5 benefits of spontaneous travel

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Planning a vacation down to the last detail – the kind of trip that promises to be perfect in every way – can give you something to look forward to with great anticipation. If we could only see into the future, we could make any necessary adjustments to ensure the trip goes off without a hitch, no one gets the flu, and the airplanes don’t get grounded. However, since most of us don’t have a crystal ball, we can never be sure what life will have put in front of us when that meticulously planned event finally comes to pass. There are benefits to spontaneous travel, and even though it may be out of the comfort zone for some people, it could offer some new and exciting experiences. Here are some reasons to consider giving it a try.

1. Real-Time Scheduling

One of the benefits of a spontaneous vacation is that you know what your current work and health status are. You may find an unexpected gap in your calendar that provides the perfect time for a getaway, and current events have proven that you never know what is on the horizon, so why not seize the day? When that ideal vacation window suddenly opens, take advantage of the opportunity, and you will probably save some money in the process.

2. Discounted Cruises

Due to circumstances beyond their control, sometimes people are forced to cancel their cruise reservations, leaving empty cabins in what was supposed to be a fully booked vessel. Because the cruise lines prefer to avoid lost revenue, you can find some excellent last minute cruise deals. Just pack your sunscreen, climb aboard and head out to a fabulous adventure at sea.

3. Air and Ground Transportation

The same is true for air and ground travel, in that empty seats equal lost fares. Airlines, rail lines and rental car companies will give deep discounts to fill those voids. The closer you are to the departure date, the less likely they are to sell that excess capacity, and as a result, the prices go down. While a spur of the moment plane ticket might put you in a middle seat, the cost savings could be well worth forgoing a little elbow room.

4. Accommodations

You can also get some fantastic deals on lodging when you travel spontaneously. The hospitality industry doesn’t want its accommodations to be idle either. As a result, many online travel sites broker these last-minute hotel deals. These sites can alert you when the best deals are out there for you, based on your profile. So you’ll never miss an opportunity for the perfect impromptu getaway.

5. Unexpected Treat

Imagine sitting in your office on Monday morning with a full week of meetings ahead of you with your biggest client. Then your phone rings. It’s the client calling to tell you that something has come up and they’ll need to reschedule for two weeks from now. Because you’ve already cleared your calendar for the client, you suddenly find your schedule for the week wide open. Instead of trying to fill it with more meetings, why not take the opportunity for spontaneous vacation? Watch how your mood changes when you shift your thinking from a full week of client presentations to a Caribbean cruise or a long weekend in New York. What an unexpected plot twist!

Spontaneous travel is a great way to add excitement to your life. In addition to being a pleasant surprise for your family or spouse, it’s a great way to save money with last-minute travel deals. Some people are planners by nature and, therefore, might be likely to decline the offer when a friend calls to say that their beach house is available for the weekend. If that’s you, say yes next time. Allow yourself the flexibility to have some unexpected fun and relaxation. Despite having to make last-minute arrangements for the dogsitter, once you hit the road, you will probably be glad that you did.

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