How to make moving in the tropics more bearable

woman moving boxes

Moving to or within the tropics during the hottest months can be trying, especially if you are moving from a temperate or colder region. In extreme situations, the experience may involve more than simply sweating. Without conducting proper planning or preparation, the move can turn out to be hazardous for your health. Stay cool even in the stickiest of situations….

10 trending tips to maintain your lawn

lawnmower gardening

Lawns are there that present the foremost exposure of your home. Interior and exterior of the home come later. Lawn, of course, like rest of your house do need proper care. That care is to maintain them. For the maintenance purpose, there are numerous ways that in the end represent an eye catching exposure for the lawn. You have to…

Are you sure that your home is secure? Here’s how to know that

home pipes installation

Home is a heaven on earth. A heaven that serves in so many ways. You are tired, you can rest in your bedroom. You are hungry, you can go to kitchen. You want to fresh yourself, you can take shower. You want to read, you can turn table lamp on. Everything ready to serve you right away. But the point…