5 ways technology shows that smaller is better

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There’s always been the battle cry that ‘bigger is better!’ but there’s much to be said for the smaller side of life and progress as well. There are always going to be people who want bigger houses, bigger personalities, bigger events, bigger sound, and everything that falls in the more-more-more category, but a different group of individuals wants to make things tighter, more compact, smaller, and more efficient.

And in some industries, the benefit of those smaller devices is showing up in droves, including things like brain surgery, microchips, medical devices, drones, and then just nanotechnology in general. Consider those five categories as food for thought.

Brain Surgery

The human brain is delicate. In the past, brain surgery techniques have not been, which leads to low success rates and long healing times. However, certain new companies and forward thinkers have been pushing to use smaller and less invasive brain surgery techniques, and that smallness of thought has led to amazing developments and possibilities within the industry. Obviously, much more search and development has to be done, but the fact that people are thinking in that way is very inspirational.


Microchips are what is making your computer run faster, and your mobile devices run better and use less energy. If you look up developments in cell phone processing technology, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the fact that so much power is squashed into such tiny devices. There have always been people who say that the last iteration of a tiny device was a small as it could get, but then there are always engineers who keep pushing it to the next level in response.

Medical Devices

And general medical devices are more convenient and effective as their size gets reduced as well. Consider the new blood sugar testing kits that are tiny compared to the old devices that needed to be used. Smaller blood samples, smaller kits, and better accuracy are proof that size is a part of the quality equation, but that small and effective are great goals as well as big and spacious.


And the drones I’m mentioning are the unmanned hobbyist versions that people can buy now. They give unprecedented access to sky views, and people are using them for commercial and just entertainment reasons. From the sky, certain aspects of life are no longer hidden from view!


And finally, nanotechnology is going to be a big part of the future. Most of the experiments right now are for medical reasons, but as testing expands, there will be all different types of things that tiny electronics can be used for – everything from military purposes to entertainment and everything in between.

These are the amazing inventions that shows smaller is better in technology. Who knows? Maybe the comic book adaptations of such technologies can become a reality in the near future!

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