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Everyone could use a little extra time in their schedules. But, keeping track of everything in your professional and personal life, along with whatever else comes your way, can seem almost impossible sometimes.

That’s why this list of 7 essential apps is here to make your days more productive. These apps will help you cut down on wasted minutes, improve your organization, and give you some precious extra moments of peace. You’ll wonder how you survived without them!

1. Track Your Finances: Mint

If you’re reading this, you probably never had to balance a checkbook. But everyone knows the struggles of trying to make sense of bank and credit card statements. Not to mention receipts, bills, and the myriad other financial documents.

Mint makes managing your money so much easier. It takes all your finances and puts them in one place. You can track everything from your app dashboard. Be it spending and income trends or debt and even plan long term saving goals. It also helps you budget better by helping you create spending categories.

Mint also sends you notifications to let you know how you’re doing. So you always keep your spending and savings where they should be.

2. Expert Travel: TripIt

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you have to keep track of all your travel information. You don’t want to lose your hotel reservation or miss a flight, do you?

TripIt makes all things travel easy. All you do is forward all trip-related information to the TripIt app. From here, it creates an organized itinerary for you. TripIt also sends you emails and notifications to make sure your trip stays on the right track.

It’s especially handy for business travelers looking to organize expenses or recall the name of a great restaurant they took a client to. The free version has most of these great features. But it’s worth it to upgrade to pro so you can use the reward point tracking and group travel options.

3. Store Your Passwords: NordPass

The average person has around 100 online accounts. With that many login credentials, it can be challenging to keep them all straight. This is where NordPass comes in. Not only does it help to create secure passwords, but it stores them all in one place.

This Android password manager has integrated advanced features. You get autosave and autofill options, cross-device functionality, and backup and sync. You can also use NordPass to safeguard credit card details, notes, and other personal information. Thus, if you want to improve your security and save time while doing it, then NordPass is an excellent solution for you. More information here:

4. Type Better: SwiftKey

Can you even count how many messages, emails, social media posts, and other things you write on your phone each day? And you know the frustration of misspelling words, bad autocorrect, and other headaches caused by your phone keyboard.

This is where SwiftKey comes in. SwiftKey is a smart keyboard that learns as you use it. Over time, it creates a customized map based on your texting pattern to help prevent errors from happening. It also has smarter autocorrect that’s also based on your typing history. Not to mention multi-language support and much more.

You can even keep track of stats to see how many words SwiftKey predicted, errors avoided, and more to see how much more productive you are with it!

5. Stop Procrastination: RescueTime

Now that everyone has smartphones in their pockets, it’s never been easier to procrastinate. From Instagram and Facebook to YouTube and games, there’s a lot of temptations out there. But RescueTime is here to help.

It’s not an app for procrastinators only. Anybody looking to make the most out of their time will find it useful. It tracks everything you do on your phone and computer, creating customized spreadsheets based on your activity.

At the end of each day, you receive a report showing your day’s activities. It’s similar to how Mint helps you budget better except RescueTime is helping you budget your time! From here, you can make the adjustments you need to improve your schedule.

6. Commute Better: Waze

If you commute by car, then Waze is your new best friend. Waze is a real-time navigation and traffic app. It provides updates from a community of real drivers. It gives you the best route given the current traffic conditions from the data of other Waze users (Wazers) on the road.

Waze also has some extra features. For example, you can get notifications about potential hazards like accidents, stopped cars, and even where the police are. It can also help you find the best deals on fuel. Save time, save money, and be a part of the Waze community, all from the convenience of your phone.

7. Health & Wellness: My Fitness Pal

Your health determines how productive you can be. There is a range of great apps out there to improve your healthy habits. But My Fitness Pal is one of the best. Under Armour designed the app to help people better track diet and exercise progress along with their weight and health.

The app includes a wide variety of different workouts with a range of focuses, from weight loss to muscle gain and more. And the app syncs with Google Fit and wearables. If you’re ready to get healthy, it is the perfect app for you.

Boost Your Productivity Today

It’s never been easier to get some precious extra minutes on your schedule. Open up the Play Store and start downloading these amazing apps now.

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