The best season for a boiler installation

new boiler installation

Boilers don’t last forever. Therefore, every homeowner has to consider new boiler installation at some point. But when is the right time to do this? There are those times of the year when we can’t do without a properly functioning boiler at home. Let us find out the right season for a boiler installation.

Why Summer Might Be the Best Time for a New Boiler Installation

Summer is that time of the year when we don’t depend so much on our boilers. Therefore, this might be the perfect time to contact your gas safe engineer. By having a new boiler in summer, you will save money when winter comes. This is because winter is the time when most people realize that their homes need more heat; which means the price for boilers goes up significantly.

Boiler Repair Experts are Less Busy in Summer

For heating engineers, winter tends to be the busiest of all seasons. During this time, they install new boilers as well as fix those that are broken down. Frozen pipes are also mostly fixed in summer.

Therefore, you need to be smart enough and take advantage of quieter months when prices have also gone down. You will also make an appointment at the most convenient time for you and your gas safe engineer. You will have enough space to shop around for quotes from different engineers.

You Will Still Stay Warm as Your Boiler is Replaced

Don’t wait until winter since you will have to spend a few days in the cold, which is not a good idea. Note that boilers can take between 1 and 3 days to be fully replaced. The process might even take longer if you are working on the central heating system at home.

In the winter, life can be hard if you can’t rely on your boiler. If the weather gets too cold, you will have to deal with frozen pipes, which is why we believe that summer might be the right time for you to work on your boilers. By making this critical decision, you will enjoy warmer days in the winter without disruptions.

You Have Enough Time to Pick the Right Boiler

Other than boiler repair experts being available and affordable in summer, you will also have enough time to pick the best boiler for your home. There are two types of boilers: system boilers and combi-boilers.

Depending on the size of your house, the size of the family, your budget, and level of demand for hot water, you will know which of the two boilers to install. For instance, if the level of demand for hot water is high, you might consider getting a system boiler.

If you plan ahead, having your boiler installed in the summer will give you ample time to research each type of boiler so that you make the best decision. Talk to as many experts as you can and research online based on the factors mentioned above, and you will be on the safe side when winter comes.

Winter Breakdown is Unlikely

Waiting until you face a breakdown in the winter might not be a good idea. You might stay in the cold for several days, and you also risk spending more than expected. Your plumber will also have to come at a less convenient time, which means they will charge exorbitantly. Try to have your boiler replaced in the summer, or just have it checked so that potential complications are detected on time and repaired. That way, you will reduce the chances of dealing with boiler breakdown in the winter.


Even as you work on your boiler installation in summer, you need to focus on getting quality work such as that of LS1 boilers. Here, you can get the best engineers who will meet all your preferences. Choose the right type of boiler for your home and have it installed when there is still time. By doing so, you will enjoy warmer days in winter.

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