Skincare is not just for women

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Skin care is still an alien concept for many men. It might be routine for men in the media industry, but it is not known to the common man. Skin care is equally important for men as much it is for women. Here’s why:

Protection and Prevention

To protect our skin from harsh sun rays and pollution, we need a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Sun rays don’t discriminate on gender and a good sunscreen will protect our skin from breakouts, dullness, spotting, and ageing. Use it every day to prevent skin from premature ageing, acne, and dark spots. A simple eye cream is your saviour; apply it to remove dark circles, wrinkling, and puffiness. See? Easy!

Stress relief

A simple skin care routine is meditative. Take out 10 minutes from your busy routine to pamper your skin and concentrate on yourself. You deserve to feel good about yourself and unwind. Plus, you’ll look handsome every day!

Shave carefully and moisturise religiously

If you experience razor bumps and cuts a lot, use a single or double-blade razor and don’t hold your skin taut while shaving. Wet your skin before shaving and use a moisturising shaving cream. Apply moisturiser immediately after shaving, showering, or bathing. Moisturisers trap water in your skin, making it look refreshed and soft, and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. It is a must for all of us.


Cleanse every day before and after work or when staying outdoors to rid your face from dirt and pollution. Don’t use harsh soaps and scrubs. Be gentle and choose the right cleanser for your skin.

You don’t need women’s skin care products

Yes, your stereotypical flowery, pink products are not necessary as there are separate skin care lines for men. But there are some skin care ingredients like rose water, essential and other oils, retinol cream with vitamin A and vitamin C that you need for your skin. Avoid products with alcohol, harmful chemicals like sulphate, paraben, artificial colour, and fragrances. Invest in quality skin care products as they don’t contain harmful ingredients and give almost guaranteed results.

Consult an aesthetician

Normally men are not used to a skin care routine and don’t know where to start which is completely alright. Check with an aesthetician or a dermatologist to come up with a skin care routine and to know which products to use. Experts provide guidance according to your skin type and overall health.

Skin care counts as self-care

Taking care of your skin being a man has been stigmatised, but not anymore. It is a form of self-care and staying healthy. You have all the right to look and feel attractive. Here’s what all men need to know about skin care.

Taking care of your skin can produce long term effects that will surprise you in a short amount of time. You will notice apparent changes in your looks and also the way you feel. Good skin makes you feel confident and attractive, fights off infections and diseases, and combats ageing.

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