Self analysis… Do we do it at times?

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In our everyday life we do a lot of things; sometimes good and sometimes bad, don’t we? Anyway, we at times speak foul, think bad of someone and so. Then we sit alone and think of those acts. Right? You feel so? Well, we do feel bad for things which we didn’t want to do but maybe, circumstances forced us thinking or doing so. But, we think and say sorry to us and God. This is okay.

If we give a pre-thought to our actions or emotions in a particular situation, (such as how cool we must be or how each of the situations should be handled out) it may prevent us from committing more bad to our actions or demeanor towards others. Makes sense? If we make it a habit, we won’t have to repent on most of our thoughts and deeds. Sadly, few pay heed to this aspect these days and fall prey to their own acts later.

This is the ‘Self Analysis’ I’m talking about, introspection to be precise. There is a vast significance to this analysis, if you go deep into it. A time comes when we are caught in a dilemma between what we should do and what not. Everyone comes across this. In that case, try to listen to your heart, introspect and judge yourself. And, do what your heart says eventually.

Self analysis is the only way which can lead us to perfection. As we all know, none is perfect in this world but we should make efforts to reach the perfection. Nowadays people are found to be rapt in their own world. They just feel enervated to look into the life outside their world. The things are very obscure to them and so they least bother about them. What they do is for themselves. They don’t even notice that they are getting cornered into their own world.

So, to me, self analysis is the only way that broadens our outlook. It is imperative and self educative. It teaches as well as rewards us in the same way provided we hear the call and respond to it. It’s the call of our inner self, which restricts us from doing anything and at times help us understanding certain things better.

Self analysis is valued more when placed prior to any action. It filters our thoughts and makes us perceptive. We all are sinners in a way or other. So, instead of finding fault with others, let’s dig into ourselves and self analyse. Every aspect of life is different and we must get adapted to that. The life becomes more graceful and more enjoyable.

Self analysis must be a part of our life. It helps in every step of a life making ourselves self-reliant and self-regulative. This provides the overall support a person truly needs and never allows to fall in distress. It’s self-motivating and self-reinforcing too. It can do wonders. So let’s welcome it and see for ourselves how it coordinates everything so wonderfully.

So, friends, I’m now over with this topic. What I discussed above is purely my perceptions and experiences in life. Don’t take me as an educator or an expert. I just shared my views here. I’m quite eager and looking forward to your comments and suggestions as well to make the topic more informative.

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