Is going cashless the best way to save money?

person holding mastercard credit card

There’s nothing like the feeling that comes with having a wallet bursting with notes. Indeed, by opting to carry large amounts of paper around, you can feel like a rich person with money to burn. But it could all be an illusion. While your wallet may be looking good, your bank balance could be telling a different story. For people…

September money saving tips

20 pounds notes

Had a nice summer? How was your holiday – did you have a nice time? Any chance your finances aren’t looking so clever after a few months of fun in the sun? Don’t worry if the answer to the last question is yes – plenty of people are in exactly the same position as you. Summer is, after all, the…

Terrible credit card mistakes first-time users easily make

man holding visa credit card

Credit cards allow users to pay for items or services in lieu of cash. However, a person should be responsible enough to understand that the card must not be considered free cash that can be spent with reckless abandon. That is why, for some people, getting a credit card is seen as an important step towards becoming a full-fledged adult….