5 best family beach vacations in the US

family at the beach

Looking to treat your family with a beach vacation this year? These are 5 of the best beach destinations in the US that are family as well as budget friendly. 1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina There are more than 60 miles of fun-filled public beach with secluded locations, parts hugging quaint beach towns, and seasonal paid parking. You could lower…

5 benefits of spontaneous travel

happy couple vacation

Planning a vacation down to the last detail – the kind of trip that promises to be perfect in every way – can give you something to look forward to with great anticipation. If we could only see into the future, we could make any necessary adjustments to ensure the trip goes off without a hitch, no one gets the…

5 reasons you should travel the high seas

cruise ship in harbor

On the surface, it might appear that evolution and nature designed human beings to be land dwellers, but when you think a little deeper, you realize humans are also designed to go much further than just land. After all, people have been traveling by water since the stone ages. Every civilization that ever existed was somehow led to water travel….