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Let’s not get dramatic about the infamous writer’s block. Psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler described this fearful condition in 1947. Over the centuries, many writers found it difficult to come up with original ideas. Maybe you are one of them. Staring at an intolerable blank sheet of paper and thinking about a topic for your law essay.

Fear not! Plenty of medicine to heal your writing problem is right in front of you. Just as Ishmael in Moby Dick, you need to be shown the direction out of your predicament. Start from here for samples of essays that you can use as examples. Get an idea of what other writers put on paper. In a manner of speaking, this will mark-up your imagination and productivity.

When free to choose, realize that your choice of topic will affect your mark. This is logical. Why so? The more you can relate to your chosen topic, the better your writing will be. So, in picking a fine topic for your next law essay, better go for a subject that interests you. What would you like to read about? Do you want to find out how you can get a better insight into that? Then Keep reading for 5 ideas to switch on your writing engine.

Go to the library

Remember the good old days, when researchers sat quietly at desks in rows, surrounded by walls of books, making notes. Focused, carefully keeping down coughing or sneezing, or even scraping their throat. Nowadays, you don’t even need a library card. You don’t have to leave your room any longer. Online libraries about any topic eagerly invade your cozy writing nest.

Library of Essays is such a treasure chest. You can select law in the examples catalog. Even though their goal is to sell essays, many complete essay examples are available, such as essays about the United States criminal law. The site also provides tips for writing law papers, if you need this extra guidance.

Consult Magazines

These magazines provide insight into law subjects that students are looking for. Sort out an edition of your liking. This automatically will lead you in an inspiring direction.

Lawyer Monthly Magazine. Recent legal global news stories, with analysis of the legal sector.

Student Lawyer Magazine. School or university students benefit from it. This magazine includes news, insights, writes about law firms, hands out study advice and career advice, and lists reputable universities.

New Law Journal. For legal news and legal advice, insight into procedure and practice. For professionals, but interesting for students too. Key issues are talked about by experts on a weekly basis.

The New Jurist Magazine. The first international law magazine. News and views, editor’s choice, beyond the law, opinion and insight, and concerns and opinions. Legal, political, cultural, social topics, and more.

Precedent Magazine. The new rules of law and style. A lawyer’s lifestyle magazine. Professional tips, news, opinions, and even fashion on hot topics. There is a section dedicated to law students.

Many more magazines complete the list. Can you find even better ones?

Check-out a Law Library Journal

A free one is aallnet (American Association of Law Libraries). On their landing page, select the Free PDF Edition, so you don’t have to register. This will take you to the LLJ Issues page. Here you find Law Library Journals per year and per season. Examples of journals in LLJ’s summer edition 2019: Beyond The Annals of Murder: The Life and Works of Thomas M. McDade. The Case for County Law Library Consortia. Legal Education and Technology III: An Annotated Bibliography. Keeping Up with New Legal Titles. You can view each issue in full PDF-format.

Learn from Law case studies

Law Senate – Case studies. Here you can sort by A-Z or by date. “One-Sided or Unilateral Arbitration”. “Vodafone International Holding vs Union of India, Termination of Contract case”… Quite diverse topics.

Allan Rouben dot com. Personal case studies by the lawyer. A blog page with titles as Minimalism: An Approach To Advocacy For Our Times. You can follow Allan. He uses Twitter.

The Guardian – essential law cases for students. To summarize their intro: Cases shape public debate and often lead to new laws. Cases and judges’ decisions are law student’s bread and butter.

Law Teacher – cases. Hundreds of Case summaries, even Adoption passes the revue.

HPSO. Legal case studies in the healthcare field.

Look-up samples on professional academic writing services websites

You aren’t obligated to order from professional academic writing services. You can consult their free samples. What can you ask more for?

There are several essay types, and all of them have their own rules. Argumentative essays are not the same as persuasive essays or expository essays. Your writing style and the way you formulate your arguments must be in line. This underlines the importance of having samples on many different topics at your disposal.

Sometimes you may tend to overthink. Maybe this topic is as old as the hills. Well, if you think like that, no one would be writing anymore. Every topic was covered a thousand times before. Just go through the samples and select one that sparkles for you. And study it with your eagle-eyes.

Take a seat and look for a topic you’re passionate about.

You are free to brainstorm yourself to come up with brilliant ideas. You take your course, try to remember what was talked about during lectures, and comments other students made, or you just go crazy. But the fact you’ve read this article to its very end tells me you’ve tried all that already.

So, try out essay samples, study cases… And we already mentioned law case studies, but that’s because it’s one of the most recommendable sources for great essay ideas. Some sites offer hundreds of case summaries. No doubt you will find inspiration.

Oxford Dictionaries and Merriam Webster Dictionary can’t be wrong about the joy of inspiration. Our desired AHA-moment. Inspiration is feeling mentally stimulated for action. Being creative. A sudden brilliant or timely idea. Or to go medieval: being blessed by divine guidance. Anyway, Inspiratus, get some air into your lungs and get to work with these five inspiring ideas!

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