5 tips for decorating your first home

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Moving into your first house can be a landmark experience. You are shedding the skin of your adolescence and becoming a real adult, with a mortgage! Decorating that first home can be a lot of pressure; you want it to be inviting to you and other guests while being a unique creation. From tablecloths to wall clocks, you are going to have a lot to do to get that first home ready. Included here are a few tips for decorating your first home.

Get Rid of The Junk

Often, when you move into a new home, you may feel there is too much space for you to fill. You are likely tempted to overwhelm the house with your old, ugly furniture and decor simply to fill the space. Don’t do this! Empty space holds possibility, while cluttered spaces just equal more cleanup.

Take the time at your old residence to sort out what you want and need in the new home as well as what needs to go. Donate and trash old and used items so you can start over completely fresh at the new place. One benefit of doing this while in your old house is that you don’t have to pay to move junk from one place to the next.

Begin in the Bedroom

For many people, their bedroom is their personalized space, so it makes sense to begin decorating this room first. Painting the walls in your new room can help customize the space and act as a base for your new color palette. Purchase new bedding if necessary and accent those colors with new curtains.

Buy Slowly

While you may feel excited and pressured to fill your home space all at once, resist the urge and give it time. It is best to allow yourself two months of living in the new home before making any significant purchases. Yes, it can be hard to keep calm when there is an empty room upstairs, but waiting until you find things that are genuinely needed will help save you money and make you love your home more.

Don’t Match

As much as big retail stores want to convince you to get a matching bedroom set, fight the urge to buy into that. It is not good interior decor and only serves to boost their revenue while making your house a generic shadow. It is far better to create a home that is comprised of individual pieces you love, than a huge set with only one aspect you love.

Utilize Color

If you are concerned all of your “love” pieces don’t match, try blending them together with color. Utilize small color accents in each room in the form of a throw pillow or vase. This will subtly tie the room together without seeming overly matchy.

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