September money saving tips

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Had a nice summer? How was your holiday – did you have a nice time? Any chance your finances aren’t looking so clever after a few months of fun in the sun?

Don’t worry if the answer to the last question is yes – plenty of people are in exactly the same position as you. Summer is, after all, the time we should be enjoying ourselves, splashing the cash and making some memories – so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not in the best financial state.

What’s important is that you now look to get your budget back on track for the rest of the year with some shrewd moves heading into autumn. Here are a few money saving tips for September.

Hold off on school supplies

The back to school period is a notorious money sapper that we often forget about. You’ve spent a fortune on holidays and grand days out through the summer and then suddenly it’s the last week of August and you realise there’s school uniform, textbooks, backpacks and all sorts of stationary to buy – all at peak prices.

If last year’s gear can last a few more weeks, hold off until the middle of September and you should find solid discounts on school supplies. If you’ve got plenty of stuff to buy, get ready for some satisfying savings.

Start your Christmas shopping

This might get you excited or make you throw up a little bit in your mouth – it depends how much of a grinch you are when it comes to early Christmas prep. Regardless, if you can stomach doing so, starting your Christmas shopping now and continuing steadily over the next few months will help prevent you from facing another financial mire come the new year.

Ease yourself in with a few safe buys – maybe there’s a great present idea that you’ve found at a good price or you just want to get a few decorations. It’ll make the whole process much less stressful, if a little drawn out – but if you love Christmas, you might just enjoy it.

Need a new car?

Okay, this perhaps goes against the whole getting back on track thing. But, if you are in desperate need of a new car and are going to buy one regardless, now is a decent time to do so.

September/October time is new car season, meaning some bumper deals on old stock for you to take advantage of. It’s also the end of the third sales quarter, which could mean sellers are desperate to get a few more deals in before the end of the period. Put those two together, and you could find a few pretty tasty offers on new wheels.

September is one of those months we traditionally associate with being a bit of a quieter period, so you should be able to cut back on your spending. If you can approach the next few weeks with some financial common sense, you’ll find January a little less bleak when it comes to your bank account.

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