What clothes to buy your pregnant wife

clothes for pregnant women

Creating more members for your family is a wonderful thing. You and your wife are ecstatic about the child on the way. But then as she starts growing, there’s a little bit of a stress point that you’re going to have to smooth over, and that stress point deals with the idea of what she’s going to wear as she gets bigger.

Especially for women who are pregnant for the first time, there are practical issues as well as body image issues that are going to be present, and as the male in the family, it’s going to be your job to iron some of those issues out. So what do you do about things like clothes regarding leggings, colors, shoes, tops, and doctor recommendations? Read the following excerpts to help you decide how to handle each of them.


As the belly gets bigger, the bottoms are no longer going to fit. That’s why it’s important to buy leggings with side pockets, leggings that expand, but are also comfortable and your wife feels good in. There are millions of options, so it will be your job to figure out the balance of having her try things on, and keeping yourself within a reasonable budget. With maternity clothes, prices can get gouged up pretty high if you aren’t careful about the branding costs that get factored into ‘style’ points.

Her Favorite Color

Early on in the pregnancy, ask your wife what her favorite color is (although you should already know it). Or more specifically, her favorite color to wear this period. This simple trick will help you make lots of decisions about which clothes to buy. All other things being equal, choose that color for everything – underwear, outerwear, jackets, boots – everything. It will dramatically reduce some of the issues that come with having your own personal broken decision tree, and will give you some consistency when it comes to your purchasing power.

Comfy Shoes

Buying shoes for pregnant women is extremely important. With the back and muscle aches already screaming through them, the last thing they want to worry about is sore feet, or slipping, or having stressed out ankles or arches. So especially for lounging around the house, make sure that your shoe choice is perfect. This is another one where you can plan on spending some money in order to get exactly the right result.

Expandable Tops

And now that you have the bottoms and the feet handles, what are some good shirts for pregnant women? Still sticking with the earlier theme of color, now you want to make sure that whatever you pick feels good on her skin, doesn’t make her feel like she looks fat, and also washes and wears well. The better your choice, the happier she’ll be.

Doctor-recommended Wearables

If you’re uncertain about what to buy, don’t hesitate to talk to you doctor as well. They’ll have suggestion about sizes, types of fabric, different stages of pregnancy where different types of clothing support are needed, and all of the other details that you might not consider yourself.

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