Why make and drink your own beer

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How many times have you thought of leaving a sultry pub and have a can or glass of beer outside, in fresh air of the street, with your friends, as good-looking men and women are passing by? Many people from my group of friends decide to go for such a beer more than ever before. I have no idea whether this is a consequence of their/our age or the economy.

However, that might be quite problematic if it is not in accordance with the local alcohol-consuming regulations. In many cities it is not allowed to drink alcohol in public spaces. That is why having a beer in the street might not end up for the best for you and your friends. If you have overgrown pubs and the local police doesn’t allow for the public drinking, you have only one option – drinking beer at home. And what is even better than drinking beer at home? The straight answer is: making your own beer.

More fun, less wasted money

Once a man or a woman enters a certain age, he or she starts thinking about upgrading and improving their lives. Some of them buy a patch of land in the country and start growing fruit and vegetables. However, some other, less enthusiastic and more city-oriented go upon a different path and find a hobby that fills their lives with new energy and more joy.

One such activity is making your own beer. For a middle-aged couple, starting your own beer production can be a great bondage tool and a reason why they start spending more time together, yielding a great product. Apart from that, they are definitely going to save some money and also have a lot of fun while making their own beer.

In addition to that, you can also invite some friends of yours and organize a great group event, just like having a barbecue. Even better, a barbecue afternoon in combination with an official home-made beer tasting might be a great social event.

More care, no mass production

When you make your own beer, you pay more attention to details and you know what ingredients you have put into it. Also, you also know what home brew equipment you have used and ensure that all of it is sterilized and hygienically fine. Just compare it with vegetables you buy in the supermarket and the ones you grow in your garden. The same goes with home-made brew.

Although in the first couple of rounds it might not have that professional flavor, you are going to improve and with every new round of your home beer, the taste and flavor are going to be much better. This process can serve as an escape from everyday problems.

Imagine that instead watching news about wars and deaths from the all over the world, you spend your nights and days making your own beer with the greatest care and love. Each and every bottle is going to be filled and sealed with special proud and joy, which will most certainly result in even greater delight as you take in each and every sip of the beer you have made on your own.

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