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Your wedding is one of the biggest days that will occur during your life. It can be full of excitement and nerves all at once. You may find that preparing for it is one of the hardest parts about it. There are so many things you know you have to do, and other decisions that you never knew you had to make. Here are a few things to prepare for when planning for your special day.


You’ll want to get your invitations out in plenty of time for guests to receive them. Many people will save the date cards well ahead of time so people already have an idea of when the wedding will be. Then a month or two before the set date, they will send the actual invite. Make sure to put key information like the names, date, times, and where it’s going to take place. If there are choices for food at the reception, make sure to include that and have them respond with what each guest would like.


Where you are going to have a wedding is something that has to be decided. Whether you choose a local spot near the bride or groom or a destination spot is up to you. A popular choice nowadays has become cruise weddings. They offer the same things as traditional weddings but also add the fun of being different places and docking at a port. You may find that these ships are like little cities floating on water, offering you everything a wedding on land would.

Wedding Party

As a couple, you need to decide how big of a wedding party you both want. Many people will only choose close friends and family to be involved in their wedding. It’s a special moment, and you want to spend it with those you care for most. Make sure you ask them to be in it well in advance so they can prepare to be there. Don’t forget they are responsible for the bachelor and bachelorette parties as well.


It’s smart to start looking for dresses and booking the tuxes as soon as possible. You want to get fitted and have them ordered in plenty of time. The longer you wait to get them, the more opportunity there is for there to be an issue. You may find that during busy wedding seasons the popular styles are hard to order or even out of stock. This can ruin a dream wedding. Keep in mind that alterations may be needed, so you need to plan enough time for this to be done.


One of the most popular things that happen at a wedding is the cutting of the cake. For most couples, the way it looks is extremely important. Depending on how large you need it to be, you’ll need to check with several places on cost and time frame. Ordering a cake may not seem like a big deal until it becomes an issue finding one since you didn’t take the proper steps to order it at the right time.


Your reception is a time for all of your friends, family, and guests to come together and have some fun. This is where everyone celebrates the couple together. Many people will offer appetizers, meals, and even drinks when it comes to this after-party. You could have dancing and speeches to help fill in the time and don’t forget to pick out wedding favors to thank everyone for coming.


It’s important to keep a budget in mind for your wedding. You don’t want this to be something that sets your marriage back before it even starts. You may find that you have to choose between two different things you really wanted. Think about the different ways you can save money, yet still have what you want. This could include making your own decorations and limiting how many guests can come.

A wedding should be a fun event. It’s the beginning of a new life together with the one you love.

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