Why invisible braces are a good choice for your children

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We all want our kids to have the best childhood possible, and that involves them maintaining a positive, confident self-esteem. Unfortunately for those suffering with teeth that grow in misaligned often find themselves hiding their smile, and that means they have to suppress some of their most positive emotions. While braces do offer a solution, they are cumbersome and difficult to maintain. There is a solution in invisible braces, and here are four signs they could offer the solution your child is looking for.

1. Teeth Are Crowded

Human mouths are designed in a manner to fit a certain number of teeth. In many cases, teeth will grow in a crowded manner where the teeth begin to displace each other and cause misalignment. This overcrowding of teeth is called a malocclusion, and if you don’t take the proper action at the proper time, you may develop serious issues such as rotated or twisted teeth, accidental biting of the cheeks and lips, impacted adult teeth and bite fit issues.

Invisible braces have proven to be a positive treatment for many of these cases, effectively moving the teeth into a new alignment that will provide a more natural look and feel. Many people prefer these kinds of braces because they are easy to use and maintain, and they are less obvious to spot compared with traditional braces. However, be aware that they don’t work for every dental condition, especially serious malformations, which will likely need to be treated with traditional braces.

2. Gaps in Teeth

A surprising number of people have gaps in their teeth including celebrities. These common types of aesthetic problems can be fixed using invisible braces. Reputed dentists say that invisible braces use a series of clear trays that align the teeth over time. Invisible braces can be used for a number of dental conditions to straighten the teeth. Check with your dentist to see if invisible braces will work for your kid’s particular condition.

3. Overjets, or Buckteeth

If your child’s top front teeth “jet out over” their bottom front teeth, they suffer from overjets, or buckteeth. While the condition is relatively common, it can present difficulties when it comes to properly chewing and speaking. This, too, can often be a sign that your child could truly benefit from the many features invisible braces have to offer.

4. Openbites

There is another condition that’s commonly experienced. However, it can go undiagnosed due to the fact that it’s not easy to see. Openbites occur when the back teeth bite together when you bite down. Since it’s not openly evident, this could be causing your child problems without you knowing what was really bothering them. If you think your child may suffer with an openbite, invisible braces could provide the answer.

A Smile That Shines

It’s during the most momentous occasions that we show the world our pearly whites. Invisible braces are capable of correcting numerous types of misaligned bites. Best of all, your child can feel more confident in knowing their teeth are being corrected without anyone being the wiser.

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