bahamas has numerous hotels and resorts that cater for the rich and famous on a regular basis; however, perhaps the most luxurious is Kamalame Cay. This Jamaican owned island resort is the very definition of a relaxing getaway. In order to access the private island you can catch either a ferry or a private helicopter, so for those hoping to island hop, it could get a little expensive. However, treat yourself to one of their beautiful villas, with views out to sea and you’ll never want to leave!

The island has snaking paths through coconut tree groves and perfectly preserved natural coppice forest, taking in views of tidal creeks and the glittering ocean. It’s miraculous how well hidden the resort is, given its an immense list of facilities. From the over-water spa, to the tennis courts, marina, boutique and even helipad, everything is tucked away amongst the trees, giving you the sense of blissful seclusion. Each morning you’ll wake up to freshly baked cookies, fruits from the island and homemade jams. Kamalame Cay really is a slice of paradise.

Where Should I Eat?


Again there are options here for luxury dining and eating on a shoe string. If you fancy splashing out on something really special, then you’re going to have to charter yourself a seaplane or a helicopter! Xuma’s is an exclusive restaurant on Highbourne Cay, a private island with beautiful sunset views over the ocean. The Chef here works with only the freshest food – even offering to cook fish that you may have caught that day. If you didn’t come prepared with a piece of fish then there’s no need to panic, there’s a delicious menu full of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and local meat. The ceviche is perhaps the best in the Bahamas and, if you fancy something a little heartier, then the lemon and garlic steamed mussels are also absolutely delicious with a glass of crisp white wine.

ceviche plate fish food
Fresh ceviche is a true flavour sensation

Max’s Conch Bar and Grill

If you’re after something a little more casual and a great deal more accessible, then Max’s Conch Bar and Grill is the place to head to. Situated in Deadman’s Cay, just a mile from the airport, this cute little thatched roof hut offers Bahamian staples, centering around, unsurprisingly, conch and fried fish. The whole place is a no frills affair, with a cobbled together decor of beachside kiosk finds and a dazzling collection of old license plates. Whilst it’s not one for donning your finest suit, you’ll feel right at home here. The food is fresh, delicious and totally unpretentious, whilst the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable.

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